gigabit ethernet pmd
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Gigabit Ethernet PMD

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Gigabit Ethernet PMD. ECE135 Group 2 – Presentation 3. Bryan Justice February 10, 2005. Updated Gantt chart Reviewed group responsibilities Reviewed IEEE 802.3z Standard regarding the PMD module Selected our VCSELs Researched and selected our ROSAs Preliminary optical link budget.

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gigabit ethernet pmd

Gigabit Ethernet PMD

ECE135 Group 2 – Presentation 3

Bryan Justice February 10, 2005

gigabit ethernet progress summary
Updated Gantt chart

Reviewed group responsibilities

Reviewed IEEE 802.3z Standard regarding the PMD module

Selected our VCSELs

Researched and selected our ROSAs

Preliminary optical link budget

Placing orders by Feb. 11

Complete optical link budget

Build practice board

Revise Gantt chart

Start working on schematic

Thinking about board layout and software

Gigabit Ethernet:Progress Summary

Completed Tasks

Next Week’s Tasks

group responsibilities
Group Responsibilities
  • Andrew Meyerson – Administration, ordering, soldering
  • Clifton Kerr – Layout, design, testing
  • Vinh Nguyen – Webpage, report writing
  • Bryan Justice – Optical link budget, design, testing, report writing
ieee 802 3z pmd research
IEEE 802.3z PMD Research
  • We will be building a Physical Medium Dependent (PMD) sublayer board
  • PMD should conform to the IEEE 802.3z specifications for type 1000BASE-SX (Short Wavelength Laser)
802 3z standard
802.3z Standard
  • PMD block diagram as found in the 802.3z standard
802 3z cont
802.3z Cont.
  • Transmit characteristics (from 802.3z standard)
802 3z cont1
802.3z Cont.
  • Receive characteristics (from 802.3z Standard)
802 3z cont2
802.3z Cont.
  • The standard also defines a worst case link power budget and penalties
  • This will probably be needed for determining the optical link budget
vcsel research
VCSEL Research
  • Chose VCSEL
  • Advanced Optical Components
  • HFE4391-541 VCSEL
  • 2.5Gbps, 850nm, SC VCSEL
  • Cost: $14.50 for less than 1000
  • $7.25 for 1000 or more
  • This VCSEL provided what we felt was the best combination of performance, price, and availability
  • Placing orders by February 11
other vcsels

We chose to look primarily at 2.5Gbps models because they require less current. Many 1.25Gbps models require more current to operate properly than the Maxim laser driver will be able to provide in the worst case.

Other VCSELs examined:


Roithner Lasertechnik



  • ROSA has been selected
  • HFD3381-108 ROSA
  • 2.5Gbps, 850nm, SC-ROSA
  • Cost: $10.00 for less than 1000
  • $5.00 for 1000 or more
  • This part, like the AOC VCSEL, provided the best combination of performance, price, and availability
other rosas drawbacks
Other ROSAs, drawbacks
  • Avalon Photonics: LC connectorized only, Swiss, $20.00
  • ULM: $25, overseas company
  • Luxnet: Taiwan company, no response from inquiries
  • Hamamatsu: unsure about connectors
  • Copax: No response
  • Optowell: Korean company, no response to emails
  • Gigacomm: unsure about connectors, many errors in the data sheet
  • AOC’s ROSA featured above average performance among this group, was in stock, and had the best price, making the ROSA decision very easy.
preliminary budgeting estimation
Preliminary Budgeting (estimation)
  • AOC VCSEL: $14.50 (2)
  • AOC ROSA: $10.00 (2)
  • Two board fabs: $70.00
  • Maxim driver and limiting amp, Digikey passives, and Murata inductors, plus allowances for shipping costs: $80.00
  • Total projected budget:
    • Approximately $210.00
test board problems
Test Board Problems
  • First test board kit was misplaced, putting us behind schedule.
  • Second kit has been obtained
  • Key to soldering lab did not work, compounding our frustrations
  • Construction of test board (and testing) should be completed no later than Feb. 13
next week
Next Week
  • Build and test the test board
  • Finalize optical link budget
  • Begin design schematic
  • Become familiar with board layout and necessary software
  • Revise Gantt chart as necessary
  • Order parts
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  • AOC datasheets for the HFE 4391-541 VCSEL and HFD 3381-108 ROSA