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Identity. By: Riku, Lotta & Ross.

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By: Riku, Lotta & Ross

what is identity
Identity is who you are. It defines who you are, what are your strenghts and weaknesses and what your personality is like. Also appearence and status in the community can be part of ones identity.

Our social identity is made of groups that we belong to like religion, nationality, cultureetc.

Identity is your capacity and awareness. People often get to understand their identity better through different tasks done or objects they identify themselves with eg. ” I am a chef”  (M.Farouk Radwan)

What is identity?


when and where is it used
Your identity is used everyday because it is a part of who you are. It is reflected in many things and actions you do daily, like at school and work.

Also when doing things like creative writing your identity and personality can be seen in eg. your choise of words.

Identity is needed eg. When you want to leave the country because you have to be recocnized in order to be able to travel.

Its all around you at all the time e.g teenagers use different apperances to experince different identities. (

When and where is it used

issues considering ones identity
Identity crisis:

When someone has trouble knowing who they are and is constantly searching for his/her identity.

Also if a person is not satisfied inwardly and tries to create a personality for themselves which whom they know isn’t them can be considered as a identity crisis because

”Identity crisis is a situation in which an individual feels misplaced in terms of their personal appearance as well as importance of existence” (

Ones identity can be disturbed by an ilness eg. Schizophrenia.

BPT = borderline personality disorder. Struggle of identity issues like you feel that you don’t know who you are and what are your beliefs. (Kristalyn Salters-Pedneault)

Issues considering ones identity

affect on people
Identity can affect peoples behaviour

People can change their behaviour to protect their identities.

“In my previous articles i said that there are many factors that affect the way a person behaves such as his past childhood experiences, his birth order and the way he was raised. One of the forces that greatly impacts the way people behave are the psychological identities they develop.”

(M.Farouk Radwan)

Your identity can be affected by other people. Ýour actions, thoughts and conversations with others is influenced by your identity. The topics you choose to talk about are often based on what you find interesting which is a part of your identity because it is what you like.

Affect on people
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