Promoting Disaster Reduction through Multi-National Cooperation in Asia region
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Promoting Disaster Reduction through Multi-National Cooperation in Asia region. ADRC’s Activities. 12 Oct. 2005 Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC) Total Number of Affected People by Natural Disaster in the World (1975-2004). Note 1. Source: CRED EM-DAT

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Promoting Disaster Reduction through Multi-National Cooperation in Asia region

ADRC’s Activities

12 Oct. 2005

Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC)

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Total Number of Affected People by Natural Disaster in the World (1975-2004)

Note 1. Source: CRED EM-DAT

2. Affected People include killed, missing, injured, as well as the people who lost their houses.

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Economic Loss by Natural Disasters in Asia World (1975-2004)

(1960 - 2004)

Note 1. Source: CRED

2. GDP is before year of the disaster. But Armenia’s GDP is in 1990 after the independence.

Disaster reduction is a must for sustainable development in asia l.jpg
Disaster Reduction World (1975-2004)is a MUST forSustainable Development in Asia

  • A single disaster can wipe out annual GDP of a country

  • Natural disaster can be the biggest obstacle to social security of a country

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Establishment of ADRC World (1975-2004)

  • 1994 World Conference on Natural Disaster Reduction, Yokohama, Japan

  • 1995 The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake

  • 1995 Asian Natural Disaster Reduction Conference – ministerial level, hosted by Prime Minister of Japan

  • 1996 Asian Disaster Reduction Expert Meeting

  • 1997 Asian Disaster Reduction Cooperation Promotion Meeting

  • 1998 Establishment of ADRC, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan

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Organization of ADRC World (1975-2004)

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ADRC Member Countries World (1975-2004)

25 Member Countries, 5 Advisor Countries, 1Observer


※Implement Various Projects in cooperation with UN/ISDR, UN/OCHA, UNESCO,


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ADRC’s Activities World (1975-2004)

〇Information Sharing

〇Human Resource Development

〇Building Community Capabilities

Seminar and training for human resource development l.jpg

World (1975-2004)Human Resource Development (1)

Seminar and Training for Human Resource Development

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Urban Search and Rescue Training in Singapore (2005 World (1975-2004))

Disaster Risk Management Workshop in Tajikistan(2004)

Flood Hazard Map Training in Viet Nam(2004)

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〇  World (1975-2004)Capacity Building at Community (1)

Local Govt.


(Land, Road, House, ...)


(Magnitude, Water level, Land Slide, ...)


(Safe Place, Route , ...)

Hazard Map

(Raw Plan)

Community Based Hazard Mapping

ADRC developed the tool for capacity building at community level

Local People

Provide Information


(Past Disaster・Land Use,

Small Path, Vulnerable People, ...)



Town Watching Method

・Current Scientific and Technological Aspects

(Science, Engineering, ...)


・ Developing an informative Hazard Map

・ Raising public awareness of disasters

・ Reflecting the resident’s opinions into local policies

Community based hazard mapping town watching method effective tool for raising public awareness l.jpg
Community Based Hazard Mapping World (1975-2004)Town Watching Method ~Effective tool for raising public awareness~

Step 1

Field Survey

Residents, Officers in Local Govt. and Experts

survey the positive and negative features relating

to the disaster risk by walking around in the town.

Step 2

Develop a Map

Visualize the observations and findings on the

map. Enhance the awareness and cooperation

through the task.

Step 3

Discussion and Presentation

What are the problems? Who is responsible?

What are the countermeasures?

Share the information.

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Field Survey of Tsunami Disasters in Indian Ocean World (1975-2004)

<Multi National Mission to Tsunami affected areas in India>

Period: 8 Apr. –13 Apr.

Site: Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry



Period: 1 Mar. -5 Mar.

Site: Chennai, Cuddalore, Pondicherry

Period: 30 Dec. -2 Jan.

Site: Phuket, Phangnga



Period: 26 Jan. -31 Jan.

Site: Male, Dhaalu Atoll, Thaa Atoll

Period: 7 Jan. -11 Jan.

Site: Banda Aceh

Sri Lanka

Period: 28 Dec. -5 Jan.

Site: Galle, Trincomalee

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Key Components of Tsunami Warning System World (1975-2004)



Tsunami Warning Center

National Government

Local Government

What is Tsunami?


Where is Evacuation Route?

Mass Media

International/Regional Framework

Each Country’s Warning Announcement System

Public Awareness

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Thank You For Your Attention World (1975-2004)