Introduction to the internet connie dalrymple
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Introduction to the Internet Connie Dalrymple PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to the Internet Connie Dalrymple. Internet History. First fully programmable computer was the Z1 made by Konrad Zuse in Berlin in the 1930s. It was destroyed during WWII The photo shows Zuse with a recreation of the Z1 he made In the 1980s. Source: Wikipedia.

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Introduction to the Internet Connie Dalrymple

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Introduction to the InternetConnie Dalrymple

Internet History

  • First fully programmable computer was the Z1 made by Konrad Zuse in Berlin in the 1930s.

  • It was destroyed during WWII

  • The photo shows Zuse with a

    recreation of the Z1 he made

    In the 1980s.

Source: Wikipedia

Internet History continued

  • Early 1960’s – JCR Licklider (first head of DARPA – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) began promoting the idea of a “Galactic Network” where computers from around the world would connect to access information from one another

  • By late 1969, four computers were connected to form ARPANET

  • First e-mail was sent in 1972


Internet History cont.

  • 1973 – computer scientists began working on internetworking protocol to allow different networks sprouting up around the world to communicate with each other

  • 1991 – WWW debuted by Tim Berners-Lee of CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research)

  • 1995 – Amazon

  • 2004 - Facebook

From This

To This

Computer Desktop

Clicking either e will open up Internet Explorer, one of the most used programs for browsing the Internet

Internet Explorer Opens Up to Home Page(different computers have different home pages, set by their user)

Important parts of the program:

Takes you to your home page

Favorites – allows you to store a list of your favorite web pages so you can revisit them easily

Tools – printing, saving, setting the home page, and zooming (makes print bigger or smaller)

In the upper right corner:

Click here to send IE to the system tray at the bottom of the screen, allowing you to put IE on hold and use other programs.

Click here to make IE larger or smaller. If you make it smaller, you can have two different programs viewable at the same time.

Click here to close down the IE program entirely.

Bottom and Right: Scroll bars

In addition, you can use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move up and down and from side to side on a page.

Clicking arrows allows you to move up and down on the page

Clicking arrows allows you to move from side to side on the page

Upper left

Forward button lets you revisit pages you visited after the one currently displayed.

Reload button allows you to reload the current page if there are problems with the way it is displaying.

Back button lets you revisit pages you visited before the one currently displayed.

This is the address bar. It shows web address of the page you are currently viewing. If you click in this box, you can type in a different address of a page you’d like to visit.

Top Center: Tabs

These represent all of the web sites you have open at one time. You can be checking your e-mail, shopping on, paying your bills, and checking the weather on different web sites all at the same time. To open yet another web site, click on the blank tab at the top right.

Using the Internet

  • Click on the address bar

  • Type in

  • Hit enter

Click in the search bar and type in the following: nys healthcare exchange

Then hit enter

Google will display its results of your search

First few results are at top because they’ve paid to be there.

Read brief results and addresses to decide which to choose for more information.

Move mouse around – I

The I appears when you mouse over text you can read. The arrow appears over images and blank space. The hand appears where there is something you can click on to find more information.

To try from this screen:

  • Click on a link.

  • Use the back button to return to the NY State of Health main page.

  • Use the forward button to go back to the linked page.

  • Click the back button a couple of times to return to the google searching screen.

More Internet Searching

  • Get to the google search screen (

  • Type in a search for something in which you’re interested

  • I’m going to search for possums

Different kinds of results

Favorites – click on the star

To open a new window, click the empty tab

Click the tab of the window you want.

To print – right click on the screen, then click print on the resulting menu

Top 15 Internet Sites 2013


Social Networking







Social Networking






Business networking

Turn computer off

Options for the Internet

  • Go to a library or other public wifi hotspot like McDonalds, cafes, etc.

  • Sometimes you can pick up on a neighbor’s wifi

  • Broadband connection through a company like Time Warner

  • Dialup Internet

  • Satellite Internet

  • Internet through your phone carrier

Staying Safe!

Internet Security & Antivirus Software

Backup Devices


Further Help

  • Contact me for an appointment – 334-4034, email

  • Go to the circulation desk for help

  • Come to future classes

  • Login