Watercraft inspection decontamination for aquatic invasive species
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Watercraft InspectionDecontamination for Aquatic Invasive ... - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Watercraft Inspection/Decontamination for Aquatic Invasive Species. Glenn Dolphin Oregon State Marine Board. Presentation Outline. 100 th Meridian Initiative Zebra/Quagga mussel rapid response plan Level I vs. Level II trainings Types of boat contamination Boat inspection techniques

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Watercraft inspection decontamination for aquatic invasive species
Watercraft Inspection/Decontamination for Aquatic Invasive Species

Glenn Dolphin

Oregon State Marine Board

Presentation outline
Presentation Outline

  • 100th Meridian Initiative

    • Zebra/Quagga mussel rapid response plan

  • Level I vs. Level II trainings

  • Types of boat contamination

  • Boat inspection techniques

  • Boat decontamination

  • Boat intercepted in Oregon

  • Boat ramp pilot project

  • Summer 2009 OSMB outreach effort

Columbia river basin planning
Columbia River Basin Planning

Early Detection and Rapid Response

Interagency Planning and Response to a Mussel Invasion

  • 100th Meridian Initiative – CRB Team

  • Approximately 20 State & Federal agencies represented

  • Hold quarterly meetings

    Have written:

  • CRB interagency invasive species response plan for mussels

  • Economic evaluation of impacts for CRB hydropower facilities

  • Have practiced using the response plan during a “table top” exercise

Watercraft inspection trainings
Watercraft Inspection Trainings

  • Level I

    • AIS awareness, boat inspection techniques

  • Level II

    • Hands on use of decontamination equipment on live mussels at an infested water body

    • First Level II course (Lake Mead Academy) held from April 8-9 2008

  • Five Level II trainings were held

    in 2008 with 50 participants

    • Upcoming level II

      March 3-4 and April 7-8 2009 (full)

Statewide training
Statewide Training

Watercraft Inspection Training (WIT)

(2007 + 2008)

  • LEO – OSP +County Marine Patrol

  • State/Federal agency

    field personnel

  • USCG auxiliary

  • ODOT ports of entry

Types of boat contamination
Types of Boat Contamination

Boats with:

  • Aquatic weeds

  • Mud snails

  • Live bait

  • Attached mussels

  • Standing water in boat

Boat inspection
Boat Inspection

Outdrives Lower Unit

Props + prop shaft

Trim tabs

Bilge drain plug

Boat inspection1
Boat Inspection

Trailer rollers

Boat hull

Boat inspection2
Boat Inspection

Boat hull

Trailer bunk

Boat inspection3
Boat Inspection

Pitot tubes – measure speed

Transducers – measure depth

Boat inspection4
Boat Inspection

Trim tabs

Water intake screens/filters

Boat inspection5
Boat Inspection

Live wells/bait wells

Anchor/rope lockers

Boat inspection6
Boat Inspection

  • Sailboats have unique features like

    • Centerboards or keels

    • Centerboard boxes

    • Rudders

Boat decontamination
Boat Decontamination

Gimbal area + motor mount

Boat decontamination1
Boat Decontamination

Engine cooling intake

Through hull fittings

Mussel infestation
Mussel Infestation

  • Responses by other Western States.

    • Restricted access to infected waterways

      • Closure of water bodies to boating access (CA)

    • Mandatory boat inspections at State borders

    • Boat inspections at local boat ramps

    • Mandatory boat decontamination upon leaving infected waters

    • Management plans for infested waterbodies (UT)

Boat decontamination3
Boat Decontamination

Approx. 50 mussels

Lessons learned
Lessons Learned

  • More public outreach needed to inform boaters!

  • We need your help to be on the lookout!

  • Oregon needs to establish boat decontamination sites around the state with adequate equipment.

  • Oregon needs adequate laws to protect the state, similar to Washington’s laws.

Currently OSMB, ODFW & OSP staff are working diligently on solutions!

East lake boat ramp pilot project
East Lake Boat Ramp Pilot Project

  • Targeted outreach to boaters

    • Occurred between August 26th – Sept. 12th 2008

    • Try to encourage boaters to adopt “clean boating” practices.

    • Customized printed material for local conditions.

    • Received rack card upon checking in at entry booth.

    • Asked to perform vessel inspection, fill out an inspection checklist and complete survey.

    • Silent observation surveys by USFS staff to document boater behaviors (before/after).

East lake boat ramp pilot project2
East Lake Boat Ramp Pilot Project

  • Returned rack card results:

    • 46 cards returned to drop box

    • 78% were aware of AIS prior to receiving material at East Lake.

    • 56% indicated they performed a boat inspection for AIS as a regular activity.

  • Observation results:

    • 50% of boaters with observed weeds on their boat inspected and cleaned them off.

    • This percentage was the same for both pre and post signage and rack card distribution.

      • However, very small number set (4-pre/16-post).