Automotive industry retail service and repair training package aur05 lorraine smith project manager
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Automotive Training Australia Limited (ATA), the national automotive industry training PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Automotive Industry Retail, Service and Repair Training Package AUR05 Lorraine Smith, Project Manager. Automotive Training Australia Limited (ATA), the national automotive industry training body, has been contracted by the Department of Education, Employment and

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Automotive Training Australia Limited (ATA), the national automotive industry training

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Automotive IndustryRetail, Service and RepairTraining PackageAUR05Lorraine Smith, Project Manager

Automotive Training Australia Limited (ATA),

the national automotive industry training

body, has been contracted by the

Department of Education, Employment and

Workplace Relations (DEEWR) to undertake

the development, maintenance and

continuous improvement of the automotive

training packages through to 31st January


As the body responsible for these training

packages, ATA has developed a continuous

improvement process including a “Design

Improvement Register” which is accessible via

the ATA website:

Standing Committees representative of stake

holders in both the industry and training

provider sectors have been established.

It is ATA’s role to ensure that the training

packages are maintained as both current and

future orientated. Therefore, it is essential

that interested parties continuously assess

the packages from a content and delivery

aspect. As part of the continuous improvement

process, ATA is also contracted to provide

DEEWR with informed advice as the leader of the

automotive industry.

AUR05 Version 2

Typographical Errors

Changes to qualification Descriptors

  • Vehicle Dismantling

  • Window Tinting

  • Exhaust Fitting

  • Heavy Vehicle Mobile Equipment

  • Heavy Vehicle Road Transport

  • Brake

  • Gas Vehicle

  • Driveline

Changes to Qualification Requirements

  • AUR40208 Certificate IV in Automotive Technology

  • AUR20408 Certificate II in Automotive Technology

  • AUR30308 Certificate III in Automotive Electrical Technology

Changes to Units of Competence

  • Service, Repair and Overhaul Petrol Fuel Systems

  • AURT217108A Carry out wheel alignment operations to AURT317108A

  • AURT422645A Overhaul air conditioning system components to AURT322645A

Additional Units of Competence

  • MEM5050B Perform routine gas metal arc welding

  • AURT335108A Carry out machining operations

  • AURV281308A Carry out gas metal arc (MIG) welding procedures

  • AURV223608A Carry out oxy acetylene welding, thermal cutting and thermal heating procedures

  • AURV223808A Carry out soft soldering techniques

  • AURTH317108A Carry out wheel alignment operations (heavy vehicle)

  • AURTH301166A Repair engines and associated engine components (heavy vehicle)

  • AURTH306666ARepair transmissions - manual (heavy vehicle)

  • AURTH307165A Inspect, test and replace transmissions – automatic (heavy vehicle)

  • AURTH307166ARepair transmissions – automatic (heavy vehicle)

  • AURTH312666ARepair final drive assemblies (heavy vehicle)

  • AURTH313166ARepair final drive – driveline (heavy vehicle)

  • AURTH315166ARepair steering systems (heavy vehicle)

  • AURTH316166ARepair suspension systems (heavy vehicle)

  • AURTH404584AInspect, repair and diagnose alternative fuel systems for heavy vehicle engines

  • AURTL317108ACarry out wheel alignment operations (light vehicle)

  • AURTL301166ARepair engines and associated engine components (light vehicle)

  • AURTL306666ARepair transmissions – manual (light vehicle)

  • AURTL307166ARepair transmissions – automatic (light vehicle)

  • AURTL312666ARepair final drive assemblies (light vehicle)

  • AURTL313166ARepair final drive – driveline (light vehicle)

  • AURTL315166ARepair steering systems (light vehicle)

  • AURTL316166ARepair suspension systems (light vehicle)

  • AURTM315166ARepair steering systems (motorcycle)

  • AURTM316166ARepair suspension systems (motorcycle)

  • AURB211304A Assemble bicycles

  • AURV232108ACarry out custom graphics design and layout techniques

  • AURV232208ACarry out fundamental airbrush application techniques

  • AURV332308ACarry out custom painting techniques

Skill Sets

ATA has also been contracted to undertake

a Skills Set Identification and Development



Identifying and developing Skill Sets which:

  • meet requirements set by a licensing or regulatory authority

  • meet identified industry needs or outcomes

  • reflect specific work functions that do not require a full qualification

Skill Sets Defined

Skill sets are defined as those single units or

combinations of units which link to a licence or

regulatory requirement, or defined industry need.

Skill sets are not a new qualification within the

national training framework, but they are a way of

publicly identifying on a Statement of Attainment,

logical groupings of units of competence which

meet an identified need or industry outcome.

There are three possibilities in relation to the identification

of skill sets by developers of national training packages:

  • The developer determines on the basis of industry need that there are no national skill sets identified

  • The developer determines on the basis of industry need that one or more skill sets can be identified within its training package

  • The developer determines on the basis of industry need that there is the potential for skill sets to be formed consisting of units from within this training package combined with units from another training package.

Examples of where a Skill Set may be developed in a training package

  • a group of units of competence identified as meeting a requirement set by an agency external to the VET sector – eg national licence, regulatory requirement or professional body membership

  • a group of units of competence which have a commonly understood meaning in the industry. An example may be worksite induction requirements

  • units of competence that constitute a specialist role that would benefit from separate identification

  • grouped units from a specialist qualification that could be a useful addition to another, more general, qualification

  • units of competence from one package that could be used with a qualification from another package

ATA has completed an industry wide

consultation process within individual

States and Territories to determine industry

feedback regarding the need and

recommendations for the inclusion of Skill

Sets within automotive industry training


This information will now be consolidated

and validated on a National basis.

Skills for Sustainability

ATA has commenced work on the inclusion of Skills for

Sustainability in all units of competence within automotive

training packages.

Draft units will be available for industry validation early


Scoping Project to Review AUR05

  • New and emerging technology

  • Employability Skills

  • Unit of competence formats

  • Imported units of competence

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