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GCOS Implementation Project Manager’s Report Richard K. Thigpen GCOS Secretariat Geneva, Switzerland. Primary Activities. Direct GUAN and GSN Station Renovation Technical Support Projects CBS Lead Centers for GCOS Training Workshops Some Metrics. GUAN Revitalization Activities.

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Implementation Project Manager’s Report

Richard K. Thigpen

GCOS Secretariat

Geneva, Switzerland

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Primary Activities

Direct GUAN and GSN Station Renovation

Technical Support Projects

CBS Lead Centers for GCOS

Training Workshops

Some Metrics

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GUAN Revitalization Activities

Equipment Replacement

Hydrogen Generators and Upper Air Systems

Gan, Maldives Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Windhoek, Namibia Harare, Zimbabwe

Yerevan, Armenia Penrhyn, Cook Islands

Douala, Cameroon Antananarivo, Madagascar

Dakar, Senegal Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Nairobi, Kenya Bauerfield, Vanuatu

Honiara, Solomon Islands Laoag, Philippines

Galapagos, Ecuador Lima, Peru

Niamey, Niger Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire

Seychelles Mauritius

Radiosondes and Balloons To Many

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Current GUAN Revitalization Activities

Hydrogen Generators to:

Mahe, Seychelles

Niamey, Niger

Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire

Generators Still a problem

Radiosondes to:


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What is Next For GUAN?


Roratonga Generator

Plans include (Maybe):

Luanda, Angola

Khartoum, Sudan

Kananga, DRC

Nampula, Mozambique

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Current and Next for GSN?


Madagascar (11 Stations)

Zambia (Comms)

Aragats High Mountain, Armenia

Chisinau, Moldova

Tbilisi, Georgia

High Performance Wind System for Bjelasnica

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GCOS Technical Support Projects

Current Projects

Pacific Islands (New Zealand Met Service US Bi lateral)

Americas (Private Company)

Southern Africa (Competition Soon)

Visit Each GUAN Station 2 Times per Year

Visit as Many GSN as Possible

Monitor reports from all Stations

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Technical Support Projects

Site Visits:

Better Meta Data

Including Photos Around Sensor Suite

Actual Location of Many are Wrong

Many are no Longer Good Sites

Calibration and Training

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Three So Far

Next Planned for Fiji in 2009 ?

In Coordination with WCP/WWW/BOM

Includes WWW Handbook on CLIMAT

(TD 1188)

Includes Set up and Use of CLIREP

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Upper Air Workshop

Workshop Held in October in Windhoek

All GUAN in Africa

Coordination with WWW

Funded by GCOS (KNMI)

Team from UKMO Lead by John Nash

In English and French

Five Vendors Participated

Included Generator Support and Safety

Next in India February 2009

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CBS Lead Centers for GCOS

Direct Contact with Countries

Distributed around the World

Bridge Cultural/Language Problems

Encouraged to Contact All Countries

Monitor Operation

Resolve Problems

Request Historical Data

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CBS Lead Centers for GCOS

Australia Kevin Smith

Chile Jorge Carrasco

Germany Tobias Fuchs

(With Udo Schneider)

Iran Mina Jabbari

Morocco Rachid Sebbari

Japan Hidehiko Isobe

Mozambique Domingos Mosquito Patricio

US Matt Menne

(Assisted by Larry Nicodemus & Greg Hammer)

UK Jonathan Shanklin

(British Antarctic Survey)

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CBS Lead Centers

Need to Meet Bi Annually

Impact on Budget

Expand to include all of RBCN

Reports to AOPC and CBS Annually

Meta Data

Leadership/Guidance from Who?

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Some Metrics

Historical Data from 30 Countries into Archive

Most GUAN Stations Work!

October 2007 All African GUAN Reported!

Monitoring Center at DWD/JMA Report Records for CLIMAT Receipt

Fixed GTS Problem Resulted in >200 CLIMAT at JMA

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GCOS Cooperative Mechanism (GCM)

Funds from Spain

Latin American Countries

Galapagos GUAN Ecuador Next

Funds from UKMO

Radiosondes, Yerevan, Seychelles

Funds from Germany

Wind System for Bjelasnica

Chisinau GSN

Funds from Canada

TSP for the Americas

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GCOS Cooperative Mechanism (GCM)

Funds From US

Implementation Project Manager

Funded Many Projects

TSP for Americas

Aragats GSN


Generators for Niger and Cote d’Ivoire

GUAN Workshop in Windhoek

Angola GSN

Radiosondes for Mauritius

TSP for Southern Africa

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What’s Next?

More Emphasis on Quality not Quantity

Additional Support and training

Further Develop the CBS Lead Centers

Need Funding!