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第 3 版 Mini-world 万花筒 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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第 3 版 Mini-world 万花筒. 瞧,寄居蟹正背着自己漂亮的“房子”在炫耀呢!. Hermit Crabs. Can you carry your house on your back? Of course not! But a hermit crab can.

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第 3 版 Mini-world 万花筒

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Hermit Crabs

Can you carry your house on your back? Of course not! But a hermit crab can.

A hermit crab lives in an old shell. It carries the shell on its back. Why? Because the abdomen of a hermit crab is very soft. Living in a hard shell can protect the tender part of its body.

First, a hermit crab looks for an empty shell that is just the right size. Then it moves in! When it outgrows its shell, what does it do? The same thing people do! It looks for a bigger new house and moves once again. Sometimes, some hermit crabs will even compete for shells that are already in use by another hermit crab!

Have a Nice Year

The calendar shows year, month, date, day, hour and secondthe time movement of a yearin the one page

Word Bank

carry /'k7rI/ v.

abdomen /'7bd=m=n/ n.

just /d32st/ adv.

outgrow /;aUt'Gr=U/ v.

even /'i:vn/ adv.

already /6:l'redI/ adv.

calendar /'k7lInd=/ n.

hour /'aU=/ n.

hermit crab

protect the tender part of the body

once again

compete for

time movement


Super Classroom

Yuanxiao ABC

enjoy beautiful lanterns

eat glutinous rice balls/yuanxiao

watch lion/dragon dances /

guess lantern riddles

play couplets game

watch fireworks show

The Yuanxiao Festival

The 15th day of the first lunar month is the Chinese Lantern Festival. It is called Yuanxiao, too, and it falls on February 14 this year.

There are many stories about the origin of Yuanxiao. One of them tells about a young woman who lives in the emperors palace. The young woman wanted to see her family during the

New Year celebrations, but that was

not allowed. So she came up with

a clever plan.

She told the emperor that the God of Fire wanted to burn down the city. Make the city look like it is already on fire, then the God of Fire will go away, she said.

Hearing that, the emperor asked people to light lanterns and set off firecrackers in the city. And the young woman got away to have

a happy reunion with her family!

More about Yuanxiao

In Chinese, Yuan means first, while Xiao refers to night. Yuanxiao is the first time we see the full moon after New Years Day.

New Years Day is the end of winter and the beginning of spring, while Yuanxiao marks the return of the light and warmth of the sun.

People make lanterns and hang them outside their house to keep off evil spirits.

Ancient Chinese women went across bridges at Yuanxiao. They believed this would help them stay healthy in the next year.

1. The 15th day of the first lunar month is the

Mid-Autumn Festival. ( )

2. The emperor asked people to light lanterns and

off firecrackers. ( )

3. In Chinese, Yuan means round, while Xiao

refers to night. ( )

4. People make lanterns and hang them outside

their house for fun. ( )





Word Bank

lantern /'l7nt=n/ n.

origin /'^rId3In/ n.

emperor /'emp=r=/ n.

palace /'p7lIs/ n.

allow /=laU/ v. , be allowed

plan /pl7n/ n.

already /6:l'redI/ adv.

reunion /ri:'ju:nj=n/ n.

more /m6:/ pron.

mean /mi:n/ v.

while /waIl/ conj.


ancient /'eI5=nt/ adj.

Yuanxiao/the Yuanxiao Festival/the Lantern Festival

the 15th day of the first lunar month

during the New Year celebrations

come up with

the God of Fire

burn down the city

set off ()

refer to

the end/beginning of ... /

mark the return of the light and warmth of the sun

hang sth. outside ...

keep off evil spirits

stay healthy



My Hobby

Jimmy: I like sports. I enjoy playing football and

basketball every weekend.

Cindy: I really go for music. Im learning to play

the piano now.

Tom: Collecting stamps is my favourite thing to do.

Sophie: I like watching cartoons. And I find great

pleasure in drawing cartoons.

Kevin: I have a passion for movies. Ive watched a

lot of movies.

Lucy: Im really fond of travelling. I want to travel

around the world some day.

Doctor Foster

Doctor Foster went to Gloucester

In a shower of rain.

He stepped in a puddle,

Right up to his middle,

And never went there again.

That cant be.

Thats impossible.

Henry: Larry failed () in the

final exam ().

Mary: That cant be! Hes such

a good student.

Word Bank

collect /k='lekt/ v.

cartoon /k1:'tu:n/ n.

passion /'p75n/ n.

movie /'mu:vI/ n.(=film)

travel /'tr7vl/ v.

step /step/ v.

puddle /'p2dl/ n.()

middle /'mIdl/ n.()

go for

be fond of

travel around the world

some day ()

a shower of rain

right up to ...


Story Zone

Word Bank

square /skwe=/ n. square

Strega Nona (I)

A long time ago, in a town in Calabria, there lived an old lady. People called her Strega Nonait meant Grandma Witch.

When people had troubles, they all went to see Strega Nona, because she really had magic. But Strega Nona was getting old, and she needed someone to keep her little house and garden. So she put up a sign in the town square. And Big Anthony went to see her.

Anthony, said Strega Nona. You must sweep the house and pick the vegetables in the garden. But you must never touch my pasta pot. It is very valuable and I dont let anyone touch it!

Oh, yes, said Big Anthony.

Word Bank

mean /mi:n/ v. meantmean

witch /wIt5/n.

trouble /'tr2bl/ n.

magic /m7d3Ik/ n.

pasta /'p7st=/ n.

pot /p^t/ n.

valuable /'v7ljU=bl/ adj.

a long time ago

put up

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