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Whose line is it anyway
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Whose Line is it Anyway?. “Party Quirks”. Round #1. Wants control over everything. Constantly misunderstands things. Starts an argument at every opportunity. Scared of everything. Round #2. Tries to “one-up” everyone (extremely competitive).

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Whose Line is it Anyway?

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Whose line is it anyway

Whose Line is it Anyway?

“Party Quirks”

Wants control over everything

Round #1

Wants control over everything

Constantly misunderstands things

Constantly misunderstands things

Starts an argument at every opportunity

Starts an argument at every opportunity

Scared of everything

Scared of everything

Tries to one up everyone extremely competitive

Round #2

Tries to “one-up” everyone (extremely competitive)

Constantly shifts the focus of conversation to his or her brand new car

Constantly shifts the focus of conversation to his or her brand new car

Doesn t understand american culture suspicious of american customs

Doesn’t understand American culture (suspicious of American customs)

Exaggerated american national pride national anthem singer

Exaggerated American national pride (national anthem singer)

Unit 10 war and conflict

Unit 10:War and Conflict

Sources of conflict

Sources of conflict

  • Goals: struggle for control, power

  • Interests: economic, social, political, personal

  • Opinions: arguments, hostility

  • Competition: jealousy, disappointment, anger

  • Misunderstanding: failure to communicate

  • Behavior: irritation, fear, triggers

  • Culture: prejudice, fear, competitive culture

  • Pride: personal and national

Responses to conflict

Responses to conflict

  • Fight (with fists or armies)

  • Flight (run away or ignore the issue)

  • Compromise (both agree to settle)

  • Negotiation (one person tries to get an advantage over the other)

  • Litigation (go to court)

  • Mediation (third party)

Why do people go to war

Why do people go to war?

  • To better their way of life

    • Persia invaded Greece in the battle of Thermopylae for more territory, food, and resources.

  • To protect their way of life

    • Greece fought back against the Persians to resist becoming another part of the Persian Empire.

The crusades

The Crusades

  • A series of eight military expeditions to capture the Holy Land

  • Christians believed they were fighting the Crusades to take back Jerusalem from infidels.

  • Muslims believed they were defending land that was theirs. From their perspective, Christians were brutal invaders.

The first crusade

The First Crusade

1095 - Byzantine Emperor Alexius I contacts Pope Urban II

1096 - Pope Urban II calls for a crusade against the Muslim Turks prompting armies of Western Europe crusaders to travel to Constantinople the next spring.

1099 - Crusaders take Jerusalem after a long and costly siege with casualties estimated at 100,000.

The mongols

The Mongols

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