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Geo-tagging. Henry Forbes. Geo-tagging. What is it? An electric tag that assigns a geographical location to a photograph or video, a posting on a social media website etc. Geo-tagging. Geo-Tagging.

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Geo tagging


Henry Forbes

Geo tagging1


  • What is it?

    • An electric tag that assigns a geographical location to a photograph or video, a posting on a social media website etc.

Geo tagging2


Geo tagging3


  • 2013 30% of adults using social networks have their accounts set up to include location in their posts. In 2011 it was only 14%.

  • Among kids 18 and under 46% have location disabled

Geo tagging4



Geo tagging5


  • If and when do you geo-tag?

  • What cites do you use?

Most popular

Most popular

Geo tagging6


  • Reasons to geo-tag?

Geo tagging7


  • According to Caroline Giegerich the 5 main reasons people geo-tag and use location based social media cites are:

    • Serendipity

    • Game dynamics

    • Personal diary

    • Sharing experience

    • Deals

Game dynamics

Game Dynamics

  • Rankings, awards, points, and prizes

  • Mapquest Vibe: create “vibe score” based on popularity, walkability, going out, edginess, shopping, “residentiaitly”, and “burbiness”.

  • Make it competitive

  • Proven

  • Sustainable?

Personal diary

Personal Diary

  • Being able to look back on places and times in your life.

  • Capture all the places we have been in our life, because chances are we won’t remember them all.

Geo tagging8


  • Reasons not to geo-tag?

Geo tagging9



Geo tagging10



    • Location is pretty personal, and in the hands of the wrong people can be very dangerous.

Geo tagging11


  • Potential problems with giving out location:

    • People know when you are home/not home

    • People can look at the patterns in which you travel, making them likely to know where you will be before you are even there

Geo tagging12


  • Potential ways to make geo-tagging safer

    • Don’t do it

    • Flickr has created new “geofences” that allow you to create a circle that determines who can see your post

    • Make sure your friends are your friends

Geo tagging13


Where is geo tagging headed

Where is geo-tagging headed?

  • Harvard is now offering foursquare to prospective students.

  • Shopkick


Impact on society culture

Impact on society/culture?

  • Lost without posting location?

  • Consumer behavior?

  • Travel?

  • Privacy?



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