How far would you run for a donut
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How far would you run for a donut PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How far would you run for a donut. By: Samid Koch. How does someone work ou t the number of calories they burn when running?.

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How far would you run for a donut

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How far would you run for a donut

By: Samid Koch

How does someone work out the number of calories they burn when running?

First, the person would have to know theirweight. Then they would have to multiply their weight by the distancethey are going to run. After they get their answer they have to multiply it by 1.036.The resultthey will get will be in decimals so the easiest way to know how many calories you will burn , will be to round it to the number to the nearest whole number.






How far would they have to run to burn the calories that are in a doughnut? How did you work this out?

  • The example I will use is me. I am Samid. I weigh 34.4 kg. I want to burn my French Cruller donut which is 250 Calories

  • I would lose approx.46 calories by running 1 km, according to when you multiply your weight by 1.036.

  • Next, to find out how many kilometers I have to run to lose my donut. Just divide the calories in the donut by the calories lost in running 1km.


    Now just round it to the nearest whole number and I would approx. have to run 5.4 km to burn the calories from my French Cruller

How can knowing how to do arithmetic with decimals help you make good health decisions

  • Knowing how to do arithmetic with decimals can help you make good health decisions in the future. It can help you to calculate how many kilometers you need to run to loose a certain weight. For example if you weigh 100kg and you run a certain distance the next time you weigh yourself you might weigh 87kg. Doing your calculations with decimals can help you get a more accurate answer but it is much easier for the person who is running to round to a whole number.

Which part (or parts) of the Learner Profile did you develop during this unit?

  • I think the 2 learner profiles that I developed on would have to be Thinker and Balanced

  • The reason why I think I developed on balanced is because we were doing (Health and Social) and we were seeing how to have a balanced diet and if not the consequences like running 5.4 km to lose the calories you gained.

  • The reason why I think we developed on Thinker is because I used all information we got from class and it helped me in the power point plus not and sheets they were so helpful

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