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Advocating Locally for a Better Transportation Network. Amy Johnson Executive Director Palmetto Cycling Coalition. Who Am I?. Born in Augusta, GA Experience in private & public sector Volunteered for BikeAthens & GeorgiaBikes ! since 2005

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for a Better Transportation Network

Amy Johnson

Executive Director

Palmetto Cycling Coalition

Who am i

Who Am I?

Born in Augusta, GA

Experience in private & public sector

Volunteered for BikeAthens & GeorgiaBikes! since 2005

Local politics & multi-jurisdictional policy, funding, public input; events, letter campaigns, community program work, organizational change

Worked for BikeAthens 2011-2012

Staff sustains an organization and its movement

Working for PCC since 2012

State perspective

SC Opportunities

  • Changing Demographic, Changing Environmental Needs

  • Bike/Walk facilities proved a boon to small, urban businesses

  • Bike tourism an economic boon in rural areas

The 5 keys to local success

The 5 keysto local success:







Shared Vision:


Local advocates

The Long Haul.

Partnerships the necessary three
Partnerships: the Necessary Three.

Elected Officials.

Municipal staff.

Effective Advocates.

Bike ped advisory committee



Bike/Ped Advisory Committee.


Enhance your political capacity with a candidate scorecard publicize it


Enhance your political capacity with a Candidate Scorecard.

Publicize it.


Elected officials.

SC: economics

Build Alliances

Remember to Celebrate.

Regional metropolitan planning organization mpo best advocate technical advisory committee


Regional Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)

Best advocate Technical Advisory Committee

Are you having FUN?

Is your organization healthy?

Stop every now and then, and find an excuse to give your volunteers some fun time.

Every 501c3 should have regular board member turn over, including Executive Committee. Without that, your org isn’t evolving with its constituent needs.

Bicycle and pedestrian master plans

Back to work…

Planning Input.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plans

Integrate all modes, and prescribe some Level of Service

Repaving schedules

Planning Input.

Repaving Schedules

Corridor studies

Planning Input.

Downtown Master Plans and Transportation Master Plans

Corridor Studies

A 6 year to do list based on 35 year long range plan transportation improvement program tip

Planning Input.

A 6 year To Do list, based on 35 year Long Range Plan

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)


Adopt good Design Guides.

1st: 2012 AASHTO Guide to the Development of Bike Facilities

2010, ITE’s Designing Walkable Urban Thoroughfares, a Context Sensitive Approach

2nd: NACTO Bikeway Design Guide

3rd: NACTO Urban Street Design Guide

Don t believe the hype it s all eligible planning design funding


Don’t believe the hype. It’s all eligible.

Planning Design Funding

Get new funding renew old funding streams


Get new funding

Renew old funding streams.

Local general fund city council and yearly budgets


Local General Fund: city council and yearly budgets


Amy Johnson

Executive Director, Palmetto Cycling Coalition

[email protected]


Current PCC Projects/Programs

Local Org Empowerment

National Bike Summit

Communities 4 Cycling

Educational Safety Campaign

Rumble Strip Policy