How far would you run for a doughnut
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How Far Would You Run for a Doughnut? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How Far Would You Run for a Doughnut?. BY: Moutaz Shabab And Abdulraheem Abu Issa. How Many Calories Are in a Doughnut?.

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How Far Would You Run for a Doughnut?

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How Far Would You Run for a Doughnut?

BY: Moutaz Shabab

And Abdulraheem Abu Issa

How Many Calories Are in a Doughnut?

The number of calories varies depending on the ingredients and the way it is made. E.g. Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut is made of yeast and fattening things is 200 calories.

How do you work out the number of calories they burn when running?

The formula is very easy it is the number of kilometers you run multiply by how much you weigh in kilograms multiply by 1.036.

Question Time!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!

If someone weighs 52.3 kg how many calories would burn running 1 km? Show your working.

Question #2!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!

How far would this person have to run to burn the calories that are in a doughnut? Show your working. Let’s go to Krispy Crème example. His weight in pounds is 115 lbs. He needs to run 3.69 Kilometers. Here is the screen shot.

Question #3!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!

It helps you to know how to do decimals health wise, by knowing the formula and see how much you need to run.

Question #4!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It helps me be a thinker and a knowledgeable.

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