turn it in 2 features and applications
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Turn It In 2: Features and Applications

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Turn It In 2: Features and Applications - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Turn It In 2: Features and Applications. Amber Boyd-Miller MLS candidate, NC Central University for West Carteret High School. Instructor Main Page. Screen shot of an instructor’s class page for Information Skills. Adding Students. Add students individually or by class list.

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turn it in 2 features and applications

Turn It In 2:Features and Applications

Amber Boyd-Miller

MLS candidate, NC Central University

for West Carteret High School

instructor main page
Instructor Main Page

Screen shot of an instructor’s class page for Information Skills

adding students
Adding Students

Add students individually or by class list

assignment page
Assignment Page

For each class (here, Information Skills), instructors create assignments

Students then upload their papers to each named assignment

Three assignments have been created for this class so far

3 components of turn it in
3 Components of Turn It In




1 plagiarism detection
1.) Plagiarism detection

Originality Report

increasing awareness
Increasing awareness
  • “the concept of sampling is ubiquitous in music, tv, and film, so we shouldn’t be surprised that students extend that liberty to writing… they see it as part of the modern creative process.”

- Scott Olson, Minnesota State University

  • Avoids deliberate and accidental plagiarism
  • Not just for English composition assignments. Greater problem with “cut & paste” in social studies and science reports due to volume of repeated text & data employed.
  • Turn It In retains copies of student work, too, so you can work against copying from peers.
sample of originality report
Sample of Originality Report

Highlighted areas on the student’s paper correspond to the color codes on the right-hand column

2 teacher feedback
2.) Teacher Feedback

The “too” in Turn It In 2

the grademark feature
The GradeMark feature

Correcting and grading papers electronically

the best feature that you re likely not using
The best feature that you’re likely not using
  • Quicker than hand-grading
      • Quick Mark feature
      • Able to erase and re-type
  • Resources describe how to fix errors
      • Get away from technical (apostrophes, commas) corrections
      • Focus on what they are saying, not how
  • Not limited to writing in the margins
  • Student privacy
      • They can read your remarks at home, with more time & attention
but i like having papers in my hand
“but I like having papers in my hand!”
  • Online papers less likely to be lost
  • Turn It In tracks papers with receipts
  • Not lost when turned

back to students, now

part of their portfolio

  • Shift to digital


3 peer mark
3.) Peer Mark

Peer editing, electronically

create a peer editing assignment
Create a peer editing assignment

Select the number of papers each student will review

determine type of feedback
Determine type of feedback

Create free response questions, rating scales, or select from common peer response questions offered by PeerMark

sample feedback questions
Sample feedback questions

Add one of these options to increase peer feedback

facilitate 21 st century learning standards
Facilitate 21st Century Learning Standards
  • Engages students through the writing process, by navigating technology
  • Encourages students to collaborate with one another
supports process writing
Supports Process Writing
  • Not just for long papers
      • Short paragraph assignments
      • Thesis statements
      • Topic selection
      • Outlines
  • Structured for
      • Pre-writing
      • Drafting
      • Rewriting
      • Reflecting
discussion board option
Discussion Board option
  • Dedicated forum for academic discussion
  • Students can post topics, eliminating duplicates
  • Gateway to online learning used by many colleges (community, 4-year, graduate)
  • Logging in, creating assignment
  • Originality report
  • GradeMark
  • PeerMark