Polydactyl Cat

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About the Polydactyl Cat. Polydactyl cats have extra toes! They are also known as:

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Polydactyl Cat

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1. Polydactyl Cat Living with a 6-toed Thumper Amanda McKinlay~LIBR 500 [email protected]

2. About the Polydactyl Cat Polydactyl cats have extra toes! They are also known as: “Mitten cats” “Hemingway cats” (‘cause Hemingway had a house-full of them!) “Ship’s cats” (‘cause extra toes mean extra balance on the high seas) “Boxing cats” The mutation is “neutral,” neither advantageous nor disadvantageous.

3. Normally, cats have Toes …


5. Polydactyl cats are SPECIAL! Jake is the Guinness World TOE Record holder from Ontario! Jake has …

6. Meet Thumper, my 6-toed cat: Thumper likes: Sunshine Dragon flies Warm cream Scratching the Persian carpet “Turkey Feast” Winking hello Me


8. I Take a lot of Pictures of Thumper…

9. In fact, I ONLY take pictures of Thumper…

10. Here’s a sketch of me taking a picture of Thumper…

11. The History of the Polydactyl… There have always been polydactyls! Polydactyls may have come to North America on ships during the colonial period. Sailors thought polydactyl cats were lucky and good mousers. In Medieval times, Europeans thought polydactyl cats were witches’ cats and destroyed them. Sadly, polydactyl cats are still uncommon in Europe today.

12. My Personal History with a Polydactyl Thumper

13. Thumper was dozing on my lap when I… Studied French linguistics. Dreamed of visiting la Côte d’Azur. Failed to discover a fun way to teach la conjugaison des verbs irreguliers. Decided to quit classroom teaching and… Search for that joie de vivre! Discover la vie en rose!

14. Thumper was Cleaning (all) her Toes when… I FOUND that joie de vivre… In kids’ books… (Duh?) I signed up for the MA in Children’s Literature program at SLAIS. I started to try to read everything published for children and young adults. I realized I wanted to work in a library!

15. Thumper was… well… Sleeping peacefully when… I discovered la vie en rose! I read Weetzie Bat, by YA author Francesca Lia Block. The title character saw the world through pink harlequin sunglasses! I wrote my thesis about the magic of it!

16. Now, Thumper and I both… “try to believe in as many as impossible things before breakfast.” (Lewis Carroll)

17. Acknowledgements Information and Photographs (slides 2, 5, and 11): CentralPets.com. “American Polydactyl.” 4 Oct. 2005. “http://www.centralpets.com/animals/mammals/cats/cat5776.html “Cat with the most toes,” 4 Oct. 2005. http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/ “Polydactyl Cats,” 4 Oct. 2005. www.thecatgallery.com/polydactyl_cats.html Hartwell, Sarah. “Polydactyl Cats. ” 4 Oct. 2005. http://www.messybeast.com/poly-cats.html\ Art Work (slides 10, 15 and 16): McKinlay, Jake. “Art Jakeo,” 4 Oct. 2005. http://ca.geocities.com/artjakeo/ “Weetzie Bat,” 4 Oct. 2005. http://tinyurl.com/askxk A special thank you to Thumper for her (on-again-off-again) patience with me as I followed her TOES around the house with a camera.

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