Ip telephony applications for handhelds
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IP Telephony Applications for Handhelds - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IP Telephony Applications for Handhelds Keith Weiner DiamondWare The hard sell Technogeek on steroids Presentation goals Differentiate from cellular What is IP telephony for PDAs? Why use it? How does it work? Issues: technical and business My predictions for a new model

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Presentation Transcript
Ip telephony applications for handhelds l.jpg

IP Telephony Applications for Handhelds

Keith Weiner


Presentation goals l.jpg
Presentation goals

  • Differentiate from cellular

  • What is IP telephony for PDAs?

  • Why use it?

  • How does it work?

  • Issues: technical and business

  • My predictions for a new model

Pda telephony is not cellular l.jpg
PDA telephony is not cellular

  • Those are cool Devices!

    • Samsung I300, Nokia Communicator, Handspring Treo

  • It’s a cool Application…

    • Combine two functions into 1 device

  • …But different.

Cellular advantages l.jpg
Cellular advantages

  • Nationwide WAN coverage

  • Roaming at 90mph

  • Low capex

    • Free or near-free

  • But no advantage within enterprise space

Cellular cellularness l.jpg
Cellular cellularness

  • Monthly bills

  • High latency

    • “Hello, Over?”

  • Poor voice quality

    • Especially “transcoding” between carriers

  • Doesn’t work well in some buildings

    • Fabs, dense high-rises

But everyone uses it l.jpg
But everyone uses it

  • On the road

  • At lunch

  • In coworkers’ offices

  • Out of habit, even at their own desks!

    • Give out one number: the mobile

  • Mgmt. losing control and predictability

    • PSTN minutes negotiated in bulk

Ip telephony for handhelds l.jpg
IP telephony for handhelds

  • PDA is becoming mission-critical

  • With decent CPU, audio chip, wireless NIC

  • Leverage it with a softphone

  • Inherently cheaper than dedicated phone

    • Cheaper to build and to upgrade

  • More powerful

Pda voip advantages l.jpg
PDA VoIP advantages

  • Same as desktop or laptop, plus mobility

    • Features

      • Address book

      • Recording

      • Presence

    • Better voice quality (wideband)

      • “Your confirmation number is FSBP3TD”

      • Try that on a cell phone

Applications l.jpg

  • Workforce communication in factory floors, warehouses, campuses

  • Walking over to the next office

  • Desktop phone replacement

    • Wired call becomes mobile when you get up

  • Take it with you to Starbucks, airports, hotels and other hotspots

Why wireless pda i l.jpg
Why wireless PDA? I

  • PDA deployment is growing

  • Wireless IP deployment is growing

  • Leverage them

  • Network convergence

    • Wired data

    • Wireless data

    • Voice

Why wireless pda ii l.jpg
Why wireless PDA? II

  • See list of conference attendees

  • Control your availability as seen by others

  • Whiteboard, Text (IM)

    • Often begin with IM, can escalate to voice

  • N-way calling

    • “Line” is never busy

    • Why limit to just 3-way?

Softphone architecture i l.jpg
Softphone architecture I

  • IP connectivity

  • Call control protocol

    • SIP (H.323 if abs. necessary, or even MGCP)

  • Realtime audio transport (i.e. RTP)

  • Audio is broken into packets

Softphone architecture ii l.jpg
Softphone architecture II

  • Microphone capture

  • Process (e.g. echo, AGC, disguise/effects)

  • Compress (e.g. G.711, G.729)

  • Wrap in an RTP header

  • Send to remote host

Softphone architecture iii l.jpg
Softphone architecture III

  • Network receive

  • Decompress

  • Process (e.g. dejitter, echo)

  • Send to audio chip

What does it take l.jpg
What does it take?

  • Real computer (PocketPC, Zaurus, Webpad), with a real audio chip

    • Sorry Palm

  • Headphones

  • Wireless network, typically 802.11b

    • 802.11a gets cheaper (under twice 802.11b)

  • For PSTN calls, IP-PBX gateway

802 11 issues i l.jpg
802.11 issues I

  • Bandwidth Constrained

    • 802.11b has only 11 Mbps

    • 802.11a has 54 Mbps

    • 802.11g has 54 Mbps also, but 2.4GHz

  • QoS

    • Cannot add segments, like w/wired LANs

    • “Sto dow..oading so I .c.. ta..k”

    • No standard yet

802 11 issues ii l.jpg
802.11 issues II

  • Airwave contention

    • NICs hidden from each other

    • RTS/CTS

  • RF Interference

    • 802.11b uses 2.4ghz, not great spectrum

    • 802.11a uses 5ghz, better spectrum

802 11 issues iii l.jpg
802.11 issues III

  • Security

    • “Wired Equivalency Privacy” is a toy

    • “Warchalking”

    • MAC address filtering helps, somewhat

  • Access controllers

    • Built-in authentication

    • Connect to auth server (e.g. RADIUS, LDAP)

    • Painless subnet roaming

Voip issues l.jpg
VoIP issues

  • For IP calls to or from the outside

    • NAT

    • Firewall

    • Proxy

  • Some solutions

    • Outside server (e.g. Ridgeway)

    • UPnP NAT

    • Back-to-back peering agent (e.g. Jasomi)

Pocketpc issues i l.jpg
PocketPC issues I

  • Speaker and mic coupled

    • Headphones req’d

  • Mic-less headphones

    • 50 lashes with a wet noodle

  • Compute-limited for echo cancellation

Pocketpc issues ii l.jpg
PocketPC issues II

  • Limited battery life

    • Powered down when idle

    • But can’t receive calls!

  • Tethered, the PDA is not very valuable

    • Just a small, weak computer

    • Or a very expensive Day Timer

    • Wireless enables it

Other issues l.jpg
Other issues

  • Inside your space, build what you want

    • Not many outside hotspots yet

  • Roaming problem

    • Dynamic routing

    • Mesh Networks

  • Mass acceptance req’d for business model

    • 200 users at airport gate—holy QoS, Batman!

Marketscape l.jpg

  • Existing products

    • Avaya, support for their PBX

    • VTGO, supports Cisco Call Manager

    • SoftJoy Labs, supports H.323 and SIP

    • Telesym, connects to 3rd party PBXs

  • In Development

    • DiamondWare, lowest latency

    • Others

Resistance is futile l.jpg
Resistance is futile!

  • (You will be assimilated)

  • The PDA is/will be mission-critical

  • You will carry it for many reasons

  • Why not use it for the voice function?

  • No worse off than before

  • Within wireless zones, much better

Necessary next steps l.jpg
Necessary next steps

  • Ubiquitous wireless access points

    • Outside the enterprise

  • Answers on the business side

    • 30 free minutes with every cup at Starbucks?

    • By the hour at airports?

    • 1000 minutes/month like cellular?

    • By the day at hotels?

    • Drive Miami to Seattle while on VoIP call?

A new model i l.jpg
A New Model I

A new model ii l.jpg
A New Model II

  • Enhanced voice services?

  • Enhanced web services?

  • Enhanced email services?

  • Enhanced FTP services?

The connectivity model i l.jpg
The Connectivity Model I

  • It’s the pipe, stupid!

The connectivity model ii l.jpg
The Connectivity Model II

  • DNS record for yourdomain.com

    • Optionally, host the website

  • MX record for email

    • Optionally, host the email server

  • SIP server record

    • Optionally, host the SIP server

    • Less file storage than email server

    • Low compute burden

The connectivity model iii l.jpg
The Connectivity Model III

  • Savvy consumers, SOHO

    • If they can do yourdomain.com now

  • Larger enterprises

    • In-house or outsourced, based on

      • Finance objectives

      • Resource management

    • Not “enhanced services”

    • Just database administration

New economic model i l.jpg
New Economic Model I

  • Buy software

    • unlimited use until new version is compelling

  • Rent the wire

    • By the month

  • Rent the wireless

    • By the month

  • More’s Law

New economic model ii l.jpg
New Economic Model II

  • Innovation at the edge

    • Wideband

    • Voice processing

    • 7-way calling

  • Not captive to carrier

    • Multibilliondollar network, 30 yr amort. sched.

  • App development, network provision

    • Different businesses, models

Drivers l.jpg

  • Deregulation

  • SIP

  • Wireless IP

  • Handheld computers

  • Lion batteries

  • VoIP technology

  • GPS

Conclusion l.jpg

  • Take control back of your communications

  • New life/work style

  • Decades-long logjam is breaking up

  • Look forward to rapid innovation

  • Unheard-of features

    • Unheard-of computer wiz kids

  • PDA encourages and leverages it all

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About me