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Project A.C.E. Africa Community Empowerment. Mission Statement. To Build Healthy Communities and alleviate poverty in Africa through Education and Empowerment for a sustainable future.

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Project A.C.E.

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Project A.C.E.

Africa Community Empowerment

Mission Statement

To Build Healthy Communities and alleviate poverty in Africa through Education and Empowerment for a sustainable future.

In cooperation with local government leaders, we will select and train partners in small business, finance, and credit management, safe water practices, adult literacy, and construction and maintenance of necessary facilities such as; schools, latrines, water wells, and clinics.

East Africa

East Africa


Their village doesn’t have a water source.

Without clean water and sanitation, waterborne illness kills thousands daily.

Clean water sources are needed.

Sanitation facilities are needed.

The children.

Her village needs a latrine.

His village needs a clinic.

Water catchment systems being installed on roofs. Rain water will flow into a tank.

This classroom is equipped with desks but there are no textbooks, paper, pencils, or computers.

The conditions in many schools are similar to this school.

Beginning in Rwanda.

Phase I

With adequate classroom space, the school takes on a central role in the community.

One project will involve hygiene training at the school. Students will take what they’ve learned home with them and educate their families.

A safe water source is provided at the school and sanitation is taught.

Textbooks and desks are placed in the classroom. The plans for a health clinic at the school are drafted.

Now all of the students at the school have a safe place to learn and grow. Their futures are more secure.

Phase II

Hygiene is taught to community members.The health clinic is opened to students.

A community water committee is established to over-see water distribution. The clinic is open to the public and night classes are offered for adults.

Community water wells being dedicated.

Latrine projects.Men work together to provide sanitary latrines.

Phase III

By the third phase of our Rwanda Project, cottage businesses will be established and nurses will be trained to care for the community.

Why are we going to Rwanda first?

  • WHO has found that introducing WASH into a community reduces waterborne diseases by 67%.

  • Lifewater International found that after 5 years in a community in Kenya where WASH was implemented, child mortality due to waterborne disease went from being the number 2 killer to not being in the top 10 killers of children.

  • Lifewater does not operate in Rwanda, leaving communities without safe water sources and life saving WASH training.

  • In 2008 only 65% of adults could read.

  • More than 100,000 households are run by children. Most child run households have no way to make a living and no adults to teach them.

  • The total GNP in East Africa is $77 billion dollars.

  • The GNP for California alone was $1.85 trillion in 2008.

  • The GNP in Rwanda was $4.4 billion in 2008.

  • The Rwandan government is supportive.

Will your hands become the hands of hope for millions in East Africa?Project A.C.E.Solutions to Community Needs for Long-Term Sustainability

Thank you

Project A.C.E.

1(805) 277-7771

P.O. Box 6029

Los Osos, CA 93412

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