Chapter 6
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Chapter 6 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 6 . Vocabulary. powers shared by the national and state governments. concurrent powers. the introductory part of a document; a statement of purpose. preamble. the act of distributing something according to a plan. apportionment. an actual count of the people. census.

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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6


powers shared by the national and state governments

concurrent powers

the introductory part of a document; a statement of purpose


the act of distributing something according to a plan


an actual count of the people


the head of the executive branch of state government


group composed of the governor, secretary of state, state auditor, attorney general, statetreasurer, commissioner of agriculture, and state superintendent of schools

board of public works

the highest court in the state

supreme court of appeals

West Virginia’s trial court of record

circuit court

a serious crime, like robbery or murder, that is punishable by a prison term


a crime less serious than a felony, usually punishable by a sentence in a local jail


state court that has jurisdiction over most misdemeanors,

magistrate court

state court that hears cases involving divorce, annulment, separate maintenance, family support, paternity, child custody, visitation, and domestic violence

family court

spending more money than one has

deficit spending

income from taxes and other sources


amount spent


a tax structure that divides income into brackets and taxes each bracket at a different rateWest Virginia

graduated income tax

a tax imposed on almost all retail sales

sales tax

a tax for items residents purchase from other states through mail-order firms, catalogs, and televisionshopping networks

use tax

tax levied on specific products such as gasoline, beer, liquor, firearms, and cigarettes; sometimescalled a luxury tax

excise tax

a tax on the amount and value of the minerals and materials severed (taken) from the earth

severance tax

the center of a county government

county seat

land and permanent structures on land

real property

movable items such as automobiles

personal property

the form of government for the state’s counties; commission has at least three members

county commission

the estimated worth of property

property assessment



a political unit smaller than the county; may be classified as a city, town, or village


similar to the state or federal constitution; includes the city’s official name, boundaries, and powers; official permission to operate something, such as a colony


council form-a form of municipal government in which the people elect both the mayor and councilmembers;


manager form-a form of municipal government in which voters elect council members who set policyand pass ordinances and who hire a professional city manager to handle the city’s daily operation


a form of municipal government in which voters elect individuals to specific administrativepositions,

commission form

the governing body for the school district; consists of five members

school board

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