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Survey and results
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A. N. N. T. R. A. O. G. I. I. Z. O. Survey and Results. Organization Test. Clutter:. 1. It's hard for me to decide what to throw away.................................Y N I often misplace keys, notes, phone numbers...Y N 

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Survey and Results

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Survey and results













Survey and Results

Organization test

Organization Test



1. It's hard for me to decide what

to throw away.................................Y N

I often misplace keys, notes, phone numbers...Y N 

I don't have enough space in my backpack or locker.............Y N



I'm afraid to file papers, homework or other important documents because I mightnot be able to find them when I need them

.....Y N 

There is a stack of magazines and otherreading material on my desk most of the time..Y N 

It is difficult for other people to finda paper, document or other important information on my desk when I'm not there......Y N

Survey and results


I usually miss birthday dates

.................Y N 

I am often late for appointments..............Y N 

Interruptions keep me from doing my work......Y N



I allow myself to procrastinate until  the work becomes a crisis situation...........Y N

I keep waiting for free time to do   what I really want to do......................Y N 

I can't begin a project until all materials   and resources are perfectly in hand,   even if I run past the deadline...............Y N

Your results

Your Results

Survey and results

1 - 3 Yes - Congratulations! Things seem to be running smoothly and your life is in order for the most part. Keep up the good work.

Survey and results

4 - 6 Yes - You are doing OK but have a few areas that could use improvement. Take one at a time and tweak your system

Survey and results

7 - 8 Yes - Things aren't going so well! You are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and depressed. Time to take action and get some help.

Survey and results

9 or More Yes - You are out of control! Your life is spinning around you and you definitely need to take back control and set your goals. Don't for help! 



Right a 3 sentence reflection on the organizational test. Reflect on the following areas:

Did you agree with the results?

Does the test accurately gauge your organization?

Do you value organization?

Do you feel organization is an important life skill?

What can you do to improve your organization?

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