Real time vs non real time
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Real Time vs. Non-Real Time - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Real Time vs. Non-Real Time. Dave Musson Jessica Speir Joe Zeles Tyler Brown. Summary. Original Subject and New Subject Real Time Software Non-Real Time Software Software that Contains Both Conclusion. Original Subject. What Motivates People to Act? Intrinsic Extrinsic

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Presentation Transcript
Real time vs non real time

Real Time vs. Non-Real Time

Dave Musson

Jessica Speir

Joe Zeles

Tyler Brown


  • Original Subject and New Subject

  • Real Time Software

  • Non-Real Time Software

  • Software that Contains Both

  • Conclusion

Original subject
Original Subject

  • What Motivates People to Act?

    • Intrinsic

    • Extrinsic

    • Overjustification Effect [Greene, Sternberg and Lepper (1976)]

    • Why the Topic was Chosen

    • Interesting and Complex

Narrowed topic
Narrowed Topic

  • Differences in Motivation Between Real Time Software and Non-Real Time Software?

  • Why Did We Change?

Real time software
Real Time Software

  • What is it?

    • Teleconferencing

    • Videoconferencing

    • Gaming

    • EDC Board

Real time software1
Real Time Software

  • Motivation for using it

    • Instant Response

    • Accountability

    • Feel Like Part of the Group

    • Anonymity

      • Less in Small Groups

      • More in Large Groups (if Supported)

Real time software2
Real Time Software

  • De-motivational Factors

    • No Complete Anonymity

      • What Applications Support This

        • Are They True Real Time Systems?

    • No Ability to Multi-Task

    • Some Systems Have High Performance Needs

    • Accountability (also motivating)

Non real time software
Non-Real Time Software

  • What is it?

    • Myspace

    • Email

    • Forums

    • Wikis

Non real time software1
Non-Real Time Software

  • Motivation for Using it

    • Respond “When You Want To”

      • What Other Applications or Products Take This To Their Advantage?

      • What Applications Should?

      • Do These Applications Contribute To the Flattening of the World?

Non real time software2
Non-Real Time Software

  • Motivation for using it (Cont.)

    • Can Support Complete Anonymity

      • Anybody Use Applications With Complete Anonymity?

      • Why Do You Like Anonymity?

      • Why Do You Dislike It?

    • Allows for a Much Larger User Group

Non real time software3
Non-Real Time Software

  • De-motivational Factors

    • Can’t Get an Immediate Response

    • Anonymity

    • No Accountability

Non real time software4
Non-Real Time Software

  • Wikipedia

    • Counting Edits (study by Jim Wales)

      • 50% of the Edits are Done By 0.7% of the User Population

    • Counting Content (i.e. – Number of Characters)

      • Statistics are Reversed

      • Most of the Content is By Users Who Make Only a Few Edits

      • People Who Make Tons of Edits Usually Move Text Around, Fix Syntax, etc…

      • Future Study Will Be Based Off Content, Not Edits


Non real time software5
Non-Real Time Software

  • Wikipedia (Cont.)

    • Most Content is Provided by People That Know of the Topic in Depth

    • Symmetry of Ignorance and Fish Scale Model

    • Wikipedia Relies on the Large Number of Users to Provide Content

Non real time software6
Non-Real Time Software

  • Why Don’t You Contribute To Wikipedia?

Non real time software7
Non-Real Time Software

  • Why People Do Not Contribute

    • Do Not Have Any Information to Contribute or Assume They Do Not

    • Feel That a Small Contribution Will Not Help

    • They are Not Generous

    • Social Loafing No Responsibility

Non real time software8
Non-Real Time Software

  • Social Loafing



Conclusions of real time
Conclusions of Real Time

  • Real Time Systems

    • Motivating Factors

      • No Social Loafing

      • Instant Response

      • Good for Small Groups

    • De-Motivating Factors

      • Accountability (can lead to shyness)

      • Must Be Available (hard to do with large groups)

    • System Requirements

      • Must Be Reliable and Usually High Performance

Conclusions of non real time
Conclusions of Non-Real Time

  • Non-Real Time Systems

    • Motivating Factors

      • Participate When you Want

      • Anonymity

      • Good for Large Groups (often requires large groups)

    • De-Motivating Factors

      • Social Loafing

    • System Requirements

    • Requires Large User Base

    • Doesn’t Need to be as Reliable

    • Not Necessarily Motivating for Participants

Combination software
Combination Software

  • Instant Messaging

    • Great for One on One (still anonymous?)

    • Receive Real Time Interaction When All Parties are Able To

    • Can Participate When You Want

    • Able to Connect Many to Many (what advantage do we lose?)

    • Doesn’t Support Storing the Same Way Forums and Wikis Do

Combination software1
Combination Software

  • Group Scribbles

    • Has Some Properties of “When you Want”

    • More Graphical Representation Than IM

    • One on One or Many on Many?

    • Stores Current State

    • Doesn’t Store Chain of Events


  • Software We Didn’t Mention?

  • Advantages or Disadvantages That Weren’t Brought Up?

  • Personal Experiences?