Clemson’s Improved Printing System
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Clemson’s Improved Printing System PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Clemson’s Improved Printing System. Vision. Work towards a more sustainable future for Clemson. Create an environment that transforms the campus culture to more efficient printing behaviors that carryover into other areas. Enhance student printing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Clemson’s Improved Printing System

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Clemson s improved printing system

Clemson’s Improved Printing System



  • Work towards a more sustainable future for Clemson.

  • Create an environment that transforms the campus culture to more efficient printing behaviors that carryover into other areas.

  • Enhance student printing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Save money by reducing print volumes and limiting unnecessary printing.

Project background

Project Background

  • President Barker and The Budget Strategies Advisory Group Commission a Task Force to look at IT savings opportunities in early 2009.

  • The IT Task Force Identified the following core areas for savings and improvement:

    • Student Lab Printing (library, bracket, martin, etc)

    • Plotting (IT help center ~ old union)

    • Academic Lab Printing (student labs)

    • Administrative Printing (admin, faculty, staff)

    • Printing Supplies (excess inventory, purchasing power)

    • Service/Maintenance (we currently own all the labor)

    • Equipment (standardization)

Current printing problems at clemson

Current Printing Problems at Clemson

  • Uncontrolled Printing by Staff and Students

  • Unorganized and Duplicate Printing Projects in Student Printing Labs

  • Campus users have no concept of cost.

  • No measurement systems

Disorganized printing

Disorganized Printing

Wasteful printing

Wasteful Printing

Cu annual printing cost and potential savings

CU Annual Printing Cost and Potential Savings

  • Current Costs

    • Approx = $9.6MM

      • Labor, Equipment, Materials, Support

  • Potential Savings

    • Approx = $1.7MM-$2.5MM

    • 40% Print Volume Reduction

Solution phase 1 gain control

Solution – Phase 1 Gain Control

  • Software to measure and control wasteful printing

  • Printing Quotas to limit excessive student printing

  • Kiosk to efficiently deliver print jobs and eliminate printer lines

  • Informed printing to increase environmental awareness and dramatically reduce costs.

Who is affected

Who is Affected?

  • Students – print and plotting quota, more efficient student printing labs

  • Faculty and Staff – informed printing, looking for ways to reduce printing in classes and business

  • Administration – informed printing (printing to copiers at .02 per page vs. LaserJet printers at .20 per page), more paperless transactions.

Solution phase 1 quotas

Solution: Phase 1: Quotas

Segment solutions and pursue in priority order.

  • Implement lab printing quotas & charges

    • 350 free pages per semester per undergraduate student.

    • 500 free pages per semester per graduate student.

    • Over and above, charge .05 cents per page

  • Implement plotting quota & charges

    • 1 free 36” x 48” plot for students – additional plots are $8.00 per plot

    • Faculty/Staff pay $8.00 per 36”x48” plot

Printing data fall 2009

Printing Data - Fall 2009

  • Over half of the student body printed less than 100 pages

  • 82.5% printed less than the approved quota

Printing data fall 20091

Printing Data - Fall 2009

  • The data distribution is non-normal, which is an indicator that unnecessary printing is occurring

  • Over 64% of students print less than 150 pages

Printing data fall 20092

Printing Data - Fall 2009

  • Number of Students with 0 Prints

    • 1,927 Students

  • Median Number of Prints per Student

    • 73 pages

  • Number of Faculty and Staff printing at CCIT Labs

    • 62 Faculty/Staff (less than 2% of the Population)

Summary ccit lab printing fall 2009

Summary ~ CCIT Lab Printing Fall 2009

  • Average undergrad prints per student fall 2009 semester

    • 224.5 pages

  • Average graduate prints per student fall semester 2009.

    • 188.1 pages

      • Data ~ there are more grads with 0 prints than undergrads.

      • Speculation ~ Grads may be printing in departments rather than CCIT labs.

Print quota stages see print quota policy

Print Quota Stages(see Print Quota Policy)

  • Stage 1: Student Lab Print Quota (Cooper, Martin, Bracket, etc)

  • Stage 2: Academic Student Labs

    (all other smaller public/general use labs)

  • Stage 3: Informed Messaging for Departmental Printing

    (administration, faculty, staff, employees)

Printing quota timeline

Printing Quota Timeline

  • Stage 1 – Summer 2010: implement the Print Quotas in the CCIT Student Labs and CCIT Plotting in Fall of 2010.

  • Stage 2 – Fall 2010: implement print quotas in the Academic Student Labs.

  • Stage 3 – Fall 2010/Spring 2011: implement informed messaging capabilities, which will enable Faculty and Staff to recognize the most cost-effective means for printing.



Spring 2011





Print quota stage 1

Print Quota: Stage 1

  • Large Public Lab – Summer 2010

    • Cooper, Martin, Brackett and etc

    • 350-page limit for Undergrads

    • 500-page limit for Grads

    • Duplex (2-sided) printout capability

      • each duplex printout counts as one page against the quota

    • Printing Kiosks will release print jobs in labs

      • Instructions will be located in each CCIT lab

      • Each computer will use a pop-up windows to give printing instructions

    • Tiger 1 Card provides identification to release print jobs

Printing quota stage 1

Printing Quota: Stage 1

  • Exceptions to Quota

    • No Current Exceptions

    • Determined on a Case-by-Case Basis

    • Print Volume Data does not Support Exceptions to the 350-page Quota

    • Data Suggests a Higher Demand for Plotting in Architecture – Solutions are being Discussed

    • Student Employees must Print all Job-related Documents using their Employee ID

Print quota stage 2

Print Quota: Stage 2

  • Academic Labs – Fall 2010

    • Migrate the print quota to include academic /smaller scale general use printing facilities

Print quota stage 3

Print Quota: Stage 3

  • Informed Messaging – Fall 2010 – Spring 2011

    • Sends messages to computer when a document is printed: summarizes print job and suggests alternate printers (based on reasonable financial thresholds)

    • Informs admin, faculty and staff about the environmental impact and cost of their printing

    • Provides suggestions for most efficient printer options

More information

More Information

  • Visit website below for full policy information about print quota:


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