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Final Portfolio. Tyler Pultz. Assignment 1 Sound. Assignment 2 Shape. Assignment 3 Size. Assignment 4 Space. A ss ign me nt 5 Text ure. Assignment 6 Texture , Value , and Color. As si gn me nt 7 - C ol or Wheels. Assignment 8 Tinting and Shading. Assignment 9 Triadic Color Scheme.

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Final Portfolio

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Final portfolio

Final Portfolio

Tyler Pultz

Assignment 1 sound

Assignment 1Sound

Assignment 2 shape

Assignment 2Shape

Assignment 3 size

Assignment 3Size

Assignment 4 space

Assignment 4Space

A ss ign me nt 5 text ure

Assignment 5Texture

Assignment 6 texture value and color

Assignment 6Texture, Value, and Color

As si gn me nt 7 c ol or wheels

Assignment7- Color Wheels

Assignment 8 tinting and shading

Assignment 8TintingandShading

Assignment 9 triadic color scheme

Assignment 9Triadic Color Scheme

Assignment 10 rectangular color scheme

Assignment 10Rectangular Color Scheme

A ssi gn ment 11 type problem


Assignment 12 road sign

Assignment 12Road Sign

-Completed with Photoshop and GIMP 2.0

Assignment 13 unity

Assignment 13Unity

Exercise 1 squares design

Exercise 1Squares Design

Exercise 2 shape exercise

Exercise 2Shape Exercise

Exercise 3 jack and jill

Exercise 3 Jack and Jill

Final project

Final Project

By Tyler Pultz

Original image

I chose this picture of the many I took because of the interesting prospect of having a trident facing the sky. I thought, “What could I do with that?”

Yep, lightning. This scene is going to be viewed through the eyes of a summoner calling down lightning onto the trident.

Original Image

Step one

I began to set up the scene, coloring the background a stormy purple. I also added a sample image of the lightning striking the tip of the trident. Next was the clean-up.

Step One

Step two

Next, I added another sample image of storm clouds and set out to work it into my scene. I erased the pole on the right, reworked the original lightning image to work with the background, and centered the image so that the trident was the focal point.

Step Two

Step three

Here, I added lighting effects and darkened the original area to give it a more stormy-feel. I cleaned up some areas as well and gave the tip of the trident a directional light to emphasize the bolt.

Step Three

Step four

At this point, I decided I needed to add some chaos. It was a storm, after all. So I threw in some sweeping dust, cracked off some sign posts, broke the pillar, and did some other mischief to make it seem like a dust storm. There is still more work to do, however.

Step Four

Step five

I took advice from the discussion board and tried to make the dust a bit more… Dusty? Sure. I also touched up the colors in some areas, cleaned up some parts that were bothering me, and got the stage set.

Step Five

Step six

Now, we bring in the hood for our wizard who is summoning this bolt of lightning.

Step Six

Step seven

What summoning is complete without some hand gestures? I brought in an image asset of hands and placed them in under the robe.

Step Seven

Step eight

A little repositioning of the hands and a small attempt to make them hands of a robed figure. I also adjusted the hood to look a bit more hood-like with some blur and color adjustment.

Step Eight

Step nine

Time for some glow. I used a pencil tool and some glow filters and point lights to emphasize the hands. I wanted to make the hands look like they were summoning down the bolt of lightning. I also further adjusted the hood and other parts.

Step Nine

Step 10

I decided to open up the hood a bit and make it less claustrophobic. I also applied an edge and cartoon filter on the hands to give a slightly wrinkled look.

Also, I brought in some motion blur filters to add to the chaos in the background. It’s also to be mentioned that I threw some drop shadows on the sleeves.

Step 10

Step 11 final image

Finally, I moved some things around, gave a motion blur filter to the dust, and adjusted the hands a bit. Looks good to me.

Step 11 – Final Image

Image comparison

Image Comparison

Self reflection

-I honestly feel I hit a little below the grade for my goals in this composition. I had to step away from my computer at some times because I felt I hadn’t done my best for this assignment. After a couple changes, however, I think I upped my confidence a bit and, with a few more adjustments, I can be proud of this.

-A couple strong points I had was the concept and the lightning hitting the sign, which I feel looks fairly nice.

-A couple weaknesses of the composition is the field of view and some little, glaring issues.

-My concerns going in to this was how I was going to lines to direct the viewer’s eyes. Another concern I had was color to make it both appealing and emphasize the points of interest in the piece. After using directional lights, color on the hands, and the direction of the lightning bolt, I felt I had cleared up those concerns and am proud of this composition.


Closing notes and reflection

  • As I began to place the assignments into each slide, I slowly began to see the change I’ve developed artistically. Slowly, I began to refine my work with concepts like line, shape, and so on. They were such simple ideas, but when one places them altogether, it really shines through in the composition.

  • All in all, I’ve felt like I’ve taken a step in the right direction towards my degree of game art and animation. I may not have the raw talent and, admittedly, I’m nowhere near as good as I want to be. That’s going to change, though, and it’s classes like these that are going to get me that change.

Closing Notes and Reflection

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