Gell scoring and timing
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GELL Scoring and Timing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GELL Scoring and Timing. Lauren Alonzo [email protected] Rob Moon [email protected] The Sideline Trio. Scorekeeper Game Score Penalties Time Outs Spotter Calls out statistics Timer (Home Games Only) Game Time Penalty Time. Equipment. Home Team

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Gell scoring and timing

GELLScoring and Timing

Lauren Alonzo [email protected]

Rob Moon [email protected]

The sideline trio
The Sideline Trio

  • Scorekeeper

    Game Score


    Time Outs

  • Spotter

    Calls out statistics

  • Timer(Home Games Only)

    Game Time

    Penalty Time


Home Team

  • Table / chairs

  • Score Book / pencil

  • Horn

  • Game Clock / Penalty Clock

    • Stop watch / phone app / kitchen timer

    • Need to be able to count down

      Extras: portable score board

      weather canopy

      spare horn


      Extra batteries

      Band aids

Youth Locker #7

HS Booth

Sideline communication
Sideline Communication


  • Asking team to stay behind the line so that you can see

  • Asking refs to repeat a call

  • Asking player in penalty box to kneel down

    Not OK:

  • Getting in a yelling match with coaches

  • Saying rude things about the players or coaches

  • Cheering


Kirkland Lacrosse Center

Everyone else

Game length
Game Length

HS and 7/8 A

  • Four 12 minute quarters with stop time

    • Let coaches/ref know when 2 minutes in quarter / GAME

  • 2 minute break between quarters

  • 10 minute half

    • Always confirm with ref prior to start of game

    • Some refs keep time during halftime/some as you to keep time

  • Let ref know when 2 min remaining

    5/6 & 7/8B

  • Four 10 minute Quarters with stop time

  • 2 minute break between quarter

  • 10 minute half


  • 2 Halves - 25 minute running clock each half

Timer responsibilities

Timer calls out game time at :

  • Every score (both teams)

  • Every penalty (both teams)

  • Every time out (both teams)

    Before the game, ask the ref what times they want called out to them

    ie: 2:40 minute warning at last quarter

    Sometimes coaches ask you to call the time at certain points of the game.

There is an APP for that

Timer penalties
Timer: Penalties

  • Technical Foul: Player serves 30 seconds

  • Personal Foul: Players serves 1, 2 or 3 minutes

    Penalty time is regulated by timer. Count out loud to the player during last 10 seconds. state “ release”…to allow him back into game. (“…3,2,1,release”)

    Penalty time runs with game time. If the game clock is stopped (a whistle is blown) then the penalty time is stopped.

    If there is still time on a penalty at the end of the quarter, the player finishes serving it at the beginning of the next quarter.

Timer penalties1
Timer: Penalties

Releasable vs Non-releaseable:


Most penalties are releasable. If the OTHER team scores, the penalty is released no matter how much time is remaining.


Typically for unsportsmanlike conduct. This penalty has to be served in entirety.


  • Calls out items scorekeeper is tracking


    • Number of player who shot

    • Number of player who scored

    • Number of player who assisted

    • Was the shot saved

      Other (depends on coach)

    • Groundballs

    • Face-offs

    • Clears

    • Extra Man

Scorekeeper essential responsibilities
Scorekeeper Essential Responsibilities

  • Scorefor both teams

  • Track penaltiesfor both teams

  • Time Outs for both teams


** TO DO **

Blue Team

Label template Avery 8165

Red Team

In Home

# Player First, Last

  • First, prep sheet with Team Names and Player Names / Numbers

  • Youth: Most coaches OK with listing numerically

  • “In Home” player is an ATTACKMAN & is assigned by the coach

  • Serves all TEAM penalties (ie: coach penalty, off-sides)

  • Gets score when other team scores on themselves

Player penalties
Player Penalties

Length of penalty

Ref will come to the table with

  • Length of penalty

  • Player Number

  • Infraction

  • You will need to ask Timer for Game Time

  • I would note if it is Personal or Technical


Player #

Game Time


New 2013 fouling out
NEW (2013): Fouling out


  • Under both NCAA and NFHS rules, if a player accumulates 5 minutes of personal fouls (regardless of the number of fouls), that player has fouled out of the game.

  • Notify the nearest official immediately; the player will serve his penalty but then must exit to the bench area and another player will take his place on the field.

  • Technical fouls have no bearing on fouling out of a game.

    78 / 56

  • 4 personal fouls or 5 ‘personal foul’ minutes

  • All unnecessary roughness calls are now non releasable.

  • Checks to the head are also non releasable and 3 minutes (but some still call them for two minutes. 

    Laminated sheet listing fouls will be kept with home team set up equipment

    For HS only:

    A player or coach receiving two non-releasable unsportsmanlike conduct fouls is expelled from the game. Notify the officials when a player receives his second non-releasable USC penalty.

Time outs
Time Outs

  • 2 time outs per half

  • 1 time out in OT


Game Time


ground balls






Extra man

Ask your coach what he wants

Ground balls
Ground Balls


  • Ball comes into possession of player under pressure of opponent within 5 yards and player controls the ball by passing, shooting, or cradling.

  • Ground ball should be counted when a player intercepts an opponents pass under the circumstances above even if the ball does not touch the ground.

  • Faceoff possession = ground ball

  • Possession must change to count a ground ball.

Ground balls tracking
Ground Balls – Tracking

  • During gameplay

  • Tally ground balls under the player name

  • End of quarter

  • Add up tally marks and put in stat box

  • Obtain totals from opposing team







Offensive player propels ball towards goal with intent to score

Even if ball is not on target, if the intent was to score it is a shot

kicking is ok

Shot tracking
Shot - Tracking

  • During gameplay

  • Tally shots under the player name

  • End of quarter

  • Add up tally marks and put in stat box

  • Obtain totals from opposing team






Ball is propelled by offensive player into goal

  • Can be kicked, headed, pushed, anything

  • Must cross the plane of the goal posts

  • Defensive player cannot score on own team

    • if ball goes into own goal by accident, credit the closest offensive player or in-home player

  • Look for referee’s signal: both arms in the air



Direct pass to a teammate who scores without dodging or evading an opponent other than the goalie in the crease.

  • Can take as many steps directly at the goal as desired

  • Judgment call

  • Only one assist can be awarded per goal.

Goal assist tracking
Goal / Assist - Tracking

Team Names

Blue Team



Red Team


After goal

1. Document game time / Quarter

2. Player # scoring

3. Player # assisting

And here:





Player #


Player Name


Some teams use the upper right box for type of shot



Ball is stopped or deflected by the goalkeeper using stick or body when the ball would otherwise enter the goal

  • Goalie stat

  • Note: If a shot would not have scored had it not been stopped or deflected, it is not a save.

Save tracking
SAVE - Tracking



  • Goalies should be listed on the roster and can get ground balls

  • If a player shoots and goalie catches the shot, the goalie stats:

    • Save (if the ball would have gone into the goal if the goalie wasn’t there)

    • Ground ball

Face offs

On a face off, there is almost ALWAYS a ground ball

Face offs are a team stat

Your Team





Other team stats
Other Team Stats

Clears: Cleared / Failed

  • Your team possesses the ball on your defensive side and ‘clears’ the midfield line maintaining possession.

    Extra Man: Scored / Failed

  • Did you score while you were man up?

Your Team



  • Keep a spare timer with you

  • Have something to hold the flip score down in windy weather

  • Use multi-colored pens / pencils

  • You do your score, they do theirs. Share / compare team stats after each quarter.

End of game
End of Game

If you are the home team, the officials must sign your book