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ASE MISSION To improve the quality of vehicle repair and service through testing and certification. 2010 is here! 2011 will bring more changes. Nobody likes change but wet babies. Program Certification Process. Recom- mendation for Certification. Program Self Evaluation.

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Ase mission natef


To improve the quality of vehicle repair and service through testing and certification.

Ase mission natef

2010 is here! 2011 will bring more changes

Nobody likes change but wet babies

Program certification process

Program Certification Process












ASE Certification (5 years)

Transportation program certification


  • Automobile(includes optional CNG, LPG)

  • Collision Repair & Refinish

  • Medium/Heavy Truck (includes optional CNG, LNG, LPG)

Program standards

6. Instruction


8. Facilities

9. Instructional Staff

10. Cooperative Agreements

11. Elearning

Program Standards

  • Purpose

  • Administration

  • Learning Resources

  • Finances

  • Student Services

Five point rating scale

Five Point Rating Scale

5Exceptional; Above Average

4Average; Adequate

3Somewhat; Needs Improvement

2Very little

1Not at all

Ase mission natef

Rating Standards154Documentation!Documentation!Documentation!

Ase mission natef

Standard 2.5; An Advisory Committee consisting of at least five (5) members must convene at least two times a year and be utilized to provide counsel, assistance, and information from the community served by the training program.

This committee should be broadly based and include former students, employed technicians, employers, and representatives for consumers’ interest.

Go-No-Go Standard 2.5

Stds 2.3 D&E, 4.2A, 5.5E, 6.4A, 6.5C, 6.7 B, 6.14 F, 7.5B

And Advisory tour of facility Std 8.11 Should be discussed

and recorded in the minutes Std 11 new!

Ase mission natef

Std. 2.5 Business and Industry Council

Tom Richardson says “It is all about relationships!”

Advisory meetings should be face to face, working meetings.

Short and to the point. Do not waste their time!

Business and education council

Business and Education Council


    Information on requirements for an advisory

    How to develop and maintain an advisory

    Watch an Advisory meeting

Ase mission natef

Std. 2.5

Local business representatives

Local business representatives

Counselors, Administrators


Owners and service managers

Go no go items


  • Standard 5.5 F

    The Advisory Committee must review information from annual follow-up procedure and provide input for modifications to the program.

Ase mission natef

6.15 Live work

Ase mission natef

All students will receive instruction in the storage, handling, and use of Hazardous Materials as required in Hazard Communication Title 29, Code of Federal Regulation Part 1910.1200, ‘Right to Know Law’, and state and local requirements;

Std 6.8

Std. 6.5 D 1, 2

Hazardous and toxic materials will be handled, removed and recycled or disposed of according to federal, state, and local regulations.

Ase mission natef

Hands on Performance Evaluation

training programs being evaluated for certification should have written and detailed performance standards for each task covered and taught in the curriculum;

Validates the Program

Hands on Performance Evaluation

Std 6.7 Hands on Competency

Std 6.7, A,B,C

Std. 6.13

Validates the Program

Ase mission natef

Std. 7.1A Go-No Go Equipment Safety

Std. 8.2A Safety Signage

Std.6.8D Shop Safety

Std 8.2 G

Traffic lanes

Bolt down equipment

Go no go items1


Standard 6.5 A (Collision)

95% of HP-I tasks

90% of HP-G tasks

must be in curriculum

Go no go items2


Standard 6.5 A (Auto)

95% of P1 tasks

80% of P2 tasks

50% of P3 tasks

must be in curriculum

GST must teach 100% of tasks

Ase mission natef

The student has received the necessary training to locate and use current reference and training materials from accepted industry publications and resources.

Std 6.5 , 5&6

Www natef org


  • E Learning


Std 6 13 testing both written and performance based

Std 6.13 Testingboth written and performance based

Ase mission natef

Your first impression is important!

Go no go items3


  • Standard 7.1 B

    Safety glasses must be worn by all students, instructors, and visitors in the lab/shop area while lab is in session.

Ase mission natef

Std 6.9 A 5,6 Personal Habits,

6.10 Work Habits

Ase mission natef

8.6 A

Separate classroom

Std 6.8 D and 7.1 B Safety Glasses must

be worn if any work is being done in shop/lab

Go no go items4


  • Standard 7.1 A

    All shields, guards, and safety devices must be in place, operable, and used.

    Note: A go-no-go std will cause the program not to be certified no matter how good the rest of the evaluation is.

Ase mission natef

7.1 A Go-No Go


7.1 B Safety Glasses

8.4 Orderly workplace/lab

Ase mission natef

Std 7.2

Tools & Equipment must meet program goals

Ase mission natef

Std. 7.2 A,B,C

Std 7.8 A,B,C

Hand tools


Ase mission natef

Std 6.4 teaching load and contact hours

Std 2.4 liability

Std 8.2 Safety of the facility

Ase mission natef

Std 6.5 OSHA, EPA, and Safety

Std 8.4, 8.1, 8.2

Ase mission natef

8.2 C Power cut 8.2, B Fire Extinguishers

Ase mission natef

8.7 Storage

Ase mission natef

Std 8.9, 8.2 Exhaust

Ase mission natef

Std 8.4, Std. 8.10 A,B,C

Std. 8.2 B

First Aid


Honda Factory Training Center

Ase mission natef

Go-No-go Std. 9 Instructors required to attend at least 20 hours/year of recognized industry training relevant to the areas in which the program is certified.

Std.2.3 A, Can you go?

Std.9.3 B, Do you go?

Documentation of attendance required.

Ase mission natef

Internships Std. 10

17 yr old @ local Dealership

Student Apprenticeships

Summer internships

Std. 10.1A, 10.2A, 10.3A

Send to etl

Send to ETL

At least two weeks prior to on-site:

  • Application for On-site Evaluation

  • Course of Study

  • On-site Team Member List

  • Advisory Committee List

  • Arrangements for the visit

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