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BitstreamFormat Renovation:

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DSpace Gets Real Technical Metadata. BitstreamFormat Renovation:. BitstreamFormat Renovation Prototype. Benefits (Why Should I Care?) ‏. The new format identifier corrected or fixed unidentified data formats of 858 Bitstreams in [email protected] How many are mis-identified in your repository?

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benefits why should i care

BitstreamFormat Renovation Prototype

Benefits (Why Should I Care?)‏
  • The new format identifier corrected or fixed unidentified data formats of 858 Bitstreams in [email protected] How many are mis-identified in your repository?
  • Accurate MIME-types improve delivery to Web clients
  • Quality preservation requires accurate data format knowledge
  • Interoperability with internal and external tools relies on correct technical metadata in commonly-recognized standards
  • Without automated tools, maintenance of format technical metadata is a tedious manual job for repository managers
data formats

BitstreamFormat Renovation Prototype

Data Formats

A “Data Format” is defined as:

Technical Metadata that describes how abstract information is encoded and structured in a digital document.

“Abstract Information” refers to the actual intellectual content contained in the digital object.

problems with current format technical metadata

BitstreamFormat Renovation Prototype

Problems with Current Format Technical Metadata
  • Formats are identified with arbitrary names; that hinders interoperability
  • No means to collect additional format technical metadata, e.g. format specification documents.
  • Identifying formats only by filename extension is imprecise and unreliable
  • Current internal format model is inflexible

BitstreamFormat Renovation Prototype

  • Format Registry
    • PRONOM
    • GDFR
  • Identification Plugins
    • DROID
    • JHOVE
  • Interoperable Format Identifiers
    • MIME Type
    • PUID (PRONOM Unique IDentifier)‏

BitstreamFormat Renovation Prototype

Identification of Two BitstreamFormat Types


BitstreamFormat Renovation Prototype

The Local “DSpace” and Provisional Registries

interface to external registries

BitstreamFormat Renovation Prototype

Interface to External Registries
  • Get Synonyms
    • Returns a list of identifiers that are bound to the same format record
  • Import
    • Turns an external format description into a new BitstreamFormat entry, initializing its metadata fields from the external registry
  • Update
    • Refresh the metadata fields of a BitstreamFormat to keep up with changes
  • ConformsTo
    • Tests whether the format described by one identifier “conforms to” or is a sub-type of another format
digital preservation strategies

BitstreamFormat Renovation Prototype

Digital Preservation Strategies
  • Pluggable architecture allows for access to external identification and technical metadata tools
  • Access and preservation rely on accurate format identification
  • Migration / Obsolescence tools are only effective with correct and precise identification, because format versions matter
  • The creation of derivatives (i.e. thumbnails or delivery versions) via MediaFilter will also rely on accurate identification
interoperability benefits

BitstreamFormat Renovation Prototype

Interoperability Benefits
  • Avoids platform lock-in
  • Reliable delivery functionality
  • Consistent object description semantics (ORE)‏
  • Interoperability with digital preservation services
quantitative results

BitstreamFormat Renovation Prototype

Quantitative Results
  • Before:
    • 1,020 Unidentified (0.65%)‏
  • After:
    • 162 Unidentified (0.104%)‏

[email protected]

(155,000 Bitstreams)‏

related links

BitstreamFormat Renovation Prototype

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  • http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/PRONOM/
  • http://droid.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Introduction
  • https://collaborate.oclc.org/wiki/gdfr/about.html
  • http://www.loc.gov/standards/premis/
  • http://pilot.apsr.edu.au/wiki/index.php/AONS_II
  • http://www.ijdc.net/ijdc/article/view/53/
  • http://hul.harvard.edu/jhove/
  • http://web.mit.edu/sands/www/bfr