Observing the  READ 180 Classroom  Dr. Karen H. Burke  Director of Implementation

Observing the READ 180 Classroom Dr. Karen H. Burke Director of Implementation PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Observing the READ 180 Classroom Dr. Karen H. Burke Director of Implementation

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1. Observing the READ 180 Classroom Dr. Karen H. Burke Director of Implementation

2. Observation Schedule Weekly informal observations Room Set-up Materials Usage Instructional Practices Quarterly formal observations Ratio of Student/Teacher talk Student Engagement Red Routines Best Practice Use of Data to inform instruction

3. What Support Do You Need? Turn to the person next to you and discuss two things that we could do to help you be better prepared for your READ 180 observations. Be ready to share!

4. Leadership Implementation Guide

5. Put the Right Teacher in the Classroom Find a teacher who believes kids can learn to be better readers if provided the right instruction. knows how to use resources to meet student needs. models good reading behaviors and strategies. is willing to interact with students every minute of the class period. continues to grow professionally. maintains high expectations for all students. has strong classroom management. is dedicated to using technology.

6. The Instructional Model

7. The READ 180 Classroom Room for movement Three distinct, clearly labeled areas Posted procedures Bulletin boards with student work Comfortable furniture in the Independent Reading area A print-rich environment

8. First 2-3 Weeks in the READ 180 Classroom Classroom Set-up Materials Ready for Use Students Enrolled in SAM All Programs SRI Assessment Classroom Routines Established

9. Implementation Model Are classes scheduled for a 90 minute model five days a week? Do the classes include three 20 minute rotations five days a week? Do the classes have sufficient hardware? Do the classes have sufficient print resources? Do all the teachers attend trainings and complete the READ 180 online course? Is classroom organized for optimum learning? Do the teachers use reports regularly to direct instruction? Do the teachers use the READ 180 materials consistently? Do the teachers administer SRI at the prescribed time frames? Do students participate for an entire year?

10. Survey When to use: Use before and after an observation Provide for teacher self-reflection (Pre and Post Year) Focus for specific portion of observation Purpose: Identify areas of strength Connect implementation and student data Establish goals for improvement

11. Survey With a partner, discuss the Survey Which area(s) might be challenging for teachers? Why? One question, we have about the Survey is The Survey might will be helpful because

12. Observing a READ 180 Classroom Whole Group Instruction Small-Group Instruction Rotation Computer Workstation Rotation Independent and Modeled Reading Rotation Whole-Group Wrap-Up Classroom Management and Organization

13. READ 180 Classroom: Protocol With a partner review the Protocol, How will the Protocol be helpful? How could you use the Protocol? What can I ask the teacher to show me to help me understand the progress of student achievement?

14. Support for READ 180 Classrooms Observing Classrooms Conferencing with Teachers Scheduling Cadre Meetings Networking through district meetings Securing assistance for Teachers when needed Organizing Professional Development Opportunities

15. Classroom Support Visits

16. Partnering with Scholastic Share any information or concerns about any READ 180 Classroom before the Consultant visits classrooms. Share specific questions about READ 180 so the consultants can offer information. Be available at the end of the classroom visit for a quick debrief. Read the Classroom Visit reports from the Consultant. Use the report to deepen your understanding about the instruction taking place in your school.

17. Creating Success! READ 180 Making a difference in students lives!

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