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第 3 版 Mini-world 万花筒 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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第 3 版 Mini-world 万花筒. 不喜欢生姜古怪的味道?不过它可是一味良药哦 !. Ginger, the Good Medicine in Your Kitchen. You can find ginger in the kitchen or in Grandma’s medicine boxes easily.

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第 3 版 Mini-world 万花筒

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3 mini world




3 mini world


Ginger, the Good Medicine in Your Kitchen

3 mini world

You can find ginger in the kitchen or in Grandma’s medicine boxes easily.

Many children don’t like it, because it tastes very strange. But now, English doctors have found that ginger is a very good medicine for colds, headaches and cancer. And they say that we can eat a little ginger every day.

3 mini world

In some countries, like China and India (印度), people use ginger to make sweets and tea. It makes the ginger taste better.

So the next time you catch a cold, try some ginger sweets or a cup of ginger tea.

3 mini world


  • Doctors say that we can eat

  • ginger as much as we want. ( )

  • 2. Children don’t like to eat ginger

  • because it is a medicine. ( )



3 mini world


USB Desk Vacuum

This USB desk vacuum can keep your desk clean! It is very small, but it looks like a real one. You can plug it into your computer and use it easily.

3 mini world

Word Bank 超纲词汇

ginger /'d3Ind3=/ n. 姜

medicine /'medIsIn/ n.药

strange /streInd3/ adj. 奇怪的

headache /'hedeIk/ n. 头痛

cancer /'k7ns=/ n. 癌症

better /'bet=/ adj. 更好的

good, better, best = 好, 更好, 最好

3 mini world

vacuum /'v7kjU=m/ n.真空吸尘器

real /rI=l/ adj. 真正的

catch a cold 伤风, 感冒

as much as ... 和……一样多

plug ... into ... 将……与……接通

3 mini world


Super Classroom


3 mini world


Ice Cream Fun Facts

★ Many people think Chinese

people invented the ice


★ American people eat the

most ice cream in the world.

★ What ice cream flavors do

people like best? They are

vanilla, chocolate and


★ The ice cream bean is a

fruit in Hawaii (夏威夷). It

tastes like vanilla ice cream!

3 mini world


Sweet Ice Cream Day

What is the sweetest day of the year? The answer is: Ice Cream Day!

American people love ice cream very much. So in 1984, July became Ice Cream Month, and the third Sunday of July became Ice Cream Day.

3 mini world

American people eat a lot of ice cream in Ice Cream Month, and they eat more on Ice Cream Day! Philadelphia (费城) has a big ice cream festival every year. The festival is great! There are many nice ice creams there!

After you buy a ticket, you will have a spoon. With the spoon, you can eat any ice cream at the festival, and you can eat as much as you like!

3 mini world


When Ice Cream Flavors Die ...

Where do ice cream flavors go to die? You may think this question is funny, but there is a cemetery for ice cream flavors, in Vermont, USA (美国佛蒙特州).

3 mini world

Vermont is famous for its Ben&Jerry’s Ice Cream. Many people like to visit its factory because it has a cemetery for ice cream flavors.

There are new ice cream flavors every year, and the old flavors will “die.” So Ben&Jerry’s built a cemetery for them.

The cemetery is on a hill behind the ice cream factory. There are many tombstones for the “dead” ice cream flavors. Now, there are about 200 tombstones in the cemetery.

3 mini world


Ice Cream Day



3 mini world


I. 请根据“Sweet Ice Cream Day”的内容用T或F判


( ) 1. July became Ice Cream Month in 1984.

( ) 2. People eat a lot of ice cream in Ice

Cream Month.

( ) 3. There is an ice cream festival in New

York every year.

( ) 4. People need to buy a ticket before they

go into the ice cream festival.

( ) 5. People can’t eat ice cream at the festival.

( ) 6. This year’s Ice Cream Day is on July 17.







3 mini world

II. 请根据“When Ice Cream Flavors Die ...”的内容回答下列问题。

1. Why do people like to visit Ben&Jerry’s ice cream factory?


2. Why did Ben&Jerry’s build the cemetery?


3. Where is the cemetery?


4. How many tombstones are there in the cemetery?


Because it has a cemetery for ice cream flavors.

Because there are new ice cream flavors every year, and the old flavors will “die.”

The cemetery is on a hill behind the ice cream factory.

There are about 200 tombstones in the cemetery.

3 mini world

Word Bank 超纲词汇

invent /In'vent/v.发明

most /m=Ust/ adj.最多的 (many和much的最高级)

flavor /'fleIv=/ n. 口味,英式拼写为flavour

vanilla /v='nIl=/ n. 香草

sweetest /'swi:tIst/ adj. 最甜的 (sweet的最高级)

more /m6:/ adj.更多的 (many和much的比较级)

festival /‘festIv=l/ n.节日

3 mini world

die /daI/ v.死去

dead /ded/ adj.死亡的

cemetery /‘semItrI/ n.墓地

factory /‘f7kt=rI/ n.工厂

build /bIld/ v.建造,过去式为built

tombstone /'tu:mst=Un/ n.墓碑

a lot of 许多

eat as much as you like 你爱吃多少就吃多少

be famous for ... 以……著称

3 mini world




3 mini world


In the Restaurant

3 mini world

Jacky: Do you have a table for two?

Waiter: Yes, this way please. What can I do for you?

Jacky: Can I see the menu, please?

Waiter: Yes, here you are.

Jacky: What’s good today?

Waiter: I recommend chicken and chips, they are

very tasty.

Jacky: We don’t want that. Well, we will begin with

tomato soup, and followed by some seafood

and eggs.

Waiter: Do you want any dessert?

Jacky: No dessert, thanks. Just coffee. What else

do you want, Lily?

Lily: Apple juice.

Waiter: How do you want your eggs?

Jacky: Fried eggs, please.

Waiter: OK, I will get them right away.

3 mini world


  • I. 请根据文章内容回答问题。

  • How many guests (客人) are there in this dialogue?

  • _________________________________________

  • 2. What do they want to eat? What do they want

  • to drink?

  • _________________________________________

  • II. 请根据文章和提示练习对话。

  • three people, hamburger and chips, apple pie, pizza, orange juice, cola

There are two guests in this dialogue.

They want to eat some seafood and eggs. They want to drink tomato soup, coffee and apple juice.

3 mini world

What’s the News of the Day?

What’s the news of the day?

Good neighbour, I pray?

They say the balloon

Has gone up to the moon.

3 mini world

Word Bank 超纲词汇

menu /'menju:/ n. 菜单

recommend /;rek='mend/ v. 推荐

tasty /'teIstI/ adj. 好吃的

seafood /'si:fu:d/ n. 海鲜

just /d32st/ adv.仅仅, 只

else /els/ adv.(常用于疑问词,不定代词后)其他, 另外

3 mini world

neighbour /'neIb=/ n. 邻居

pray /preI/ v. 请求,恳求

here you are 给你

What’s good today?


fried egg 煎蛋

right away 立刻, 马上

3 mini world


Story Zone


3 mini world


Poke and Beans (I)

3 mini world

“Will you hurry up, please,” shouted Beans the rooster. “I can’t help it,” Poke the pig answered. His pink skin was covered with thick brown mud.

  “If you washed yourself now and then, you could walk a lot quicker,” Beans said. “You have so much mud all over you. I can’t even see your tail!”

3 mini world

  “Why are you in such a hurry?” Poke asked. “Farmer Roy puts plenty of food out on Tuesdays.”

  “You’re right,” Beans smiled. He slowed down and the two friends walked side by side.

3 mini world

  • Quiz

  • 请根据文章内容判断对错。

  • Poke walked slowly, because his skin was

  • covered with mud. ( )

  • 2. Poke and Beans were in a hurry, because

  • there was little food. ( )



3 mini world

Word Bank 超纲词汇

rooster /'ru:st=/ n.公鸡

cover /'k2v=/ v.覆盖

mud /m2d/ n.泥巴, 泥浆

could /kUd/ v. aux. 能够,


even /'i:v=n/ adv.甚至

plenty /'plentI/ pron.大量,充足

hurry up 赶快, 快点

3 mini world

I can’t help it. 我没有办法。

now and then 偶尔, 时不时

a lot quicker 快很多,


in such a hurry 如此匆忙

slow down 放慢速度

side by side 肩并肩地

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