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MDAW 2011

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MDAW 2011. Welcome. **STAFF INTRODUCTIONS**. Residence Halls. Mari Vangen-Adams, Chief Executive, Twin Cities Youth Programming Mariah Donnelly Izak Gallini-Matyas. Lab Leaders. Tim Edstrom Laura Johnson Tamar Kaplan Jane Munksgaard Kelly Nickel Sam Oxborough Talon Powers

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mdaw 2011

MDAW 2011


residence halls
Residence Halls
  • Mari Vangen-Adams, Chief Executive, Twin Cities Youth Programming
  • Mariah Donnelly
  • Izak Gallini-Matyas
lab leaders
Lab Leaders
  • Tim Edstrom
  • Laura Johnson
  • Tamar Kaplan
  • Jane Munksgaard
  • Kelly Nickel
  • Sam Oxborough
  • Talon Powers
  • RohanSadagopal
  • Eric Short
  • Brittany Williams
director types
  • Mike Baxter-Kauf
  • Amy Cram Helwich (Executive Director, MNUDL)
  • David Cram Helwich
camp policies safety security
**CAMP POLICIES****Safety & Security**
  • Illegal stuff is out—alcohol, drugs, fireworks, explosives, weapons, etc.
  • Hazing and bullying are out (duh)
  • Messing with fire alarms, elevators, etc., or pranking 9/11 will cost you a ton of money
  • You break it, you buy it
  • Keep your doors shut and locked, and do not leave personal property unattended in a classroom or lounge
  • Report any problems/concerns IMMEDIATELY to a staff member—our job is to fix things
  • Work to make sure that our environment is comfortable for everyone
  • Dorm check @ 11p, must be in dorm by 10p
more rules
“More Rules”
  • Keep noise to a reasonable level—headphones?
  • Do not prop open doors
  • If you lose a meal card ($5+), lanyard ($5+), or key ($95+), your parents will not be happy
  • You MUST keep your door open if someone other than you or your roommate is in the room
  • Pick up after yourself, especially in the common areas
  • Fire hot, fire burn—no candles, halogen lamps, Weber grills, ,etc.
  • You cannot leave campus without permission—EVEN IF you have your parents’ permission, you must “check out” with a staffperson first
  • There is no official “lights out,” but we reserve the right to implement one if necessary
  • Poker is not mandatory, but is strongly recommended
things to know 1
Things to Know #1
  • Unless informed otherwise, all meals are in the Christensen Center’s cafeteria on the 2nd floor
  • Jimmy John’s is considered to be “off campus”
  • If you need to leave for any reason, you MUST check out with a staff member
  • Cell phone reception is the basement of Foss sucks—make sure your parents know this, so they do not assume you have disappeared when you do not answer right away
  • You can find evidence, facebook, and torrenting on teh internets. You were given a password at registration. Please don’t lose it
things to know 2
Things to Know #2
  • Be on time. Camp cannot run if you are not on time—feel like inconveniencing 85 people? Don’t do it.
  • We typically have the computer labs reserved in Sverdrup (201, 205, all day)—we will let you know when/if this is not the case
  • If lectures are designated as “Advanced” or “Beginner,” you can pick which one you attend
  • Bring note-taking materials and your practice evidence to all lectures, skill sessions, lab groups, and practice debates
the evidence set
The Evidence Set
  • AFF: Asteroids
  • CASENEG: Asteroids
  • DISAD: Budget
  • DISAD: Space Debris
  • DISAD: Weaponization
  • K: Capitalism=Bad
  • You will receive a supplement (Politics DA, CP) on Tuesday
typical camp day
“Typical” Camp Day
  • Breakfast, 7:30-9:00a
  • Lecture, 9:00-10:00a
  • Aff Lab, 10:00a-noon
  • Lunch, noon-1:00p
  • Lecture/Skill Session, 1:00-2:30p
  • Neg Lab, 2:30-4:30p
  • Speed Drills, 4:30-5:00p
  • Dinner, 5:00-6:30p
  • Practice Round, 6:30-9:00
  • Dorm Check, 11:00 (in room, must be in hall by 10:oop)
tomorrow s schedule
Tomorrow’s Schedule
  • 8-8:45a Breakfast (Urness)
  • 9:00-10:30a Lecture: Topic Overview (SaternAud)
  • 10:30a-noon Skill Session: Electronic Research (SVE 201 & 205)
  • 12:00-1:00p Lunch
  • 1:00-3:00p Demo Debate (SaternAud)
  • 3:00-5:00p Affirmative Lab
  • 5:00-6:30p Dinner
  • 6:30-8:30 Negative Lab
  • 11:00p Dorm Check
if need to know about
If need to know about…
  • Dorm-related stuff—ask Mari first
  • Program-related stuff—ask DCram (651.307.6980) or Baxter (651.295.0479), or a staff person if they are not around
  • Money, permissions, etc—ask Amy (651.307.5773), else DCram/Baxter
lab groups
Lab Groups
  • Affirmative
    • Asteroids [Sam/Tim]
    • SETI/Exopolitics [MBK, Tamar)
    • Space Solar Power [Brittany/Kelly/Rohan]
    • Weaponization [DCram, Lav]
  • Negative
    • AstroK [EShort/Lav]
    • Budget [Sam/Tim]
    • China [Jane/Rohan]
    • Politics [Brittany/Talon]
    • Private Actor CP [Kelly/Tamar]