The Formula for Hadoop Project Success
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The Formula for Hadoop Project Success - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Formula for Hadoop Project Success. Gail Ennis CEO. OMG!…The Opportunity Is Huge. Volume, Variety and Velocity all increasing rapidly. Source: IBM, Oct 2012.

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OMG!…The Opportunity Is Huge

Volume, Variety and Velocity all increasing rapidly

Source: IBM, Oct 2012

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There’s certainly


InformationWeek 2013

A Success Formula for a Hadoop Project




your company & you



Report On What Happened?

Database of Transactions

What Can We Make Happen?

“Data Platform of Intent”


Data Cube Analysis

Big Data


Fidelity Analysis

  • SQL

  • HQL

  • RDBS & EDW


  • Structured, Transactional

  • Closed, Expensive

  • Unstructured Behavioral,

  • Open, Affordable

Powered by Vendors

Powered by the Community

Hadoop Innovation Use Cases … some examples

  • What auxiliary products should we recommend?

  • What new features should our product have?

  • How can we eliminate support issues?

Another Idea

Score Your Predictive Models On Hadoop

Hive UDFs

Model Builder

Model Description

Standard Hive

This is the time to be the river, not the rock

Big Data Projects on Hadoop

We’re On a journey that’s just starting

You Are Here….Time to get going!

But first!

  • Education

  • Training

  • Certifications

Hadoop Project Success

Best Practice #1

  • #1. Form a Partnership With LOB

  • Find a use case

  • Identify some budget

  • Form a project team

  • Be willing to educate others

  • Partner on a small POC, don’t boil the ocean

Teams are Highly Cross-Functional

  • Product Manager (LOB)

  • Power Analysts (IT or LOB)

  • Business Analyst (LOB)

  • Product Manager (LOB

  • IT Architect (IT)

  • Project Manager (IT/LOB)

Marketing The “Budget Richest” LOB?

  • “By 2016 the CMO will have more budget than the CIO”

    • - Gartner Group

Hadoop Project Success

Best Practice#2

  • #2. Use the Right Big Data Analytics tooling

  • Supports the entire time

  • Reuse and share for speed and efficiency

  • Leverage pre-built analytics

Hadoop Project Success

Best Practice#3

  • #3. Embrace Full Fidelity Big Data Analytics

  • Not sampled, all the data – maintains richness

  • Don’t replicate or move the data

  • Keep complexity and TCO low

In Summary

In BI, The Analyst Was at the End of the Process

Ordering App


BI UsingData Cube Analysis

Financial App

Master Data

  • SQL





  • RDBS & EDW

  • Structured, Sampled Transitional, Closed, Expensive



Driven by Vendors


In Big Data Analytics on Hadoop

The Analyst is at the Center of the Process


Full Fidelitiy Analytics

  • HQL





  • Unstructured Behavioral,

  • Open, Affordable


Big Data on Hadoop Project

Thank You

We’re happy to help