Green IT in 2009: Balancing Responsibility, Accountability, and the Economy
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Green IT in 2009: Balancing Responsibility - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Green IT in 2009: Balancing Responsibility, Accountability, and the Economy GreenPages Technology Solutions Michael Healey, CTO Goals for Presentation Discuss state of Green IT Introduce concepts of creating a Green IT Portfolio Give some suggestions on Key Components

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Green IT in 2009: Balancing Responsibility, Accountability, and the EconomyGreenPages Technology Solutions Michael Healey, CTO

Goals for presentation l.jpg
Goals for Presentation and the Economy

  • Discuss state of Green IT

  • Introduce concepts of creating a Green IT Portfolio

  • Give some suggestions on Key Components

  • Talk about Implementation Process

  • Answer any questions

Green it activity to date l.jpg
Green IT activity to date and the Economy

  • Largely ROI driven

  • Heavy emphasis on power savings

  • Expanding focus on non-power related green issues

Green it in 2009 l.jpg
Green IT in 2009 and the Economy

  • Economic Challenges

  • New Mandates & Requirements coming

    • E-Waste

    • Power Usage

  • Movement continues to grow

    • Green is no longer a nice ‘tag line’

    • Organizations will be expected to deliver

  • Need to re-think your approach

Quick check your green balance l.jpg
Quick Check – Your Green Balance and the Economy

92% understand issues with over 40% willing to drive personal behavior and possibly pay more

Quick check company green balance l.jpg
Quick Check – Company Green Balance and the Economy

Sustainable manufacturing opinion > 80% don’t check or won’t pay more

Understand your internal drivers of green l.jpg
Understand your Internal Drivers of Green and the Economy

Leverage this outside support!

Create green technology portfolio10 l.jpg
Create Green Technology Portfolio and the Economy

  • Covers all the Green IT options

  • Balance

    • Energy Savings

    • Environmental impact

    • Cost reduction

    • Staff acceptance

    • Communications Impact

    • Customer / Vendor Acceptance

    • Mandates / Requirements

      Not just a Help Desk or IT discussion!

General procurement l.jpg
General Procurement and the Economy

  • Easy to implement

    • Desktops

    • Printers

    • Monitors

  • Leverage EPEAT & Energy Star tools

  • Understand pricing / savings ratio

  • Quick savings can offset increases

General procurement calculate full cost l.jpg
General Procurement – calculate full cost and the Economy

Two Dell monitors with similar resolutions & features

Payback > 10 years at 10.6c per kilowatt hour

Data center procurement l.jpg
Data Center Procurement and the Economy

  • Not as easy

    • No standardized power ratings

    • No manufacturing benchmarks

  • Server Ratings just out

  • Storage Ratings just starting

  • Difficult to quantify results

  • Focus on usage of gear instead

Virtualization l.jpg
Virtualization and the Economy

  • Not really about green, but high impact for Green portfolio

    • Power savings

    • Reduction of legacy technology equipment

    • Smaller heating/cooling footprint

Virtualization green l.jpg
Virtualization & Green and the Economy

  • Most organizations haven’t finished initial phases

  • Complete server virtualization

  • Realize full cost savings

  • Leverage savings as part of your Green Portfolio

End user management l.jpg
End User Management and the Economy

  • Tackle the bad habits

    • Screen savers

    • Printer usage

    • Power Saving Settings

  • Leverage the upper management buy-in

  • Biggest potential for savings

End user management ammo for the fight l.jpg
End User Management – Ammo for the fight and the Economy

  • Screen savers

    • Don’t save screens

    • Don’t let machines sleep

    • Cost $84 - $100 per year in excess energy

  • Printer usage

    • Newer systems cost less for ink

    • Can control color via policies

    • Print management programs work (>50 printers)

  • Power Saving Settings

    • 80% of users modify or shut off

    • Best control for energy

    • Balance productivity vs power

E waste l.jpg
E-Waste and the Economy

  • What’s E-Waste?

    • The IT junk we throw away

    • 40% of all mercury in landfills, but 2% of volume

    • Major focus for new administration

  • Huge hidden cost

    • Only 30% have formal program

    • Major environmental impact

    • Every state is ramping up programs

  • What’s your program?

  • Does everyone the program?

Vendor programs sustainable manufacturing l.jpg
Vendor Programs & Sustainable Manufacturing and the Economy

  • Small but growing

    • Large Manufacturers

    • Government Agencies

    • Non-profits

  • Customers may require you comply with programs

    • Extends beyond IT

    • Impacts your IT purchases

  • Competitive Advantage for Government bids

Next steps l.jpg
Next Steps and the Economy

  • Establish Baselines Spending

    • Power

    • Consumables

    • Material Disposal

  • Establish Environment Goal

    • Reduction of hazardous material

    • Improvement of e-waste management

    • Reduce paper consumption

  • Set Goals per category

Next steps22 l.jpg
Next Steps and the Economy

  • Avoid Gimmicks

    • Carbon Foot printing

    • Heavy handed marketing

  • Consider joining programs

    • Feedback to EPA

    • Peer review programs

    • Insight into timelines

  • Be ready for new rules

Thank you l.jpg
Thank you and the Economy

  • Full research report and analysis


    • Copies from HDI chapter

  • Additional Questions?