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Sources and types of laws
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Sources and Types of Laws. Pages 428-433. Good Laws. -Characteristics of Good Laws **Why? Fairness Reasonable Understandable Enforceable. Source of Our Laws. -American System - Declaration of Independence - Constitution. -Ancient Law Systems

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Sources and Types of Laws

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Sources and types of laws

Sources and Types of Laws

  • Pages 428-433

Sources and types of laws

Good Laws

  • -Characteristics of Good Laws

  • **Why?

  • Fairness

  • Reasonable

  • Understandable

  • Enforceable

Sources and types of laws

Source of Our Laws

-American System

-Declaration of Independence


  • -Ancient Law Systems

  • -Hammurabi’s Law Code (You studied King Hammurabi in World History)

  • (1760 BC) Eye for an eye…

  • -Ten Commandments-

  • Hebrews followed this /reflected in our laws

  • -Roman Codes-

  • Jurisprudence: study of law

  • -English Law ** most important**

  • -Magna Carta (1215)

  • -English Bill of Rights (1689)

  • -Common Law System

    • Common law is based on precedent and customs

Sources and types of laws

Criminal Law

  • -Criminal Law– Laws that deal with specific statutory rules laid down by the government regarding people’s behavior

  • **95% of criminal trials are for violations of state laws

  • -misdemeanor- An offense less serious than a felony

  • Vandalism: destroying someone else’s property EX. Spraypaint side of Anderson’s Drug store

  • Petty theft: Ex. shoplifting

  • Will get a fine or less than a year jail time

  • -felony-a serious crime

  • Serious crimes EX Murder, drug trafficking, fraud

Sources and types of laws

Civil Law

  • -Civil Law

  • Laws that are based on disagreements and conflicts b/w individuals

  • -Lawsuits

  • When civil case goes to court

  • Legal action against a person or group sues to collect damages

  • -Contracts

  • Agreement b/w 2 or more parties

  • -Family law

  • Family issues like divorce, child custody, adoption, alimony

  • -Small Claims Courts- amount is $5000 or less

Civil law vocabulary

Civil Law Vocabulary

  • Plaintiff-the person suing

  • Defendant-the person being sued

  • 7th Amendment -In a civil case

    if the amount of money

    involved is more than $20 a

    Person can ask for a jury


Civil trial for O.J. Simpson.

He was ordered to pay over

$33 million to the Goldman family

Sources and types of laws

Constitutional Law

  • -Constitutional Law

  • -law that deals specifically with rights and issues revolving around our rights as defined in state or national Constitutions

  • **example:

  • You felt you were a victim of unreasonable search and seizure

Sources and types of laws

Administrative Law

-Administrative Law

-these are laws that are formulated in response to laws passed by Congress

-determined by the executive branch

-has the same effect as law passed by legislature

Part of the executive branch, the Federal

Communications Commission (FCC) decides what is censored on TV and radio.

Sources and types of laws

International Law

  • -International Law

  • Laws dealing with treaties and customs agreements among nations

  • -military agreements

  • -diplomatic treaties

  • -trade

  • -human rights

  • UN (United Nations)

  • World Court

Statutory law type of public law

Statutory Law (type of public law)

  • Statute: law written by a

    legislative body of gov’t

    • Statues regulate our behavior

    • Ex:

      • by setting speed limits

      • Inspecting food products

      • Getting drivers licenses

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