Unified land development code update 2012
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Unified Land Development Code Update 2012. September 11, 2012 Continuation of First Public Hearing . Process for Updating the ULDC. Board workshops to discuss working drafts Workshops with community organizations or citizens as requested

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Unified Land Development Code Update 2012

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Unified Land Development CodeUpdate 2012

September 11, 2012

Continuation of

First Public Hearing

Process for Updating the ULDC

  • Board workshops to discuss working drafts

  • Workshops with community organizations or citizens as requested

    • Met with Builders Association, Grow Gainesville, Rural Concerns, Affordable Housing Advisory Committee

  • First Public Hearing conducted June 26, 2012

    • Chapters 400 through 407, Article 3, Signs

Continuation of First Public Hearing

  • Complete Chapter 407 and receive Board direction

  • Present Chapters 408-410 and receive Board direction

  • Present changes made to Chapters 400-407 per Board direction from June 26

Chapter 407 Article 4 Landscaping

Section 407.46 Required Irrigation

  • Changed irrigation requirements to only apply to required landscaping and only require a temporary irrigation system.

  • Require irrigation plans to be submitted with the landscaping plans only where permanent irrigation is proposed.

  • Require use of reclaimed water where available.

  • Require trees to have individual low flow or micro-irrigation supplies and for the irrigation to be discontinued once the trees or other plant materials are established.

Chapter 407 Article 4 Landscaping

  • Table 407.50.1 Appropriate Tree Plantings

    • Reduced all the 20 foot minimum tree planting areas to 12 feet

Chapter 407 Article 5 Open Space

  • Section 407.54 (c) TNDs, TODs, and Mixed-Use Developments

    • Deleted Quality Mixed-Use Developments

    • Combined regulations for open space for TNDs, TODs and Mixed Use Developments into one place.

  • Section 407.55 Designation of Open Space

    • Added the word “primary” to modify open space that shall be connected with other open space when protection of the resources can be maintained

    • Deleted the word contiguous

Chapter 407 Article 6 and Article 7

  • Article 6 Performance Standards – no changes

    • Fumes, glare, noise, Industrial standards

  • Article 7 TND and TOD

    • Major change in this article was to move language to Article 4 Landscaping and Article 5 Open Space to consolidate regulations for all developments

Chapter 407Article 8 - Subdivision Regulations

  • Section 407.73(f)1 Clarified language concerning parent tracts that are divided once without having to comply with the subdivision regulations.

  • Section 407.73(i) Deleted section on changes to plat by variance – not allowed (new since 1st hearing)

  • Section 407.75 Family Homestead Subdivisions

    • Expanded this section to include family subdivisions that do not need the density exception granted by a family homestead certificate

Chapter 407 Article 8 Subdivision Regulations

  • Section 407.77(b)1.a.viii. Added common renewable energy systems to the list of permitted uses in open space areas for Rural/Agriculture Clustered Subdivisions.

  • Section 407.83 Plat Document Requirements

    • added amount of the required surety and acceptable documentation

  • Section 407.86(c)2. a.

    • Clarified language for which documents are required to be submitted when an applicant is requesting the County to take over the maintenance of a facility

Chapter 407 Article 9 Stormwater Management and Article 10 Building Design

  • Article 9 Stormwater Management

    • No major changes – some clarifications

    • Section 407.97 (c) -Added ‘stormwater-related’ to requirement for submittal of electronic CAD files (new since 1st hearing)

  • Article 10 Building Design

    • No changes

Ch. 407 Article 11 Potable Water, Wastewater and Reclaimed Water Service

  • Section 407.109

    • DRC may authorize for exception for connection to centralized water and sewer for certain non-residential uses and for new residential uses designated Estate Residential in the Comprehensive Plan.

    • This clarification is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.

  • Section 407.109(d) Granting of Exceptions

    • Deleted requirement to install dry lines

    • Added requirements to use low-flow plumbing fixtures and use the St. John’s River Water Management District’s Water Star standards.

Ch. 407 Article 11 Potable Water, Wastewater and Reclaimed Water Service

  • Section 407.116.5 Reclaimed Water Supply

    • Added requirement that all new developments within GRU’s reclaimed water service area shall provide reclaimed water to areas to be irrigated within the development

      • Purpose is to encourage water conservation and require the use of the lowest acceptable quality source of water for landscape irrigation (reclaimed water)

Chapter 407 Article 12 Concurrency Mgt

  • Section 407.118 (d) 5

    • Added list of types of residential development that are exempt from concurrency requirements for public school facilities

Chapter 407 Article 13 Access Management

  • Section 407.133 Required Information

    • Clarified information required for all driveway connection permits

  • Section 407.136 Other Access Management Considerations

    • Added requirement that all left-turn storage lanes, at a minimum must include the addition of paved shoulders and a full-width asphalt overlay

Chapter 407Article 13 Access Management

  • Section 407.141 Minimum Design and Construction Standards for Streets and Drainage Systems

    • added more roadway classifications to provide more variability in required pavement thickness

  • Section 407.141(g) Drainage Systems

    • 6. Roadside Swales

      • Added new requirements for open drainage systems (roadside swales)

  • Section 407.141 (i) Intersection Design

    • 4. Roundabouts and 5. Signal

      • Added language for roundabouts and when a signal is proposed to provide standards for current practice

Article 14 Outdoor Lighting

  • New section. Moved all existing language for lighting into this article.

  • Added new section on athletic field lighting that would now apply to any athletic field not just fields associated with educational facilities.

Chapter 408 Nonconformities

  • Section 408.14 Discontinuance of Nonconforming Uses of Land

    • Nonconforming open uses of land (junkyards, kennels, commercial animal raising, etc.) must be discontinued within 18 months of notice by the County unless granted an extension by County Commission

      • Added provision for the County Commission to grant a longer time frame to come into compliance based on certain criteria:

        • No impact to public health, safety and welfare

        • Substantial obligations incurred on behalf of the property owner that would take longer to amortize.

        • Provisions made to reduce noise, odor, glare

Chapter 408 Nonconformities

  • Section 408.21(a) 1.a. deleted language requiring a signs to conform to current code including illumination standards when changing use of a property

Chapter 410 Definitions

  • New definitions

    • Agritourism activities

    • Child care center

    • Development Plan, minor

    • Dwelling, multi-family

    • Ecotourism activities

    • Education facility, college/university

    • Green roof

    • Industry, heavy

    • Internet Center

    • Irrigation, low volume

    • Irrigation, high volume

    • Irrigation, micro

    • Rapid infiltration basins (RIBs)

    • Residential recreational camp

Chapter 410 Definitions

New Definitions:

  • Irrigation, low volume

  • Irrigation, high volume

  • Irrigation, micro

  • Rapid infiltration basins (RIBs)

  • Residential recreational camp

  • Sign, portico or entry

  • Sign, Wayfinding

  • Simulated Gambling Establishment

  • Simulated Gambling Device

Chapter 410 Definitions

New Definitions:

  • Sign, portico or entry

  • Sign, Wayfinding

  • Simulated Gambling Establishment

  • Simulated Gambling Device

  • Substantial improvement

  • Survey- boundary and

  • Survey-topographic

  • University

  • Use, principal

  • Value-added good

Chapter 410 Definitions

Amended Definitions:

  • Advanced Waste Treatment

  • Education facility, private

  • Education facility, public

  • Cocktail lounge, bar, tavern or nightclub

  • High aquifer recharge areas

  • Industry, light

  • Low Impact Development

  • Nursing Home facility

  • Small-scale comprehensive plan amendment

Changes from First Public Hearing

Board Direction on Chapters 400 through 407-Article 3 received on June 26

Chapter 401- Development Review Bodies

  • Section 401.20 – Development Review Departments Powers and Duties

    • (a)2 – Development Review Committee: added ‘activities that propose significant adverse impact to regulated natural and historic resources’

    • (c)1 – Decisions of Environmental Protection Department: added ‘minimal impact activities’ to clarify EPD can authorize minimal impacts adjacent to wetlands

    • Other wetland impacts still BOCC review

Chapter 402 – Development Application Review Procedures

  • Section 402.05 – Development Application Forms – corrected reference citation

  • Table 402.44.1 – Development Thresholds

    • Institutional/Place of Worship/Civic Organization moved to its own line on table with 25,000 SF threshold

    • Added recreation to 25,000 threshold

      • Would include golf courses

Chapter 402 – Development Application Review Procedures

  • Section 402.44 – Development Plan Review

    • Added sentence explaining expansions to existing development subject to thresholds in Table 402.44.1

  • Section 402.115.5 – Voluntary Termination of Special Exceptions

    • Minor edits to match language for termination of Special Use Permits

  • Section 402.154 – Signage for Temporary Use Permits

    • Allows any number of signs with maximum size of 16 SF each

Chapter 404 – Use Chapter

  • Article 2 – Use Table

    • Changed child care centers from A (accessory use) to SE (special exception) in Agriculture and low density residential districts

    • Changed golf courses from SE to L (limited use) in Agriculture district and added as limited use to low density residential districts (excluding R-1c)

Chapter 404 – Changes

  • Section 404.11- Produce Stands

    • Revised (a) to allow only as accessory to a working farm - no longer prohibits sale of products grown offsite

    • Deleted second sentence from (d) relating to Florida Building Code

  • Section 404.13 – Poultry and Livestock on Less than Five Acres

    • Added new section (c) allowing one Vietnamese pot-bellied pig per half-acre in A, A-RB, RE, RE-1 and residential lots in Rural Clusters

    • Some reformatting

Chapter 404 Changes

  • §404.34(c)3 – Private Educational Facilities & 404.42(f) – Civic Organizations & Places of Worship

    • Changed setback for athletic fields from 50’ to 100’

    • Added requirement that facilities with lighting or audio systems must be approved as part of a special use permit

  • §404.62(e) & 404.63(h) – General & Rural Home Based Businesses

    • Added new subsections to reference signage allowed in Chapter 407

Chapter 404 Changes

  • §404.66.5 – Golf Courses

    • Research

      • Contacted several course designers and related professionals

      • American Society of Golf Course Architects – voluntary Environmental Principles very similar to new standards proposed in ULDC

    • Proposed Changes

      • Deleted paragraph (a) with square footage limitation

      • Deleted item 5 in paragraph (b) encouraging use of pervious trails

Chapter 404 Changes

  • §404.89.5 – Materials Recovery, Recycling and Composting Facilities

    • Added to provide standards for special exception review of these types of facilities

  • §404.108 – Docks

    • Deleted (b) – removal of regulated trees and related reference in (e)

    • Amended (c) to meet state statutes prohibiting requirement of state or federal permits as a condition of approval

      • Still required prior to commencement of construction

  • §404.111 – Residential Recreation Camp

    • Allowance in (e) to exceed 200’ setbacks if allowed by special exception

Chapter 405 – Special Districts and Activity Centers

  • §405.19 – Environmental Resources (Article 5 Idylwild/Serenola Special Area Study)

    • Clarification in (a)5 regarding violations of regulated significant upland habitat

Chapter 406 –Natural & Historic Resources

  • §406.12 - Permitting (Article 2 Trees and Natural Vegetation)

    • Amended language in (a)4 to allow up to 400 SF of canopy on private lots to count toward 30% canopy requirement

    • Clarified that language in (e) about emergency tree removal only applies to public entities such as utilities

  • §406.90 – Protection Strategies (Article 15 Significant Geologic Features

    • Amended (e)1.b concerning disturbances to buffers

Chapter 406 Changes

  • § 406.110 – When Required (Article 19 Management Plans)

    • Changed minimum acreage for requiring a management plan from four acres to five acres

  • 406.115 – Corrective Action for Unauthorized Impacts (Article 20 Avoidance, Minimization, Mitigation and Monitoring)

    • Deleted language from (b) “if damage is irreparable”

Chapter 407 - General Development Standards

  • Article 3, Signs

    • §407.28 (a) 16 – changed 30 minute time limit to 5 minutes for changeable copy

    • §407.29 – Exemptions

      • Added (a)10 to exempt signs internal to a development no larger than 24 SF and 4’ tall

      • Amended (b)5 to include “if not exempted from 407.29(a)

        • Allows larger signs not meeting blanket exemption to still proceed without a permit while maintaining a limit on maximum size

Chapter 407 - General Development Standards

Article 3, Signs

  • §407.31(f) – Signs Allowed in Any Zoning District

    • Deleted prohibition of internal illumination for wayfindingsigns

  • §407.32 – Signs for Residential Development

    • Deleted Table 407.32.1 and put information into text

    • Changed maximum size of permanent building signs to 2 SF for single family residences

      • Home based business only commercial message allowed

Chapter 407 - General Development Standards

  • Article 3, Signs

    • §407.34 – Signs Allowed for Nonresidential Development

      • Changed (d)1.a.iii to now allow any type of illumination for signs

      • Deleted standard in (b)2.d.v for 4” letters on sidewalk signs

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