National conference on agriculture for kharif campaign 2006
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NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON AGRICULTURE FOR KHARIF CAMPAIGN 2006. Presentation by Department of Agriculture State : Meghalaya. State : MEGHALAYA. STATE’S AGRICULTURAL PROFILE. Geographical area: 22,489 sq. km. Population: 25 lakh (approximately)

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Department of Agriculture

State : Meghalaya

State s agricultural profile l.jpg

  • Geographical area: 22,489 sq. km.

  • Population: 25 lakh (approximately)

  • Total cropped area: 2.76 lakh hectares

  • Major crops: Paddy, Maize, Wheat and Pulses; Mustard, Soybean, Cotton, Jute and Mesta.

  • Major Fruit crops: Orange, Pine Apple, Banana, Pears, Plums, Peaches, Strawberries.

  • Spices: Ginger, Turmeric and Chilli.

  • Plantation crops: Tea, Cashew nut and Areca nut

  • Agro-climatic zones: 5

Strategy for enhancement of crop production productivity l.jpg
Strategy for Enhancement of Crop Production/Productivity

  • Limited scope for area expansion under foodgrains due to hilly terrain

  • Increase of acreage under HYV & Hybrids

  • Mechanization through power tillers

  • Production & distribution of certified/quality seeds

  • More emphasis on adoption of non-monetary inputs

  • Use of bio-fertilizers and other organic manures to maintain soil health

  • Maximum potentiality on horticulture development

Development of horticulture l.jpg
Development of Horticulture

  • 3 pilot projects for Strawberry, rose and anthurium in C2C mode under Centres of Excellence scheme

  • Model floriculture Centre set up as demonstration plot - 20 floriculture nurseries established in private sector

  • Rose project in 0.5 ha Govt. farm with 2500 cut flowers daily production

  • anthurium project set up with 40,000 plants of exotic new varieties with an aim for area expansion

  • Strawberry project in 1 ha area in deptl. Farm - 123 farmers taken up cultivation

  • Upgradation of 2 fruit processing plants from 85 to 200 MT

Timely availability of inputs for kharif 2006 l.jpg
Timely Availability of Inputs for Kharif 2006

  • Foundation seed of Paddy var. Ranjit - 130 qtls from NSC

  • Certified seeds of Paddy vars. Ranjit (850qtls) & MTU-7029 (50qtls) from own Seed Farm

  • Total certified/quality seeds required (6178 qtls) from NSC ,other State Seed Corporation & own production

  • Cold tolerant rice vars. With yield potential 2-3 MT/Ha. gaining popularity amongst farmers in high altitude region. Seeds procured from registered growers as truthfully labelled seeds

  • Urea requirement for Kharif 2006 = 3800 MT

  • Pesticides requirement for Kharif 2006 = 5.075 MT tech.grade

Initiatives for increasing investment in agriculture l.jpg
Initiatives for Increasing Investment in Agriculture

  • Share capital contribution & investment in agril. institution

  • Investment in Irrigation projects : ongoing projects = 21nos. & new projects = 29 nos.

  • Employment generation through trg. Of educated rural youth on farm-based activities

Promotion of self employment through farm based activities l.jpg
Promotion of Self Employment through Farm-based Activities

  • Twenty educated unemployed youth selected on an experimental basis

  • Youths selected have own/community land for implementation of individual projects after training

  • Trainees assisted with some inputs for starting the projects and encouraged to take financial assistance from financial institutions

  • Focus areas - maximization of profits, project & marketing management, entrepreneurial skills, value addition, financial management , organisation of SHGs & environmental issues

  • Post evaluation showed encouraging results - project replicated in other districts of the State.

Crop diversification l.jpg
Crop Diversification

  • No crop diversification from cereals to non-cereals as State is deficient in foodgrains

  • Diversification from Fibre crops to spring paddy and winter vegetables - marked increase of 31 %

  • Area expansion under TMH

  • State not included under ISOPOM but maize, oilseeds & pulses development taken up from Macro management

Strengthening of agriculture extension network through atma l.jpg
Strengthening of Agriculture Extension network through ATMA

  • Three districts out of seven covered for implementation of Extension Reforms

  • Activities completed -

    - One day State level workshop ( 1 no.)

    - One day district level Orientation workshop ( 3 nos.)

    - Six day training on Strategic Research Extn.Plan (1 no.)

    - Identification of Agro-Ecology situation (AES) & AES team

    - State Agri. Management & Extn. Trg. Institute ( SAMETI )



Strengthening of agriculture extn network through atma contd l.jpg
Strengthening of Agriculture Extn. Network through ATMA ( Contd……)

  • On-going Activities -

    - Collection of primary data from representative villages of AES

    - Preparation of Strategic Research Extn. Plan ( SREP) & State Extension Work Plan (SEWP)

    - Formation & registration of Agriculture Technology management Agency ( ATMA )

Marketing reforms l.jpg
Marketing Reforms Contd……)

  • Meghalaya State Agril. marketing Portal established : web-based online market information system designed & developed with NIC assistance -

  • Draft amendments on APMC Act undertaken & circulated to concerned agencies in the State for incorporation of relevant issues

Insurance coverage for farmers l.jpg
Insurance Coverage for Farmers Contd……)

  • Crops covered for Kharif season Sali paddy, Ahu paddy, potato and ginger

  • Crops and No. of Farmers covered during Kharif 2005 Ahupaddy = 37 nos., Sali paddy = 243 nos. & ginger = 84 nos.

  • Corpus fund contributed by State Govt. = Rs 42 lakhs & Liabilities = Rs 25 lakhs to Agricultural Insuramce Corporation of India ( erstwhile General Insurance Corporation of India )

  • State Scheme to meet relief during natural calamity

Kharif 2006 l.jpg
Kharif Contd……)2006