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Health Unit #2: First Aid. Bleeding. External Bleeding. External bleeding occurs when there is a cut or break in the skin. This may lead to an infection if not treated properly. Three Types of Bleeding. What are they?. Arterial Bleeding. Identifiers: bright red spurts out rapidly

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External bleeding
External Bleeding

  • External bleeding occurs when there is a cut or break in the skin.

  • This may lead to an infection if not treated properly.

Three types of bleeding
Three Types of Bleeding

  • What are they?

Arterial bleeding
Arterial Bleeding


  • bright red

  • spurts out rapidly

  • difficult to stop

    * Arteries have a higher pressure and the blood travels faster.

Venous bleeding
Venous Bleeding


  • dark red

  • more common since veins are closer to the skin

  • flows steadily

Capillary bleeding
Capillary Bleeding


  • capillaries link arteries and veins

  • most common

  • oozes

  • clotting occurs easily


  • blood thickens to seal the opening or cut in order to stop bleeding

Types of open wounds
Types of Open Wounds

  • Open wounds occur when there is a break in the skin and external bleeding occurs.


  • the skin is rubbed or scraped away

  • bleeding is light and easily controlled


  • when the skin is pierced by a pointed object such as a tac or a nail


  • a cut with jagged or smooth edges

  • the skin is split from a knife or broken glass


  • a piece of skin is torn away

  • usually involves heavy bleeding

First aid for bleeding
First Aid for Bleeding

What to do when external bleeding occurs?

  • R.E.D Principle: Rest, Elevation, Direct pressure

  • Most important thing to do is to REASSURE the person and help him/her stay calm

First aid for bleeding1
First Aid for Bleeding

  • Depending on the severity of the injury, call 911 or if it is safe to do so, take the casualty to the hospital