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Outline. Introduction Seeker and Giver Findings and Results Relevance of the Study Related Articles Conclusion. Group 9: Chen, Lo, Ou , Sinco, Sy. Introduction . Ethno-methodological Analysis (Qualitative Research) Rhetorical Methods. WOM Conversation Benefits:

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  • Introduction

  • Seeker and Giver

  • Findings and Results

  • Relevance of the Study

  • Related Articles

  • Conclusion

Group 9: Chen, Lo, Ou, Sinco, Sy


  • Ethno-methodological Analysis (Qualitative Research)

  • Rhetorical Methods

  • WOM Conversation Benefits:

    • As assembled achievements emerging from the collaborative work of participants

Seeker and Giver Definitions



  • The individual who, when contemplating purchase, seeks out information from different acquaintances

  • WOM source

  • Information provider


Baby Center

Facebook Similar to an Online Forum

Findings and Results 5 Components in Online WOM Initiations:

  • Seeker’s Legitimacy

  • Self-categorization theory

    • Personal identity: “This is my first time”

    • Social Identity: “I am a first time mom”

  • Issues sanctioned by the forum

  • Providing compelling descriptions of problems and

  • Showcasing topics in the thread title

  • Topic Legitimacy

Findings and Results 5 Components in Online WOM Initiations:

  • Request Formulation:

  • Full Diagnosis, Problem-only, Solution-only

  • Targeted Solicitation

    • Responders’ past experiences

    • Responders’ profiles and category membership

  • Solicitation of Responders

  • Requested Response Framing

  • Paradigmatic mode: (e.g., pro/cons, quantities, cost)

  • Narrative mode: (e.g., human intentions, actions)

Findings and Results 4 Components of WOM Advice Rhetoric:

  • Foundation of Authority

  • Advice Framing

  • The reason are as follows…

I make sense, okay?

  • Both of my nephews had them, so…

I belong to…

Findings and Results 4 Components of WOM Advice Rhetoric:

  • Advice Focus

    • Self/Recipient’s experience

  • Advice Schemes

    • Argumentation Theory

    • Reputation effect

Quiet, totally portable…

Relevance of the Study

  • WOM conversations = assembled achievements

  • Online WOM - a social act that serves an innately social and communal function

  • Classification of the rhetorical methods used in the construction of WOM talk

  • Increase in viral marketing opportunities.

    • Effective tailoring of consumer responses

Related Articles

“Word of Mouth Communicated Within Online Communities: Conceptualizing the Online Social Network”

  • Researchers investigated online WOM through qualitative interviews followed by a social network analysis of a single community

  • Results: Individuals behave as if websites are primary “actors” and that communities can act as a social proxy for individual identification

  • Support: Self-categorization theory wherein seekers can easily identify themselves as part of a society through online communities

Related Articles

“Uncovering Rhetorical Methods of Word-of-Mouth Talk in an Online Community”

  • Traditional: Information is exchanged in private conversations → treat WOM rhetoric as a black box, relying instead on consumer recall or inferences from aggregated data.

  • Nowadays: Online communities make it possible to unobtrusively observe consumers-to-consumers conversations


  • An Analysis of Word of Mouth Rhetorical Methods in the online Social Media Talk

  • Seeker: WOM seekers organize their messages through the use of online forum or platform

  • Giver: WOM givers have access to a repertoire of advice giving components with corresponding rhetorical methods

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