Ecal prototype dcs system using pvss
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ECAL Prototype DCS system using PVSS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ECAL Prototype DCS system using PVSS. Günther Dissertori (for Alison Lister) ETHZ. 8.7.2003. Contents:. Proposed layout of the DCS SM0 and SM1 layouts Status of implemented sub-systems Conclusions. 8.7.2003. Proposed layout. Proposed layout. Separate into 4 sections of sub-detector:

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Ecal prototype dcs system using pvss

ECALPrototype DCS system using PVSS

Günther Dissertori

(for Alison Lister)




  • Proposed layout of the DCS

  • SM0 and SM1 layouts

  • Status of implemented sub-systems

  • Conclusions


Proposed layout1
Proposed layout

  • Separate into 4 sections of sub-detector:


  • Each section has same structure

  • 7 sub-systems:

    HV, LV, Cooling, Precision Temp,

    Humidity, Laser Monitoring, TSS

  • Communication to DSS, DAQ and CMS central DCS

Status of implemented sub systems
Status of implemented sub-systems

  • DSS monitors the PLCs of the TSS

  • Internal structure reflecting that of the figure

  • All testbeam data sent to Oracle devdb. Easy to retrieve data to text files

  • Only systems not implemented: Laser monitoring and LV

Supervisory system
Supervisory System:

  • Based on FwFSM, Finite State Machine, sends commands, receives states

  • As a separate PVSS system

  • Will communicate with all other systems

  • Implemented into the Hierarchy (FSM) so far for Cooling and HV systems. Others to follow....

Status of implemented sub systems1
Status of implemented sub-systems

Cooling system:

  • Ready for testing

  • Only sends states, does not receive commands, passive monitoring.

  • Calibration coefficients and limits can be changed from PVSS with a password.

Status of implemented sub systems2
Status of implemented sub-systems


  • installed on final PC, long term stability tests started

  • Need a password to change any settings and turn on/off channels.

    Precision Temp:

  • development started: SM0 will have 2 parallel systems: 1 using ELMB, other using Keithley

Precision temp main panel
Precision Temp main panel:

PROTOTYPE ONLY: for the Keithley system!

Status of implemented sub systems3
Status of implemented sub-systems


  • System similar to the Precision Temp, to be implemented


  • Implemented by the Belgrade group

  • Being tested at the moment

Status of implemented sub systems4
Status of implemented sub-systems

Communication with DAQ:

  • Done via an XML file read by a C++ proxy. Communication to PVSS via DIM.

    (note: not the final system, only for SM0, until the XDAQ system implemented)

Status of implemented sub systems5
Status of implemented sub-systems

  • LV communication to be defined before a PVSS development can start

  • Possibility of web-enabling the Oracle database to allow everyone access to the data in the tables


  • Close to achieve a nearly “complete” PVSS-controlled DCS for SM0 and SM1

  • Aim for a complete control by the fwFSM system

  • SM0 first large scale test for ECAL-DCS

  • SM0/1 systems as “prototype” for complete ECAL

  • The feedback from the shifters during the first weeks of SM0 will be very important