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Surveying instruments
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Surveying Instruments. A surveyor ’s level : a revolving telescope on a tripod. It is fitted with cross hairs ,. a nd spirit level. It is used by surveyors in finding points of identical elevation. Automatic digital level uses barcode technology.

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Surveying Instruments

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Surveying instruments


A surveyor s level a revolving telescope on a tripod

A surveyor’s level: a revolvingtelescope on a tripod

It is fitted with cross hairs

Itisfittedwith cross hairs,

A nd spirit level

and spiritlevel

It is used by surveyors in finding points of identical elevation

Itisusedbysurveyors in findingpointsofidenticalelevation

Automatic digital level uses barcode technology


To get an elevation measurement from a special level rod

Togetanelevationmeasurementfrom a speciallevelrod

This produces a direct electonic reading and storage of data about elevation

Thisproduces a directelectonicreading and storageof data aboutelevation…

Possibletranscriptionerrors are eliminated.

More expensive than a standard high quality automatic level

More expensivethan a standard high qualityautomaticlevel.

  • New digitallevelshavebeenfurtheremployedexpandingtheirmemory.

  • Whenyouhavemeasuredheight and distance, allyouhaveto do isaim a specialcode staff

Then you press a single key

Thenyou press a single key

and the results are immediatelyshown on the LCD display.

This way “digital” getsheight and distancemeasurementverysimple.

This system can be used a s long as the cross hair is visible

This system can beusedas long as the cross hairisvisible

  • In low light conditions

  • In verybrightsunshine

These instruments have been designed


  • toprovideaccurancywhichdoesn’t change in adverseenvironments

Heat shimmer


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