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Reducing Costs, Increasing Uptime with OpenView Storage Mirroring - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reducing Costs, Increasing Uptime with OpenView Storage Mirroring. James Forbes-May HP Regional Sales Manager, EMEA. Who is NSI (Double-Take Software)?. Who is NSI? NSI is the market leader in data replication software

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Reducing Costs, Increasing UptimewithOpenView Storage Mirroring

James Forbes-May

HP Regional Sales Manager, EMEA

Who is nsi double take software
Who is NSI (Double-Take Software)?

Who is NSI?

  • NSI is the market leader in data replication software

  • NSI has been in business for 13 years selling two products, Double-Take (OVSM) & Geo-Cluster – 1 code

  • NSI has shipped over 130,000 licenses worldwide

    • 30,000+ deployed on SQL Server

    • 35,000 deployed on Exchange

  • Over 10,000 Customers

    NSI & HP:

  • Partnership began in the spring of 2002 – NAS Data Copy

  • NSI was chosen as “Replication Software of choice” – Late 2003

  • HP is NSI’s only true OEM – HW, SW, PS & Support

  • HP owns support at levels I & II / NSI support begins at level III

  • NSI provides sales support across all boundaries; direct, partners, VAR, integrators etc.

  • Why openview storage mirroring ovsm
    Why OpenView Storage Mirroring (OVSM)?

    Market Leading & Stable Solution

    IDC 2005 Report shows Double-Take Software as the number 1 for host based replication and failover software

    HP Accounts for around 8% of all shipments – this has been achieved in under 3 years

    Hardware, Maintenance and Professional Services are sold as part of the OVSM solution

    Typically OVSM is under 5% of an overall project value

    HP provides level 1 & 2 technical support

    Reduces finger pointing – Selling an HP Solution

    Simple licensing model, no chargeable agents, licensed per server according to the MS Operating System

    Byte level replication – only data that changes

    Backup and replication are combining into a recovery market, driving the need for recovery management tools.

    UK Accounts for 35% of all EMEA Business

    UK Growth in 2006 over 2005 – Forecast for over 40%

    OpenView Storage Mirroring (OVSM)

    Target Market –

    • Any Windows Server running a critical application

      • MSA

      • NAS

      • Proliant

    • Exchange – 1 in 4 installations are Exchange environments

    • SQL – 1 in 5 installations are SQL environments

    • Oracle, Internet Information Server, File & Print

    • Clustered applications (Support up to 8 nodes in a MS Cluster)

  • Target Environments -

    • Windows Only

    • Customers where minutes of data loss could be acceptable

    • SMB through to Enterprise

    • Complimentary solution to Continuous Access (OVSM could be utilised in branch office environments with CA being utilised in DataCentre)

  • Why Protect Exchange & SQL ?

    • Exchange has a high level or urgency for protection (Osterman Research, 2003)

      • 79% of companies accept email as confirmation of orders, approval, etc.

      • 53% of companies have experienced business interruption or monetary loss related to email downtime

      • 35% of companies have lost email due to technical failure

      • 60% of companies critical data lives in email

      • 56% of companies have no email archiving policy or program in place

      • New laws governing the availability and archiving of email

      • Exchange is everyones filing cabinet

    • SQL drives many CRM (Customer Relationship Management) ERP

      (Enterprise Resource Management) Accounting, Sales Force Automation,

      Order Tracking, Inventory Management, Technical Support tracking…

      • Like most database management systems, MS-SQL stores all of the data in a handful of database containers, or files. If one of these containers is damaged or corrupted, all of the data it contains could be lost.



    Filter Driver













    How OVSM Works





    Transfer Asynchronous Replication

    Is the incoming data a Read or a Write?

    Is this data part of a Replication Set?

    Disaster recovery
    Disaster Recovery

    SQL Server

    Exchange Server

    File & Print

    • Provides an additional copy of the data

      • Preferably in a different geographic location

      • Enabling data recovery at a later stage if disaster strikes

      • Dealing with less than critical servers where recovery time can be greater than 24 hours

    High availability




    High Availability

    Production (source)


    WWW System Services started



    dB System Services started





    Redundant (target)



    • Source and Target will be on the same subnet

    • Keeping the local users productive

    • Recovering from a resource failure (such as a server or drive failing)



    Remote availability
    Remote Availability


    • Source and Target will be on different subnets

    • Keeping the local users productive

    • Recovering from a resource failure (such as a server or drive failure)

    • Typically failover to an alternative server in a different geographic location


    Adding local high availability
    Adding Local High Availability

    • Replication within a single data-centre/campus where the important identified data is replicated, and replication to a remote location

    • Many customers use this solution in conjunction with High Availability for their more critical branch offices

    Centralised consolidated backup
    Centralised / Consolidated Backup




    London DataCenter



    The idea of “backing up”

    or writing data to tape/optical is simply the


    Data migration
    Data Migration


    set up new server


    mirroring / replication


    Move users as needed


    Whatever you want…

    Current Server

    Windows NT4

    Single CPU

    Local disk

    NEW Server

    Windows 2000/2003

    Multiple CPUs

    SAN or WPNAS

    The changing face of recovery
    The Changing Face of Recovery

    New License


    US$ in billions

    How have nsi helped
    How Have NSI Helped?

    • Conference Calls with customers Partners & End Users

    • Webex / Livemeeting sessions

    • Sales Training

    • Technical Training

    • Joint Customer Meetings

    • Collateral, White Papers, Cheat Sheets etc

    • Co-Ordinating and locating resources within HP

    • We assist HP in writing documents such as

      • OVSM & WAN Accelerator

      • OVSM or CA

      • OVSM & Data Protector – why use these products together

      • OVSM Sales Prompters

      • NEW – Updated Competitive Matrix Produced

    New in 2006
    New in 2006…..

    • OVSM for Virtual Systems ($7,995) – Shipping since August

      • One license of OVSM for Virtual Systems supports running on up to 5 virtual machines

      • Must be on the same physical host

      • September OVSM for Virtual Machines accounted for 10% of all WW sales

  • OpenView Storage Mirroring 64-bit support4.4.2.22

  • OpenView Storage Mirroring Snapshot supportv4.4.2.14

    • These can NOT be run concurrently on the same machine at the moment

  • SMAM – Storage Mirroring Application Manager – Launching next few days

    • Exchange Failover will be renamed to SMAM for Exchange

    • SMAM for SQL released 1st half of Oct

  • Application manager for sql
    Application Manager for SQL

    • Unified Application Management Console

    • Cluster Configuration Support

    • “Pre-Flight” Validation Checks for SQL

    Application manager for sql1
    Application Manager for SQL

    • Database or entire SQL Instance protection

    Application manager for sql2
    Application Manager for SQL

    • Enhanced Monitoring and Management

    Emea hp ovsm team

    • James Forbes-May

    • HP - EMEA Regional Sales Manager 

    • NSI Software

    • +44 (0) 7876 490222 Mobile 

    • +44 (0) 1628 630378 Office

    • [email protected]

    • Kevin Hickey

    • HP – Senior Systems Engineer – EMEA & US / East

    • +1 516-799-7504 (Office)

    • +1 516-557-1590 (Mobile)

    • [email protected]

    • Peter Laudenslager

    • HP – Senior Systems Engineer – US / West

    • +1760-822-8047 (Mobile)

    • +1 858-536-1563 (Office)

    • [email protected]

    • Trail OVSM software

    Ovsm links
    OVSM Links

    • OVSM Downloads:


    • OVSM Whitepapers:


    • OVSM Application notes:


    • OVSM Online Talk (1 min 40 secs video overview and around a 15 minute Product

    • Demonstration)


    • Exchange Failover Toolkit Online (3min video overview and around a 15 min Demo)

    • OVSM and Exchange Solutions

    • (Free of Charge) Exchange FailOver ToolKit to simplify Exchange Installations of

    • OVSM & Svc Pack 2 –


    • Quickspecs -