e 212 enumservice type definition e 212 parameters for the tel uri
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E.212 ENUMService Type Definition E.212 Parameters for the "tel" URI

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E.212 ENUMService Type Definition E.212 Parameters for the "tel" URI - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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E.212 ENUMService Type Definition E.212 Parameters for the "tel" URI. Edward Lewis NeuStar IETF 68 ENUM WG meeting. Back-to-Back Items. draft-lewis-enum-enumservice-e212-00.txt To register "E2U+E212" as enumservice Indicates NAPTR has ITU E.212 infomation

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e 212 enumservice type definition e 212 parameters for the tel uri

E.212 ENUMService Type DefinitionE.212 Parameters for the "tel" URI

Edward Lewis


IETF 68 ENUM WG meeting

[email protected]

back to back items
Back-to-Back Items
  • draft-lewis-enum-enumservice-e212-00.txt
    • To register "E2U+E212" as enumservice
    • Indicates NAPTR has ITU E.212 infomation
  • draft-lewis-enum-teluri-e212-00.txt
    • To define parameters in tel: for E.212

[email protected]

plans for the two
Plans for the two
  • Go over comments received so far, get more while here
  • Edit the documents in the coming week(s) post IETF68
  • Submit again as directed (WG or not)

[email protected]

e 212 for ietf ers
E.212 for IETF\'ers
  • E.212 is an ITU document/standard defining meta-data for a mobile-phone telephone number
    • MCC (Mobile Country Code)
    • MNC (Mobile Network Code)
    • MSIN (Mobile Subscriber Identification #)
    • IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) - the concatenation of the other 3

[email protected]

a diagram
A diagram





MCC - 3 digits

MNC - 2 or 3 digits

MSIN - up to 10 digits

IMSI - up to 15 digits

[email protected]

why ietf documents
Why IETF documents?
  • This is about ENUM
    • Wanting to store the ITU-defined parameters in ENUM
    • This isn\'t so much about E.212, \'cept that that is the "payload"

[email protected]

draft lewis enum enumservice e212 00 txt
  • First, it\'s a -00 individual, happy to make it a WG document
  • Fills in an ENUM service "application"
  • E2U+E212 means the NAPTR RR has a tel: URI (with extensions in the other draft)

[email protected]

comments on that one
Comments on that one
  • Would like a good use case
    • Fair enough, the draft is minimal and am happy to add that. Still in the process of writing it.
  • Is it worth getting a non-SIP ENUM extension defined?
    • Suggestion to use an experimental (x-) but really want a "real" definition

See next slide.

[email protected]

use case
Use case
  • With number porting, can\'t tell the carrier by the number alone
    • Knowing the receiving operator of a call could impact business decisions
      • In Softswitch draft "...interconnection only with trusted carriers"
    • For IM knowing the MCC+MNC can determine the receiving server name

[email protected]

more comments
More comments
  • What about "aux-info:e212"?
    • Although workable, a few reservations
      • We/WG don\'t have other "aux-info\'s" in mind, I don\'t like to generalize from a single case
      • E.212 is subjectively significant enough to stand on its own, and is reliant on an external (ITU) definition
      • Linking in other (unknown) types would likely slow this process

[email protected]

first doc question to wg
First doc question to WG
  • Should this be adopted as WG item?
    • What is missing from the application and supporting document?
  • Sub-note: I couldn\'t find a reliable "how to" to follow when submitting these drafts, so I "undercut" the submission


[email protected]

draft lewis enum teluri e212 00 txt
  • This document defines parameters for the tel: URI to hold the E.212 data
    • In the spirit of RFC 4694, but for different data
  • Four parameters are defined, as per earlier slide (MCC, MNC, MSIN, IMSI)

[email protected]

my goal
My goal
  • I am interested in retrieving the MCC and MNC for a telephone number via ENUM
  • The draft includes MSIN and IMSI parameters for completeness

[email protected]

  • This draft ought to go to IPTEL
    • No response to that yet from me
  • What\'s E.212?
    • Should this draft explain it or just refer to the ITU document (now freely available)?
    • When I prepared the draft, I went for not including an explanation but can be convinced otherwise

[email protected]

more comments1
More comments
  • Need an illustrative use case
    • Working on that, went for brevity in the -00
  • The ABNF is wrong
    • A few pointed this out, you are all right, I\'ll fix that
  • The URI is wrong
    • Sorry - sigh, I wrote the draft on an airplane and it shows ;) (Goes for the ABNF too.)

[email protected]

yet more comments
Yet more comments
  • MCC+MNC xor IMSI?
    • Should the syntax require either both MCC and MNC be present or the IMSI be present?
    • My response is - that\'s the probable use case, but does this have to be encoded in the syntax rules? I prefer to let the syntax be freer than the use

[email protected]

and more comments
And more comments...
  • Isn\'t it unwise to have the IMSI, MSIN, and maybe even the MCC and MNC in a public database?
    • I\'d agree with that, but the drafts are just providing a means to put this in ENUM and not saying that the data would be public
    • Not all DNS servers are on public networks

[email protected]

second doc questions
Second doc questions
  • Should this be an ENUM WG doc or go ask IPTEL WG to adopt this?

[email protected]