National Weather Service s  Approach to  Diversity Management in the Workplace

National Weather Service s Approach to Diversity Management in the Workplace PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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7/6/2012. 2. Contents. Overview of Diversity Management What is the NWS Diversity Vision?What is Diversity Management?Why is Diversity Management Important to the NWS?Diversity Management, EEO and AANWS Diversity Management CouncilBack-up MaterialStrategic PlanDiversity Management Reso

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National Weather Service s Approach to Diversity Management in the Workplace

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1. National Weather Service’s Approach to Diversity Management in the Workplace*

2. 7/6/2012 2 Contents Overview of Diversity Management What is the NWS Diversity Vision? What is Diversity Management? Why is Diversity Management Important to the NWS? Diversity Management, EEO and AA NWS Diversity Management Council Back-up Material Strategic Plan Diversity Management Resources Diversity Management Structure

3. 7/6/2012 3 Objective This slideshow contains an overview presentation which can be used by NWS supervisors to facilitate discussions with employees on diversity and diversity management principles. Supervisors are encouraged to edit and enhance this presentation with their own slides and materials. The slideshow also contains back-up information which can be used by supervisors to increase their diversity management initiatives.

4. 7/6/2012 4 National Weather Service’s Definition of Diversity in the Workplace Diversity is the mixture of differences and similarities each employee brings to the workplace to accomplish the mission of the National Weather Service.

5. 7/6/2012 5 NOAA Diversity Dimensions: Far Beyond Race and Gender!

6. 7/6/2012 6 What is the NWS Diversity Vision? NWS is committed to a workplace in which all people are respected as individuals and are valued for their contributions to accomplishing NWS's mission. We foster an inclusive, supportive, open, innovative work environment to enable employees to be positive, creative and reach their full potential.

7. 7/6/2012 7 How do we get there? Three Premises: 1. Inclusion 2. Supportive Systems, Policies and Practices 3. Supportive Workplace Behaviors

8. 7/6/2012 8 What is Diversity Management? Diversity Management is the process of creating and maintaining an environment that naturally enables all current and future employees, and as appropriate, customers and partners to contribute their full potential in pursuit of organizational objectives

9. 7/6/2012 9 Why Is Diversity Management Important to the NWS? Good Diversity Management Improves NWS Productivity Good Diversity Management Reduces NWS Costs Good Diversity Management Helps Attract High Caliber People to NWS Good Diversity Management Helps Keep them here!

10. 7/6/2012 10 Diversity Management, EEO, and Affirmative Action Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) concerns legal compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and policies. Affirmative Action concerns special recruitment and developmental efforts to overcome under-representation. Diversity Management concerns creating an organizational culture where all employees can reach their full potential

11. 7/6/2012 11 The Diversity Management Connection

12. 7/6/2012 12 Keys to Effective Diversity Management Establish a business strategy for effectively managing a diverse workforce Create a positive work environment Promote personal and professional development Empower all people to reach their full potential Remove barriers that hinder progress

13. 7/6/2012 13 NWS Diversity Management Network NWS Diversity Management Council Provides advice and guidance to the AA and DAA for Weather Service on policies and programs to promote effective diversity management and other programs within the scope of the OEODM. Regional, Headquarters, and NCEP Diversity Management Councils/Committees Support Senior Management initiatives to improve the work environment

14. Contact Your NWS Diversity Management Council NWS Diversity Management Council Deputy Assistant Administrator: John E. Jones Chair: Stephan Smith Vice Chair: Elaine Wilbur NWS Diversity Management Director: Charly Wells NWS Headquarters Diversity Management Coordinators: Office of the Assistant Administrator: Michael Washington Office of Science and Technology: Cindy Woods Office of Climate, Water, and Weather Services: Mary Dunbar Office of Hydrologic Development: Jennifer Kent Office of Operational Systems: David Murray Human Resources Management Office: Michelle Swinton-Sulewsky Office of the Chief Financial Officer: Christina Heyse Office of the Chief Information Officer: Ella Lichtenberg NWS Regional Diversity Management Coordinators: Eastern Region: Cheryl Latif, Kevin Murray, Eleanor Waymer (alternate) Southern Region: Jose Garcia, Gena Morrison Alaska Region: Laura Furgione, Avee Evans (alternate) Western Region: Michelle Mead Central Region: Elaine Wilbur, Debra Blondin, Byron Louis Pacific Region: Darlene Mitchell National Centers for Environmental Prediction: Catherine Kenney NWSEO Representative: Carolyn Willis GLOBE Representative: Erik Pytlak NWS Federal Women Employment Program Manager: Hope Hasberry NWS Indian/Alaskan Native Employment Program Manager: Patricia Taylor NWS Asian American/Pacific Islander Employment Program Manager: James Su NWS People with Disabilities and Disabled Veterans Employment Program Manager: Sabrina Cook NWS African-American and Hispanic-American Employment Program Manager: Salim Abddeen

15. 7/6/2012 15 Back-Up Slides The following slides provide additional material that may be helpful for supervisors and employees. These slides are optional.

16. National Weather Service Strategic Plan for Diversity Management 2007-2008

17. 7/6/2012 17 Background Developed in 2005 by NWS’ Diversity Management Council Revised in 2006 with support of the NWS Corporate Board Serves as the guidance to implement, monitor and track Diversity Management in NWS

18. 7/6/2012 18 Goal 1 Enhance and Support NWS Management Participation in Diversity Management Objective 1: Establish specific NWS Annual Operating Plan goals in Diversity Management Objective 2: Establish and enhance training for all NWS managers and supervisors on principles of Diversity Management. Objective 3: Ensure OEODM involvement in Workforce Human Capital Planning, Succession Planning, Training and Strategic Planning.

19. 7/6/2012 19 Goal 2 Educate all NWS Employees on the Principle of Diversity Management Objective 1: Diversity Management training/experimental learning will actively compete for funding through the NSTEP process and the OEODM Director will be part of the NSTEP EEO and Diversity Management Team Objective 2: Develop NWS Online Diversity Management Training module which is Section 508 compliant Objective 3: Expand, improve and add descriptions for the NWSH Diversity Management Library; including regional links and provide NWSH Diversity Management link to OEODM Diversity Management website.

20. 7/6/2012 20 Objective 4: Establish and market a Diversity Management Award category within the Cline Award Objective 5: Establish comprehensive list of leadership and career enhancement training opportunities for all employees Objective 6: Publish one diversity related article in NWS FOCUS every quarter working with the Communications Officer. Goal 2 Educate all NWS Employees on the Principle of Diversity Management

21. 7/6/2012 21 Goal 3 Implement and Monitor NWS Diversity Management Performance Metrics and Goals Objective 1: Develop baseline NWS Diversity Management Performance Metrics and Associated Performance Goals Objective 2: Explore feasibility of conducting an NWS Diversity Management survey.

22. 7/6/2012 22 Key Partnerships in Diversity Management Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) James D. Martin Employee Worklife Center (NOAA Employee Worklife Center) NWSEO Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Officials Workforce Management Office (WFMO) NWS Training Division and Center All are vital players/components of a successful NWS Diversity Management Process

23. 7/6/2012 23 Federal Learning & Exchange Programs NOAA Rotational Assignment Program (NRAP) NOAA Leadership Competencies Development Program (LCDP) NOAA Leadership Seminar (NLS) Commerce Science and Technology Program (COMSCI) DoC Aspiring Leaders Program Intergovernmental Personnel Act Mobility Program ( Detail and Transfer of Federal Employees to International Organizations ( Executive in Resident Program (

24. 7/6/2012 24 Individual Career Enhancing Activities Rotational assignments and details Mentoring Professional associations Job shadowing University Assignment Program Collateral duty assignments

25. 7/6/2012 25 Awards and Bonus Programs Performance awards Special Act Awards Other Awards: ( Monetary Non-Monetary Honorary Time -Off

26. 7/6/2012 26 Ways of Measuring Success in Diversity Management Promotion opportunities Training Development opportunities Details, cross training Upward mobility, Training Conferences, symposiums Return on Investment Retention Promotability outside the organization

27. 7/6/2012 27 Diversity Management Structure

28. 7/6/2012 28 For More Information: NWS Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management (OEODM) (301) 713-0692 Charly Wells, Director [email protected] Hope Hasberry, EEO and Diversity Management Specialist [email protected] Salim Abddeen, EEO and Diversity Management Specialist [email protected] Sabrina Cook, EEO and Diversity Management Specialist [email protected] Patricia Taylor, Management Analyst [email protected] Dr. James Su, Special Emphasis Program Manager for Asian American/Pacific Islander Program [email protected] NOAA’s Diversity Officer: [email protected] (301)-713-6378 The Key to success in the workplace is effective Diversity Management!

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