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Unit 4 first aid ? 知识目标 : 1) 了解在各种意外的紧急情况下的急救知识 . 2 )练习”分析问题 , 发表看法”的口语技能 . 3) 练习使用顺序词安排作文结构的写作技能. 能力目标 : 1) 发现问题和解决紧急问题的能力 2) 培养学生组织语言、运用语言的能力。 德育目标 : 1) 小组讨论发挥团队协作精神 2) 培养学生自我保护意识和助人为乐精神 . 学习目标 学习步骤 warm-up

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知识目标:1) 了解在各种意外的紧急情况下的急救知识.2)练习”分析问题,发表看法”的口语技能.

3) 练习使用顺序词安排作文结构的写作技能.

能力目标: 1)发现问题和解决紧急问题的能力





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  • warm-up

  • 通过展示幻灯片7-12,激发学生兴趣,让学生了解常见的意外事件的英语表达,做好热身和准备工作.时间5分钟.

  • 2.Speaking –time

  •  展示幻灯片13-18,简单介绍情态动词,重点是通过图片中让学生在轻松愉快的氛围下掌握must, should , have to 等的用法,并通过角色扮演开口说英语巩固语法知识.时间20分

  • 3.Writing –time

  •  展示幻灯片19-22,在进一步学习急救常识的基础上,让学生组织急救步骤,学会使用first, second, then, finally等连接词来写作.时间5分.

  • 4. Discussion

  • 小组讨论, 时间5分钟

  • 5. Watching video

  • 观看视频how to apply arm sling .时间5分钟

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学习内容:本堂课以unit 4 --first-aid 为载体,要求学生掌握几种急救方法,掌握相关句型,组织语言并运用语言。


1.情态动词should, must, ought to , have to的肯定否定式.

2. 利用first, then, after and finally组织句子.

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burn/catch fire

animal bite



traffic accident


… …

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What happened to the man?

He was drowned .

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What happened to the woman?

She got a traffic accident.

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What happened to the man’s house?

His house was on fire.


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What happened to the lady?

She had a leg bleeding.


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Speaking time

Learn the following sentence patterns by studying the pictures below.

You should always… You shouldn’t… You should never……..

You must…… you mustn’t… You must never…..

Please don’t… Never…

Make sure that …

You have to ……… You ought to/should…..

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Don’tplay with electrical equipment.

make surethat electric wires are safe and that children can’t reach them.

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Never put poisons into other containers,

for example empty bottles.

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Neveruse ladders on wet floor.

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You shouldturn off the gas and cover the pan quickly,

if a pan of oil catches fire.

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You must neverleave small things a baby can put

in its mouth on the floor or table.

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1. If the person is not breathing,

2. If the person is bleeding badly,

3. If the person loses one third of his blood

4. If someone is badly hurt,

5. If the person can breathe weakly,

A. You ____try to start his/her breathing at once.

B. _______ hold up the part of the body which is bleeding.

C. You _____ try to stop the bleeding

D. you ______move him . you must get help.

E. _______open the mouth and tale the food out at the back of the mouth if any.

Now, you are a doctor, now you are what people should do to give proper first aid.


You should



You should

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Writing time

Choose one of the accident scenes below. Try to use these wordsfirst, then, afterand finally.

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How do you deal

with a simple cut?


Wash the area of the cut ,

dry it and cover it with a piece of dry clean cloth.


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What must you

do if a person

in badly burnt?

Wash the area of skin under the cold tap for

several minutes.

Cool the area of skin at once

Put a piece of dry clean cloth over the area of the burn.




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Look at the pictures above and answer:

1. What would you do in these situations ?2. What could we do to prevent these accidents ?

What should I do ?


Try to use the sentence pattern and conjunction word learned just now

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Check to see if he/she is breathing, Try to start his/her breathingNever swim in deep water.

What should I do ?

How to prevent?

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Call for a doctor or an ambulance, Never pull her out of the car Find enough people to lift the car safely and take her to hospital at once.Look at both side when crossing the street.

What should I do ?

How to prevent?

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Call 119 first and tell them the exact the car Address on the phone.If someone is badly burnt, we should call 120 to ask for an ambulance. Never play with fire. Be careful with gas. Make sure that all the electric wires are safe.

What should I do ?

How to prevent?

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Go to the hospital at once . Never pull it out of the cut. If the cut is not serious, we can wash the area of cut, dry it and cover it with a piece of dry and clean cloth.

What should I do ?

How to prevent ?

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Make him/her spit by patting her/him on the back.. To avoid this, we shouldn’t talk or laugh when eating .

What should I do ?

How to prevent?

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Practise describing accidents and asking for help.

Take turns being the eyewitness and the operator.Description of accident

what happened ?________

Number of people injured: _____________

who was hurt ? _________________

Type of injuries _______________

Was any first aid given? _______ Place _______________

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  • 英文提示:fall off;first aid;breathe;ought to;mouth-to-mouth way;First Aid Centre;handkerchief;bleeding;within

  • 将首句给出:One day,after school was over,Zhang Lel and Ling Feng were walking in the street when they suddenly saw an old man fall off his bicycle.

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