Locomotive and Rail Sector

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Locomotive Sector: Meetings. The Locomotive Sector work group has had 5 meetings (including June 15)The meetings have focused on building Regional Projects, such as:Emission Hood Technology (Tom Christofk ? Placer County APCD)Head End Power (Tim Taylor ? Cleaire)Idle Reduction Technologies (Ter

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Locomotive and Rail Sector

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2. Locomotive Sector: Meetings The Locomotive Sector work group has had 5 meetings (including June 15) The meetings have focused on building Regional Projects, such as: Emission Hood Technology (Tom Christofk Placer County APCD) Head End Power (Tim Taylor Cleaire) Idle Reduction Technologies (Terry Judge Kim Hotstart) Emulsified Diesel There were also some early discussions about: biodiesel and SCRs concentrating efforts of railyards/EJ communities creating a revolving loan fund for idle reduction technologies

3. Regional Projects in more detail Locomotive Emissions Hood Tom Christofk, Placer County Demonstration that a single set of emissions control equipment in an exhaust stack could simultaneously treat up to 10 stationary locomotives (idling or undergoing testing) PM, NOx, SOx and VOC reductions

4. Emissions Control System

9. Regional Projects in more detail Commuter Rail Head End Power Retrofit Tim Taylor, Cleaire Installs air pollution control retrofits on head end power units along the Capital Corridor

11. Existing HEP

12. Engineering Challenge

13. Emission Benefits & Cost-effectiveness

14. Regional Projects in more detail Switcher Locomotive Idle Reduction Terry Judge, Kim Hotstart Retrofit switchers locomotives with idle reduction technology along the West Coast

15. Shore Power Solutions

16. Stand Alone Solutions

17. EPA-Chicago Project - Retrofit to BNSF 2133

18. BNSF 2133 Results

19. Locomotive Sector: Meeting Participation Participation has been strong for: State and Local Government UP, BNSF, CA Shortline Railroad Association Numerous technology producers Auto start-up shut-down; shore power and stand-alone engine heating systems; head and power retrofitters; fuel additives; green goat (hybrid) technologies; biodiesel Gaps in Participation include: Federal Railroad Administration; Environmental groups

20. Locomotive Sector: Potential Sources of Funding Carl Moyer and EPA Retrofit/Smartway/ Collaborative funds Texas Emissions Reductions Program (TERP) DOT CMAQ program for rail projects that reduce on-road sources of emissions Transportation Infrastructure Finance & Innovation Act (TIFIA) loans for publicly owned intermodal surface freight transfer facilities $530M in contract authority to support up to $10.6B in credit assistance over five years Loans in general

21. Locomotive Sector: Areas of Cross-Sector Collaboration Intermodal activities Marine Trucking Verification of on-road technologies in off-road applications Trucking Construction

22. Locomotive Sector: Goals for the Group Host a four-hour plus Railroad 101 for Collaborative stakeholders (CEA, UP, BNSF) Secure funding for HEP unit retrofits (already an EPA pilot) in California and beyond Others

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