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Presentation package for concepts of fitness wellness 9e
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Presentation Package for Concepts of Fitness & Wellness 9e. Concept 8 Active Aerobics, Sports, and Recreational Activities. Vigorous physical activity, including active aerobics, sports, and recreational activities, promotes health, fitness, and enhanced performance. Online Learning Center.

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Presentation Package for Concepts of Fitness & Wellness 9e

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Presentation package for concepts of fitness wellness 9e

Presentation Package for Concepts of Fitness & Wellness 9e

Concept 8

Active Aerobics, Sports, and Recreational Activities

Vigorous physical activity, including active aerobics, sports, and recreational activities, promotes health, fitness, and enhanced performance.

Presentation overview

Online Learning Center

Presentation Overview

Discussion Activity

  • 3 types of vigorous physical activity

    • Aerobic Activities

    • Sports

    • Recreational Activities

  • Examples

  • Self-management & behavioral skills

Step 2 vigorous aerobic activities

STEP 2Vigorous Aerobic Activities

  • At least 6 METS (6x more intense than resting)

  • Significantly elevate HR

  • Examples

    • Jogging

    • Aerobic Dance

    • Cycling

Aerobic activities

Aerobic Activities

  • Continuous

  • Large muscle groups

  • Rhythmic

  • Low muscle fatigue

Activities can also be classified as continuous or intermittent.

Step 3 vigorous sports recreation

STEP 3 Vigorous Sports & Recreation

  • Continuous or intermittent(see next slide)

  • Sports

    • Basketball

    • Soccer, Hockey

    • Racquetball

  • Recreation

    • Hiking, Skiing

    • Kayaking

    • Rock Climbing

  • Continuous vs intermittent activity

    Continuous vs. Intermittent Activity

    • Continuous aerobic activity

      • + Efficient, convenient

      • - May be boring for some

    • Intermittent aerobic activity

      • + More exciting for some

      • - Requires more time

      • - Increased risk of injury

    Vigorous physical activity

    Vigorous Physical Activity

    Vigorous physical activity provides additional health benefits and can be an enjoyable way to be active for some people.

    More examples

    More Examples…

    • Walking (must be intense enough)

    • Swimming

      • Requires skill

      • Target HRs should be set 5-10 beats lower due to water environment

    • Group Exercise Classes

    • Spinning*

    • More…

    Photo: Creative Commons Flickr

    Vigorous sports activities

    Vigorous Sports Activities

    • Some sports are more active than others

      • Higher intensity when it involves more muscle groups

      • Tennis, soccer, basketball

    • Less intense sports

      • Golf - emphasis is more on skill and technique

    • Any sport can be more or less active depending upon how you play it.

      • Half-court basketball vs. full court

    Characteristics of popular sports

    Characteristics of Popular Sports

    • Lifetime sports

    • Primarily individual

    • Wide levels of ability (handicap system)

    The top participation sports are very different than the top spectator sports.

    Photo: Creative Commons Flickr

    Self management guidelines to improve sport performance

    Self-management guidelines to improve sport performance

    • Concentrate on general skills first; focus on the details later

    • Do not emphasize too many details at one time (paralysis by analysis)

    • When skill is learned, skill analysis of performance may be helpful

    • Early stages, avoid competition

    • Sports skills must be over learned

    • Performance may get worse before it gets better

    • Mental practice may aid in learning

    • Try not to practice in front of other people

    • There is no substitute for good instruction

    Characteristics of popular activities

    Click for Lab 8a Info

    Characteristics of Popular Activities

    • Individual or small groups

    • Self-promotional

    • Little skill needed

    Photo: Creative Commons Google Images

    Self management skills to promote interest in activity

    Self-Management Skills to Promote Interest in Activity

    • Make efforts to improve skills and confidence in activity

    • Choose non-critical and self-promotional activities (e.g., walking)

    • Accept your self and your abilities and reduce level of self-criticism

    Behavioral skills to maintain activity

    Click for Lab 8b Info

    Behavioral Skills to Maintain Activity

    • Self-monitor physical activity to help you stick with your plan

    • Consider combining moderate and vigorous physical activity to meet guidelines (e.g., cross-training)

    Vigorous activity summary

    Vigorous Activity: Summary

    • 3 types of activities at STEP 2 and STEP 3 of the Pyramid

      • Aerobic activities

      • Sports

      • Recreation

    • Continuous or intermittent

    • Find something you enjoy!

    End of presentation

    Supplemental info

    Online Learning Center

    Supplemental Info

    Lab Information

    Discussion Activity

    Lab 8a information the physical activity adherence questionnaire

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    Lab 8a InformationThe Physical Activity Adherence Questionnaire

    • Respond to all of the items regarding the factors that influence your physical activity adherence

    • Determine your scores and ratings for predisposing, enabling, and reinforcing factors

    • Discuss these factors and any you may need to change to increase your prospects for lifetime activity

    Lab 8b information planning and logging participation

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    Lab 8b InformationPlanning and Logging Participation…

    • Use a planning calendar to schedule several aerobic exercise sessions in a given week

      • goal is at least 3, 20 minute bouts a week

    • Keep a log of your actual exercise sessions and tally the number of minutes you spend

    • Discuss logging experiences

    Discussion activity

    Discussion Activity

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    When you hear the phrase “vigorous physical activity,” what activities come to mind?

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