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What People are Talking About Issues

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What People are Talking About Issues - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Growing Greener Everyday The i ncreasing environmental consciousness of consumers The Consumer Lab Colleen Grady June 20, 2007. What People are Talking About Issues. Global Warming Energy Efficiency Carbon Offsets Eating Locally Green Building. A Growing Concern.

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Growing Greener Everyday The increasing environmental consciousness of consumersThe Consumer LabColleen GradyJune 20, 2007

what people are talking about issues
What People are Talking AboutIssues
  • Global Warming
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Carbon Offsets
  • Eating Locally
  • Green Building
a growing concern
A Growing Concern

32% of Americans report heightened interest in the environment than they did a year ago.

Why has awareness in environmentalism grown so dramatically?

*Source: 2007 Cone Consumer Environmental Survey

media buzz
Media Buzz





retailer and brand efforts
Retailer and Brand Efforts
  • Retailers
    • Energy efficient stores & transportation
    • Organic & locally grown foods, fair trade
    • Pushing manufacturers to become more eco-friendly
    • Reusable bags
    • Opening new stores
  • Brands
    • Brands are reinventing themselves
    • Carbon offset purchases
    • Minimal packaging
    • Using environmental consultants
    • Using sustainable POS & displays
    • Cruelty free
    • Supporting Environmental Causes
carbon what
Carbon What?
  • Conserve Water
  • Recycle
  • Turn off the Lights
greener every day
Greener Every Day
  • Conserve Water
  • Recycle
  • Turn The Lights Off
  • Label Reader
  • Package Scrutinizer
  • Energy Star Appliances
  • No Chemicals
  • Environmental Educator
  • Conserve Water
  • Recycle
  • Turn The Lights Off
  • Label Reader
  • Package Scrutinizer
  • Energy Star Appliances
  • No Chemicals
  • Environmental Educator
  • Purchase Carbon Offsets
  • Write Letters to Congressman
  • CSA
  • Share the Hybrid
  • Certified Organic Cotton
growing up green
Growing Up Green
  • The Most Environmentally Aware
  • Government is Responsible
  • Corporate Environmental Responsibility
  • I Will Help Save The Environment
who is responsible
Who is Responsible?

93% of Americans believe companies have a responsibility to help preserve the environment.

Consumers are beginning to ask questions…

How was this made?

How did it get here?

*Source: 2007 Cone Consumer Environmental Survey

consumers want companies to take action
Consumers Want Companies to Take Action

Meaningful actions consumers want companies to take

*Source: 2007 Cone Consumer Environmental Survey

consumer attitudes view of corporate green practices
Consumer Attitudes View of Corporate Green Practices
  • Most consumers have a more positive image of a company when it is environmentally responsible
  • Most consumers would consider switching to another company/brand because negative corporate responsibility practices

*Source: 2007 Cone Consumer Environmental Survey

consumer attitudes consumer loyalty toward green companies
Consumer AttitudesConsumer Loyalty Toward Green Companies

“Knowing a company is mindful of its impact on the environment and society makes me more likely to buy their products and services.”

*Source: Lifestyles of Health & Sustainability Consumer Trends Database

consumers are motivated to pay more
Consumers are Motivated to Pay More

When environmentally friendly products:

  • Save money in the long term
  • Are available and convenient
  • Provide health & welfare of future generations
  • Are made by socially responsible companies

*Source: 2007 Cone Consumer Environmental Survey * Source: Lifestyles of Health & Sustainability Consumer Trends Database

how to benefit our clients
How to Benefit our Clients
  • Ask questions of our clients
  • Make our clients aware of the benefits of advertising their corporate social responsibility
  • Leverage programs of brands and retailers
  • Get consumers involved in efforts
  • Target the priorities of the consumer that make sense for the brand
  • Don’t allow clients to try to “greenwash” their brands
additional trends
Additional Trends
  • Credit cards are moving to offer consumers “green” rewards from donations to products
  • Green weddings
  • Reusable grocery bags
  • Nutrition label – environmental/social nutrition
  • Going carbon neutral or carbon positive
how to make it work
How To Make it Work
  • Make it Simple
    • Consumers must be able to immediately understand how your brand is going to help them help the planet
  • Take a Long-Term View
    • Making a difference will not happen over night, consumers know that and will respond to your long-term commitment
  • Ensure Your Efforts Align With Existing Brand Equity
    • Initiatives need to make sense with the established perceptions consumers have of your brand
  • Make Sure Its Authentic
    • Disingenuous behavior will be transparent to consumers

*Source: Brand Against Global Warming, Advertising Age, March 5, 2007


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64% of retailers claim they will be creating more energy-efficient stores when building or remodeling(Food Marketing Institute’s 2005-06 Annual Financial Review)


Wal-Mart 18seconds.orgPackaging design contest – Wal-Mart challenged its electronic manufacturers to design new packaging using minimal and sustainable packagingConsidering installing solar power in 340 stores

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PepsiCoPurchased $2 million of Renewable Energy Credits in April Pledged a $20 million commitment to conserve, reduce and recycle waterStopped financing research that uses animal testing

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AppleDeveloped a plan to become more environmentally friendly in response to public demand

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