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LITHUANIAN NATIONAL RADIO & TELEVISION Introduction Short story of archives and people behind; The Vision; TV Archives Deposit Film deposit (16 mm, 35mm) 3.000 hours TV Archives Deposit Video archives Beta cam SP format 27.000 units: 5.000 units are described/catalogued;

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Rasa Miskinyte, Jonas Korys, Sigitas Baltutis

Introduction l.jpg

  • Short story of archives and people behind;

  • The Vision;

Rasa Miskinyte

Tv archives l.jpg
TV Archives

  • Deposit

    Film deposit (16 mm, 35mm) 3.000 hours

Rasa Miskinyte

Tv archives4 l.jpg
TV Archives

  • Deposit

    Video archives Beta cam SP format 27.000 units:

    5.000 units are described/catalogued;

    15.000 units are considered as to be described/catalogued;

    7.000 units are considered as rushes/working material, some of them could catalogued.

    6.940 units accommodate the production where the rights belongs to LRT

    8.200 units accommodate the production which was made in Lithuania.

Rasa Miskinyte

Tv archives5 l.jpg
TV Archives

  • Video Deposit

Rasa Miskinyte

Mi ssion l.jpg

  • Extract:

Lithuanian Radio and Television (LRT) collects and announcesinformation about Lithuania and the world, introduces the variety of European and world culture and basics ofmodern civilization to the Lithuanian public, strengthens independenceand democracy of the Republic of Lithuania, creates, cherishes and preserves values of national culture, develops tolerance and humanism,cooperation, intellection and language culture, enhances morality and public spirit;

History l.jpg

  • 1926 First Lithuanian Radio broadcasts take start in Kaunas

  • 1940 Kaunas and Vilnius Radio stations are occupied by the Soviet

  • army. State Radiophon is reorganized to Radiophication and

  • Radiophony (RR) committee (first occupation).

  • 1948 Sound recording department is established, tape recording archives

  • are formed

  • 1953 The (RR) begins sound recording production

  • 1957 First Lithuanian Television broadcast

  • 1990 The status of the Lithuanian Radio and Television is changed into

  • Lithuanian Radio and Television

  • 1991 Armed Soviet paratroopers take over the Lithuanian Radio and

  • Television and the Television Tower in Vilnius (secondoccupation)

  • 1994 Starts archivinglive broadcastinginto MC

  • 1995 Concerts are recorded into DAT

  • 1998 Lithuanian Radio Channel 1 is broadcasting with STUDERsystem

  • 2004 Starts archivingcomplete Lithuanian Radio programmes

Jonas Korys

Slide9 l.jpg

Time tableof Radio Production Formats

  • 1948 – 2004 Tape

  • 1994 – 2004 MC

  • 1995 – 2004 DAT

  • 1999 – 2004 HDD (STUDER), CD-R

  • 2005 – File (DAW)

What do lithuanian radio is archiv ing l.jpg
What do Lithuanian Radio is archiving?

1948-1991 music and radio theatre

1991-2004 music, radio theatre and other authors’programmes,

a part of live broadcasts

2004-100% of radio production:

  • News

  • Live broadcasts

  • All authors’ programmes

  • Radio theatre

  • Music

Jonas Korys

Lithuan i an radio sound archives l.jpg
Lithuanian Radio Sound Archives

  • Tape: approx 175,000

  • CD: 6,000

  • CD-R 2,500

  • DAT 2,150

  • MC 800

  • LP 5,000 (it is not intended to digitize for the time being)

Jonas Korys

Problem s l.jpg

  • Archive storages

  • Physical obsolescence of formats and decrease in reliability

  • Riskduring replay

  • Decrease of content quality

  • Risk of heritage loss for the future generations

Jonas Korys

Costs l.jpg

  • Migration

  • System engineering and administration

  • Storage

Jonas Korys

Goals l.jpg

  • To be in time while preserving the content!

  • To establish digital radio archive

  • To achieve quality and durability of recordings

  • To create conditions for the effective and immediate use of the achives

  • in the Intranet of the Lithuanian Radio (LR) ( for both Radio and TV needs)

  • To create conditions allowing cultural and training institutions to use

  • the LR sound archives for the educational aims.

Jonas Korys

Solution l.jpg

Jonas Korys

Digitization l.jpg

  • Have we to digitize everything?

  • Value expertise

  • Priorities

Jonas Korys

Great concern is a nalogue l.jpg
Great Concern is analogue

Jonas Korys

Logical formats resolution l.jpg
Logical formats & resolution

  • Broadcast Wave Format BWF (EBU, AES)

  • Mp3


for storage:

24 bit/96 kHzfor archives of special value end music (5-10%)

16 bit/48 kHz all recorded production (authors’ programmes)

Mp L2 (256 kbps) all the live broadcasts

for preview:

Mp3 (96 kbps)all archives

for broadcast:

Mp L2 (256 kbps) all archives

Jonas Korys

Digitization equipment l.jpg
Digitization equipment

The Most Important Task is The Right Equipment!

Tape machine

A/D converter



Jonas Korys

General schem l.jpg
General schem

PC( Analog to Digital)

audio converter

PC( Analog to Digital)

video converter

Storage (Disk array, Tape library)

Access, Task, WWW, Data base server

Sigitas Baltutis

Manager of radio broadcasts l.jpg
Manager of radio broadcasts

Sigitas Baltutis

Storage disk array l.jpg
Storage (Disk array)

















Live broadcast










Sigitas Baltutis