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Technical Soil Services, Soil Survey, & National Resource Inventory (NRI) Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Technical Soil Services, Soil Survey, & National Resource Inventory (NRI) Plan. “Everyone has a plan ‘till they get punched in the mouth.” Mike Tyson. Soil Science Division Priorities. Accelerate the Soil Survey Data Join Recorrelation Initiative

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Technical Soil Services, Soil Survey, & National Resource Inventory (NRI) Plan

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Technical Soil Services, Soil Survey, & National Resource Inventory (NRI) Plan

“Everyone has a plan ‘till they get punched in the mouth.”

Mike Tyson

Soil Science Division Priorities

  • Accelerate the Soil Survey Data Join Recorrelation Initiative

  • Continue initial soil survey mapping on all lands, including Federal lands

  • Strengthen technical soil services to support soil health initiatives, conservation planning and program delivery

  • Accelerate production of ecological site descriptions in collaboration with State technical staff and partners

  • Strengthen the National Cooperative Soil Survey

Role of the State Soil Scientist

  • Provide technical soil services to other staffs and leadership to resource soil scientists

  • Serve as primary liaison to National Cooperative Soil Survey Partners

  • Serve as a member of the management teams for the soil survey regional offices serving the state

  • Documenting the needs for updating soil survey maps, data, and interpretations


  • BLM Agreement for Duchesne Soil Survey; due for completion on December 30, 2013; BLM acres are complete; database is being worked on

  • BLM agreement Emery Eastern Part pre-mapping and database development; is due for completion December 30, 2015; currently being worked on by Ogden MLRA Soil Survey Office

  • BLM Agreement for ESD Development; due for completion July 1, 2014; staff are finalizing completion of the first 30 ESDs; most of these need to be approved; Requests for Proposals are going to be sent to contractors to utilize the recently added funds

  • BLM Agreement for Loa-Marysvale Soil Survey; due for completion on December 1, 2013; BLM acres are complete; database is being worked on; all funds have been expended.

  • FS agreement for 75,000 acres in Duchesne Soil Survey Area; is due for completion September 30, 2014; a Request for Proposal will be set to contractors to utilize a portion of the balance

  • NPS Agreement for Zion National Park; due for completion February 1, 2016; in FY 2013 completed the work plan and started on ESD work.

Utah Priorities for Flagstaff MLRA SSO

  • Complete McCracken Mesa project in UT643

  • Review and update of miscellaneous land types in UT643

  • MLRA Project for update of San Juan River corridor map units

Utah Priorities for Ogden MLRA SSO

  • Assist Price MLRA SSO on Initial Soil Survey

  • Assist Price Office on completing Emery East pre-map project for BLM Agreement

  • Incorporate 24,000 acres of Camp Williams Soil Survey work into SSURGO surveys

  • Incorporate approximately 77,000 acres of soil survey (from West Beaver survey) into UT617 SSURGO

Utah Priorities for Price MLRA SSO

  • Complete field work on the Ute & Ouray lands

  • Complete field work for FS Agreement in Duchesne

  • Complete field work for Loa-Marysvale

  • SSURGO certify Loa-Marysvale

  • Continue work on SSURGO certification for the Ute & Ouray and Duchesne

  • Continue work on Emery East pre-map project

Utah Priorities for Richfield MLRA SSO

  • SSURGO Certification for Capitol Reef National Park & related deliverables

  • Follow up on deliverables for Hovenweep National Monument

  • SSURGO Certification of the Kane Area Soil Survey

  • Field work for Zion National Park

Utah Priorities for Victorville MLRA SSO

  • Update miscellaneous land type map units for 65,000 acres in the Washington Area Soil Survey (for watershed modeling)

  • Incorporate the Pine Valley Mountain Update mapping into SSURGO for the Washington Area

Technical Soil Service Projects

  • Annual TSS report developed for XLT

  • Conservation Education

  • Crop Insurance Cross Compliance

  • Farmland Protection Policy Act

  • NASIS Exports to the staging server

  • Salt Lake County Extension Service Soil Fertility Project

  • Soil Health Initiative

  • Spatial Display of Soil Climate Data

  • Statewide Hydric Soil Maps

  • Washington City Hydrologic Groups

  • Wetlands

National Resources Inventory

  • Continuous Inventory – 350 segments using remote sensing

  • Range inventory on non-federal land – 46 segments

  • Range inventory on BLM land – 114 segments

  • Completed with a combination of NRCS staff and contractors

  • Can be part of the TSS delivered by the MLRA Soil Survey Offices

Staff Resources for Technical Soil Services and National Resources Inventory

  • State Soil Scientist –1.0 FTE

  • State Resource Inventory Coordinator – 1.0 FTE

  • Area Soil Scientist in Price - 1.0 FTE

  • Soil Climate Analysis Network Soil Scientist – .2 FTE

  • MLRA Soil Survey Office Soil Scientists & Range Specialists – 10 staff (15%)1.5 FTE

  • Total4.7 Full Time Equivalent Staff

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