Entreprenuers:  Anna Nguyen, Ameena Khan, David Nickel, Jerry Tsai,                Sabika Abbas,Ton...
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Entreprenuers: Anna Nguyen, Ameena Khan, David Nickel, Jerry Tsai, Sabika Abbas,Tony Abadie, Wajeeha Rasul, Zach Johnson. Mission Statement.

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Mission Statement

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Entreprenuers: Anna Nguyen, Ameena Khan, David Nickel, Jerry Tsai, Sabika Abbas,Tony Abadie, Wajeeha Rasul, Zach Johnson

Mission Statement

We are committed to creating the world's leading nail polish that provides customers a stylish and longer lasting solution that will revolutionize the cosmetic industry.

--Iris Colors


  • Inconvenience of repainting nails

  • Tip wear and shrinkage

  • Time and cost consumption at nail salons

  • 40%of nail polish users experienced cracking within 1 week of painting their nails.*

* Primary Research Survey Results

Our solution at your finger tips

  • Iris colors combines high-quality, stylish nail polish with a self-healing solution.

  • Our self-healing solution is derived from natural substances, it is completely safe.

  • Hassle free, easy to apply

  • Cost and time effective

  • Fast Drying

Style meets technology

  • Fast drying

  • Long lasting colors

  • Easy to apply

  • Natural, fake, acrylic, & gel

Value Adding Strategy

  • We add value to our product by taking what would otherwise be a normal nail polish, and adding several key, natural ingredients.

  • The result is a self healing nail polish that looks better and lasts longer than any other nail polish on the market.

  • Self healing techonology available for natural, fake, acrylic, & gel

Our Distinctive Resources

Aside from the normal "nail polish" mixtures we will use:

  • Chitosan

  • Oxetane

Revenue Generation

  • Sell to premium cosmetic retailers such as MAC, Sephora, or Ulta.

  • Distribute products to major cosmetic distributors throughout the country.

  • Charge premium for our patented self healing technology.

The Value Chain

Iris Quality

  • Self healing technology

  • Longer lasting without compromise

  • Patented idea, eliminating the competition

  • Creates an innovative brand reputation

How much do women spend on nail polish?

  • Survey says…

Survey says…

Market Overview

  • The Nail Care Market in the U.S probes deeply into the fashion industry.

  • Nail centric fashion culture that has transformed women’s nails into fashion accessories

  • Innovative fashion-forward nail care products that empower women to imitate nail salon effects in their own home in a cost-effective way.

Market Trends and Growth

  • Over the whole of 2010, sales rose 15% to $530 million.

  • Nail polish market sales grew 26% in 2012.


Market Entry

  • Entry barrier is high due to large companies such as OPI, Essie, China Glaze, Avon.

  • The largest competitors will compete with one another, and our company will be able to gain market share and a loyal consumer while staying under the radar.

  • Our products will last longer than our competitors with innovative self healing technology.

Start - Operations

Order processing, forecasting, and inventory management

  • Forecasting, order processing, and inventory will be managed by Oracle

  • Orders are processed online and through phone


  • Materials will be purchased from BASF chemical company

  • Chitosan and Oxtetane

  • Bottling and packaging will be outsourced

    Inbound Logistics

  • Raw materials are shipped from BASF Chemicals via truck

  • Real time inventory updates


  • Nail Polish is manufactured and stored on site to ensure quality

  • Stored in large containers until shipping to bottlers

Operations Continued

Outbound Logistics

  • On time delivery to bottlers with order tracking via truck

  • Bottlers will distribute to affiliated retailers

    After Service Sales

  • Inventory Management for retailers

  • Display Setup for retailers

  • Customer Service available via phone and email

    Personnel, facilities, and equipment required

  • Oracle System, hardware for computers

  • Plant that will handle manufacturing, temporary storage, and shipping to bottlers

  • Mixing machinery, Storage Bottles

  • Manufacturing employees, truck drivers, inventory managers, customer service personnel


  • Target Market – High-End cosmetic retailers

  • Market Positioning – Mid-high quality nail polish segment

  • Marketing Strategy and budget - Offer promotions and service to retailers

  • Advertising , promotion, distribution - First shipment and product display is free, Quantity discounts will be offered for high quantity buyers

  • Pricing Strategy and sales forecasts – Pricing will be around $10 to the retailers and 45,000 units are expected to break even

Advertisements will be created in-house by our team of expert artists.


Risk Assessment

Technical Risk

  • Low Risk

    Market Risk

    – High risk due to the number of competitors, possible imitation, and/or retaliation

    Cost Structure

    – Medium risk relative to competitors

    Financial Risk

    – Medium risk is due to high start-up costs and assumptions of sales

    Operations Risk

    – Low Risk

Stop - Competition Matrix

Sales Projection



Funding & Investment Data

  • Initial Investment Needed: $1,142,117

  • ROI: 12.17 times initial investment

  • Profit Margin: 36.52% (at year 5)

  • Payback Period: 2.25 years

  • 1st Profit: 1.5 years

  • Break-even: $675,136 at 67,154 units

Income Statement (5 Year)

Q 1

Q 2

Q 3

Q 4

Investment $

Research Development

Product Production

Road Map


Investment $

Retail Partnerships

Positive Cash Flow


Nail Polish Production


Payback Investors

Earn Expected Revenue

Thank you.

Back-up Slides

Survey Results

What are your most favorite nail polish brands?

Survey Results

How often do you change polish because they are chipped/ looks bad?

Survey Results

How much do you spend on nail polish each month?

Survey Results

  • Would you like to pay a little more for longer lasting nail polish?

Competition Matrix Expanded

Operations Expenses

Income Statement (Expanded)

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