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StudentInformation (DASL). EMIS Updates May 6, 2013. Debbie Barbee Greg Spencer. Agenda. Project Update – Greg Spencer, Director of StudentInformation What’s new for 13N & 13G Other updates FY14 Changes. Project Update. 13N Updates. Some changes pending documentation from ODE

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StudentInformation (DASL)

EMIS Updates

May 6, 2013

Debbie Barbee

Greg Spencer


  • Project Update – Greg Spencer, Director of StudentInformation

  • What’s new for 13N & 13G

  • Other updates

  • FY14 Changes

13n updates
13N Updates

  • Some changes pending documentation from ODE

  • Some changes in 13.5 release – May 8th

  • Remaining changes for N or G in Hotfix

13 5 updates
13.5 Updates

New Element:

Attending Building IRN Next Year

  • Added to FN Attributes Tab

Attending building next year
Attending Building Next Year

  • Value must be building IRN within district or ‘******’

  • ‘******’ for Withdrawn & Graduated students

  • All students defaulted to ‘******’ for now

    • Per ODE, if you can’t report a school IRN value for ‘N’, report ‘******’

Related updates 13 5
Related Updates (13.5)

  • Student Profile Bulk Update (diagnostic elements & Attending IRN NY)

  • Power Withdraw – will update value to ‘******’ when students are withdrawn

  • Student District Withdrawal (single student)

13 5 updates1
13.5 Updates

New Diagnostic Result Code elements for 3rd Grade Reading Guarantee –

Reading, Math & Writing

3 rd grade reading guarantee
3rd Grade Reading Guarantee

  • All students defaulted to ‘**- Not Required’

    • Use Student Profile Bulk Update to update applicable students

    • Only need to update applicable grade levels

Future related changes
Future Related Changes

  • Update FN transfer to include new elements

  • Student Promotion to automatically populate to promoted building

  • Student verification error/checking

  • EZQuery Pages (SSS, JVS/Home Share, EMIS Demographics display)

13 5 updates dl building grade schedule updates
13.5 Updates – DL Building Grade Schedule Updates

  • Reinstated the ‘Copy records from Reporting Period K’ function

Dn district record update
DN District Record Update

Add element for District Wellness Policy

  • Added to District DN record

  • Y/N Values only

    Waiting on requirements for PE Assessment Performance Indicator attributes

13 5 updates2
13.5 Updates

Student Verification

  • Added checks for the new 3rd grade guarantee elements

13 5 updates3
13.5 Updates

Grade Level added to Verify Special Education messages and reports

13 5 updates4
13.5 Updates

FA Assessment Changes

  • Including latest result for each part per student

  • Include all current year results if student tested multiple times

Assessment import changes
Assessment Import Changes

  • Updated Import to handle changes for Alternate Assessments

    • Will now report scaled score rather than raw score

    • Still using test type = ‘ALT’

    • Applies to OGT & OAA

13 5 updates5
13.5 Updates

  • PS GGG Assessment Maintenance & Otela Maintenance updated

    • Multiple records with the same date were not displaying in the grid

      • Now, only latest entered record for the test date will display

  • Pre-ID for Otela

    • Added sent to reason JV for students to be included

    • Corrected issue where students with blank status code description weren’t included

13 5 updates6
13.5 Updates

WebXam Coordinators Update

  • Corrected issue where coordinators weren’t updated to the next school year

13 5 updates7
13.5 Updates

Updates to schedule maintenance pages so users can do a transfer w/a drop or a remove, regardless of whether the course is a CTE course or not

  • course section assignments

  • Requests and assignments page


FE Record Transfer added to the period G cycle

(In process)

Changes pending requirements
Changes Pending Requirements

  • Coding for Peterson Scholarship Students

  • Instructions for reporting Special Ed events for non-pub students

  • Coding changes in court Placement reporting

  • Final info on Local Wellness Policy element

  • PE Assessment result elements on District/Building Maintenance records

  • Changes related to removing Tech Prep

Additional changes in production
Additional Changes in Production

Special Services Defaults

  • Values not included in GE transfers

Student missing override record fc records
Student Missing Override Record- FC Records

Enables users to create records for students who were withdrawn in a prior year but were not reported as withdrawn in period N of prior year.

Transfer process also included

New report builder reports
New Report Builder Reports

  • Discipline Action – lists actions to students by grade

  • CTE Assessment Lists (13.6)

  • Period G Student Core Summary Report

  • Period K Non-Graduate Core Summary Report

Non emis updates
Non-EMIS Updates Section Search

  • Contacts rewrite

  • Family Groups

  • Shared student contacts (13.5)

  • Professional Contacts (13.5)

  • Future – Discipline rewrite

Other projects
Other Projects Section Search

  • eTranscript

  • Student Electronic Record Exchange

  • LINK

Fy14 emis changes
FY14 EMIS Changes Section Search

Waiting for updates from ODE

Questions? Section Search

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