Handy ordinal numbers
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Handy Ordinal Numbers. With Miss Digitally Angry Clock-Face. Hello! I am Miss Digitally Angry Clock-Face, and I am here to teach you ordinal numbers. So, pay attention. Ordinal numbers show you which order things are in. (Just in case you didn’t know.). premier (1 er ). first (1 st ).

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Handy ordinal numbers

Handy Ordinal Numbers

With Miss Digitally Angry Clock-Face

Hello! I am Miss Digitally Angry Clock-Face, and I am here to teach you ordinal numbers. So, pay attention.

premier (1 case you didn’t know.)er)

first (1st)

deuxième case you didn’t know.) (2e)

second (2nd)

troisième case you didn’t know.) (3e)

third (3rd)

quatrième case you didn’t know.) (4e)

fourth (4th)

cinquième case you didn’t know.) (5e)

fifth (5th)

sixième case you didn’t know.) (6e)

sixth (6th)

septième case you didn’t know.) (7e)

seventh (7th)

huitième case you didn’t know.) (8e)

eighth (8th)

neuvième case you didn’t know.) (9e)

ninth (9th)

dixième case you didn’t know.) (10e)

tenth (10th)

onzième case you didn’t know.) (11e)

eleventh (11th)

douzième case you didn’t know.) (12e)

twelfth (12th)

From 13 case you didn’t know.)th to 20th, you only have to add the ending ièmeto the ordinal numbers we just learned, minus their final e when they have one.

Thirteenth 13 e treiz e e i me trei z i me
THIRTEENTH: case you didn’t know.)13e =treize (-e)+ièmetreizième

fourteenth (14th) = quatorzième

fifteenth (15th) = quinzième

sixteenth (16th) = seizième

seventeenth (17th) = dix-septième

eighteenth (18th) = dix-huitième

nineteenth (19th) = dix-neuvième

Et case you didn’t know.)biensûr, vingtième (20e)!

And of course, twentieth!

Be careful. Ordinal numbers in case you didn’t know.)French can be masculine or feminine... depending on the noun they are referring to!

Here are some examples! case you didn’t know.)

La case you didn’t know.)premièremaison.

The first house.

Le case you didn’t know.)premierarbre.

The first tree.

Le case you didn’t know.)deuxièmezèbre.

The second zebra.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

  • La case you didn’t know.)deuxièmebouteille.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

The second bottle.

Le case you didn’t know.)dixièmeétage.

The tenth floor.

And so case you didn’t know.) on! Now watch Angry Olympics 10, you’re ready for some practice!

Join us again

Join us again! case you didn’t know.)