What is an empire
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What is an Empire ? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is an Empire ?. A large territory or many different territories or peoples that are under the same authority (leadership). 2 Examples Incan Empire British Empire 1500 1920. Incas Conquerors to Conquered.

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What is an Empire ?

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What is an Empire?

  • Alarge territoryormany different territories or peoples that are under the same authority (leadership).

2 ExamplesIncan Empire British Empire 1500 1920

IncasConquerors to Conquered

1500 -1525

1230 1438 1532 1572

The largest Empire in the

Americas lasted less than 100 years.

In 1438 (54 years before Columbus found the Americas) The Incas were attacked.Modern day Cuzco

One lead warrior won the victory.(Pachacuti)

  • They found out they could fight and

    went after the

    Cuzco Valley.

Cuzco Valley

The same family kept leading until they had “conquered the 4 quarters of the earth”.

(They believed the conquered the whole world.)

The absoluteleader was the Sapa Inca (emperor).

They believed the Sapa Inca as the direct descendant of the sun god Inti.

Descendent: people who have the same blood line as the ancestor. The Sapa Inca believed he was immortal.

Their belief system:

  • They prayed to gods and to their dead ancestors.

  • They mummified the leaders so they could come to ceremonies later


    They even prepared a meal

    For the dead ancestor!

They believed that their dead rulers still had power to keep the empire strong.

  • http://videos.howstuffworks.com/hsw/10715-peru-incan-mummification-rituals-video.htm

The meeting of 2 different mindsets:

  • A-ta-hual- pa Pizarro

    Sapa Inca Spanish Conquistador

    Believed he was immortal. (fortune hunter)

A few over many:

  • 106 foot-soldiers

    and 62 horsemen

    Vs. 30,000

    available warriors.

  • How could it happen?

The Setting 1528 – The Incan emperor died from smallpox (1) which was brought by the Spanish. His death sets off a civil war between his sons. Atahualpa won but the empire was weakened (2).

Christopher Columbus had arrived in the Americas and saw rings of gold in the native people’s noses.

The news made other fortune hunters(explorers)come to the Americas to look for gold and jewels (3).

The Incas had never seen white skinned men or horses. They thought they could be gods (4).

So Atahualpa agreed to meet withPizarro at Cajamarca.They tried to convert him to Christianity.

He said he would fill the room with gold and silver if they would let him go.

Gold was brought from all over the empire until the room was filled.

  • Of course they couldn’t let him live so he was strangled to death.

  • Garrot

The last Incan Emperor was killed in 1572.

  • (The conquest took about 40 years.)

  • It is estimated that 93% of the population dies from disease during that 40 year period.

  • Measles Smallpox

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